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How I Make Money While I'm Driving

How I Make Money While I'm Driving


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How I Make Money While I Am Driving

I just bought my EV car and just three weeks of ownership I already saved $270, again in just three weeks of ownership I already saved $270 and I haven’t have to go to a gas pump; some of you will say “how much is your electricity?” well here’s the great thing guys, as you know I’ve been homeless, I just came back home, I don’t even have a place so I just charge it at free stations like at Wholefoods, free electricity; I’m parking at different places and charges absolutely for free, I don’t even have an infrastructure to plug it in at home as required so in Texas there’s a lot of infrastructures here even though Texas is not an EV friendly unlike Boulder, Colorado but they are more friendly than Las Vegas.

So what am I telling you is the real estate crash is coming, I’m out of the matrix, I’m not spending any more money in the gas system and I bought me a Nissan Leaf and I’m saving money, in three weeks of ownership I already saved $270 and when I bought this car, it’s a 2015, about 26,000 miles on it and I saved myself 4,000 and about 200 bucks and some change. If you guys are interested in buying used car, leave a comment below and I’ll make a video for you; I already have a video on how to buy new car at any dealership and get 22% off MSRP, it has over a hundred thousand vies as I’m making this video if you want to search about how to buy a new car 22% off MSRP, on this one it was like 4,200 and some change, but if you guys are interested on how to buy a used car, let me know and I’ll make this video for you because there’s totally different strategies to use for new car versus a used car. So simply put if you want to learn how to save big money on buying any used car out there, leave a comment and I’ll make that video for you.

Meanwhile, in third week of ownership of a Nissan Leaf I’ve already save 270 bucks. I’m loving it, this is the best car ever; some of you guys will say why didn’t you buy Tesla? Trust me, in 2010-11, when these cars starts coming in, I’ve been doing my due diligence for a very long time and you can go to YouTube and look at it, I didn’t want to spend a hundred thousand dollars, it’s a beautiful car, I love Tesla, I’m not mocking t down but for me, I’m not going to put a hundred thousand dollars when there’s so many bugs out there because it’s a lot of money and before I bought this car it was originally like $14,000 plus tax, I made the dealer pay for my taxes, pay for my fouling fees and I also saved 4,200 bucks. The reason why I bought a Nissan, I know that they are reliable, I’ve been on the farms, and I’ve been reading about it, I bought a 2015 versus 2011 because I know they have battery problems so they got the new lizard battery that degenerate the way less, I got a brand new car still under warranty and I walked out with $11,000 cash and like I said, in less than three weeks it paid for itself 270 bucks, I use put $90 into my Mercedes and to the Lexus easily if not more, way more actually, I still own it but it was like supreme gas and I will easily be clearing 75, 80 bucks, if I was in Texas it will be cheaper versus if I was in Vegas.

I’m so excited and I’m going to tracking on how much money I will save over the entire time I owned it and I’ll update you, in three weeks I saved $270 and that’s on the lower aspect, I don’t have any more oil changes to do, I don't have to go to the dealership, my brake job is going to be way less because it has what’s called degrading, basically when I let go of the gas, the engine starts slowing down and consuming the energy back into the batteries which allows me to hardly tap on the brakes, it’s awesome I don’t have to do a lot of brake jobs. Let’s do a quick comparison on the tires, I can buy 4 sets of tires on this car for about 240 bucks; on my Mercedes, just 1l back tire cost me 480 bucks without the mounting it on at discount tire, so 1 tire was 480 bucks, in 1 year I went to 13 tires so you could do the numbers, in the front a little bit cheaper, 420 per tire. So as you can see now, what’s happening is since I went in and decided to live in my car and travel America for a year and I really got wiser and I have awakening, I was making all the vendors rich like discount tire, every time I buy a tire it was 480 bucks, I was making the oil company rich because I spend thousands of dollars a month or couple of months in gas; I don’t have to do oil changes anymore because this car don’t have oil change, I can buy 4 sets of tires for half the price I spend on one tire, and again I’m driving for free, for this past three weeks, I didn’t have to pay for the electricity, there’s enough electricity providers out there that I can use for free, I don’t live in California or one of those cool states, Colorado where there’s a fill up every place so, was it inconvenience? Absolutely not, I thought it was an adventure when I was able to park very far back, just to get electricity I would walk and it gives me a lot of time to meditate and burn some calories and take time to thank God for the opportunity he’s providing me and to live in America.

All in all, I’m very happy, best purchase ever; I’m glad to be out of the matrix, not spending money on gas, oil changes, all these other crap and I’m looking forward in buying me a home with soar panel so I don’t even have to tap in to the electricity. If you have any questions about the Nissan Leaf, leave me a message, I’m happy to answer it; if you want to learn about how to buy used cars for thousands of dollars, leave me a message, I’ll make a video. And if you want to buy a new car at 22% off no matter what kind of car it is, some cars you can get more, you need to get in my YouTube channel and check it out because it has over a hundred thousand views on it, I’ve been buying used vehicles, I owned a moving company, I own a brokerage firm, I got all my cars wrapped, I bought a lot of different toys, ATV, motorcycles, jet ski, you name it, I bought trailers, I bought big rigs, I bought personal cars, I bought a lot of cars and I learned how the system works and I’m basically giving it to you guys. In this car not only that I saved 4,200 bucks from negotiating, I have the dealer pay for my taxes, for my title, for my registration, now of course they didn’t pay for it, they took it out they’re profits to pay for it but instead of you paying for it, the dealer did. Hustle and bustle, don’t take no for an answer and remember, the crash is coming, you better save your money so you can buy some income producing assets at a deep discount, see you guys.

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Please send me the videos for buying new cars and used cars. Thank you
Listening to your video about your Nissan Leaf. Betty & Nancy


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