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Hidden Ways a Seller Shows You They're Motivated

Hidden Ways a Seller Shows You They're Motivated

In Real Estate Investing and when you want to buy houses with creative financing, you have to be able to understand if the seller is motivated or not, you have to be able to gauge how much motivation they have and more importantly you have to be able to filter them after what gauge of motivation they have.

Many of my students, when they talk to a seller over the phone or in person, they say – oh he or she is not motivated, they’re not willing to do Subject To or owner financing, they are not willing to do a cash offer, a 60 cents on a dollar minus repairs; and I say, how do you know, and they say “well she told me that they want top dollars for their home, or the seller said that they’re not willing to do X, they’re not willing to do Y, they’re firm, the house is so beautiful, the house have so many buyers waiting in line” and things of that nature.

So point number one is never believe what the seller says in a sense of they’re not going to come out and just open their hand like this and say “look, you could do this, this is my life” most people are not going to do that. Rule number one when you’re dealing with motivated sellers is never believe what the seller tells you, what you need to focus on is their action. So if the seller tells you “I’m not motivated or this is not a fair sale, I’m firm on my price” the first time you talk to them or the second time, but they’re calling you and they’re emailing you saying where’s my cash off or where’s my offer or they fall in love with you like “hey I haven’t talked to anybody” because it’s taking you a minute to get back with them because you have too much lead and too many people or too many other important things, or maybe you’re scared, you think this person is not motivated, I’m not going to get on the phone with them or I’m not going to give the offer to them. So rule number one is never listen to the seller when they’re disclosing about their motivation, they’re not going to tell you. 90% will not tell you, 99% will not tell you; but look at their actions, if they’re calling you or texting you, emailing you and reaching out to you saying “where’s my offer” they fall in love with you then the actions says they’re motivated, so that’s one way you can tell if they’re motivated to their action.

Another way is that if you let’s say, you cold call a hundred people or let’s say you mailed out a hundred pieces of letters to a hundred people, and only ten people raised their hand and says “look I’m interested in your service”, that is a sign of action motivation, because the other 90 people never called you back, never went to your website, whatever. However you’re marketing to them, they never responded. So those 90% of people they are not even motivated at all, the people that called you or responded with you, raised their hand, they’re already showing you the rule that they have action motivation, they’re not just talking motivation. Talking I’m not motivated, but they are showing you in their actions. It’s so important that you don’t listen to the seller when they’re saying “I’m firm on the price or I’ll never do this or I’ll never do this because I have so many sellers or I have so many buyers looking at my property, I have so many investors”, you can’t listen to that. They think that they have to tell you these stuffs for you to give them the best money, to get the top price. They’re kind of like kids; think about if you have a kid and they’re in trouble and you ground them and you put them in your room, in their room and then you bring them food and they’re like “no! I don’t want the food” and you just leave it in there after a little while when they cool off in their situation, they’ll probably end up taking the food. So the point of the story is you cannot listen to what the seller says, you have to look at their actions. And the next point is, and this is where the most of the new people and even the pros stop; because they’ll talk to 98% of the population that will say “no” he or she is not motivated; and they don’t give the offer, so that’s the whole part is that they don’t give the offer. And the crucial part of this business is you have to realize that majority of the people are not going to accept your offer fight off the bat. The other crucial part is the most important part is that you got to take the shots, and the shots are giving the offers. So if you talk to a seller and she says “well I’m not motivated, I don’t want to sell it for a deep discount, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do owner financing” then don’t just stop and not give them the offer, you’ve got to take that shot, you got to take that shot and what is the shot? You got to give them the offer. You got to realize that they’re going to say no to you but you got to give them the offer.

Many of you guys are just giving purchase offers to buy Real Estate over the phone, and you’re probably not having success. If you want to know the right way to give an offer, I highly recommend committing to two hundred bucks and getting my terminator offer letter; I called it terminator offer letter because it terminates all the other competitors. When you give someone a professional offer letter like mine that is not complex, what I call a soft offer but it’s professionally done and it has not only in cash and terms and variety of different stuffs I don’t want to tell you guys because I don’t want to create too much competition for myself. Then what happens is when you get the offer for me – like I’m giving offers right now in Vegas; people are going to say no over the phone when I’m talking to them, they seem motivated, I still give the offers to them and I take couple of steps in giving the offers to them, I give them four or five different offers so a lot of the sellers to choose for. I’ll tell you how to do my terminal letter and you can just copy it and just use the same exact thing and it’s not legal, it’s very simple, very powerful, but you don’t have to do that. The point of the story is that don’t listen to the seller, look at their action, and they if they’re telling you they’re not motivated make sure you put the offers in because you have zero chance of success if you put no offers. The whole goal is to do the marketing, have people raise their hands, once they raise their hands you can talk to them and If they have a motivated system like “hey you know I got a move, I lost my job” whatever, but they’re not telling you, they’re not showing you their hands like they’re motivated, you got to out that offer and regardless.

The best way to put the offer in, if you don’t want to put the offer in or if you haven’t put the offer in and you haven’t got owner financing, you definitely need to download my Terminator; it’s two hundred bucks. You don’t have two hundred bucks or you just trying to be like crazy cheap the n keep doing what you’re doing and have a lower closing rate ratio. If you want to have a higher closing ratio especially not only deep discount but owner financing where you give the seller a thousand bucks, things of that nature, you definitely need to get my Terminator offer letter.

So to summarize it up, if you want to buy properties at the auction like foreclosures, taxes on the MLS, you don’t need to know what I’m talking about; you don’t need to know that because you’re just competing with a bunch of other people you never get to talk to the owner. But it you want to get the deal without going to the bank, you want to get the best deal, you want to negotiate the best, and you want to talk to the seller direct; then you need to know this information that I’m telling you because the way I do it is I talk to the seller direct, I’m just fishing with me and the seller; there’s no ten other investors or 50 other investors that have been on the same property. And for that, you got to understand motivation, you got to know how to engage the seller’s motivation and then you got to know an action plan, what to do. The action plan, I have it for you in my terminator letter: 200 bucks get on my website,; the best investment you made. As you guys follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see that my return customer, when somebody commits to me, they end up committing to me 45.73%; everyone that commits to me, almost half of these people reinvest with me because my sh*t works. And the reason my sh*t works is I never had a job, I’ve been doing this since high school, I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’m not one of those guys that had a job most of my life and then I got fired or I got squeezed out and I became an “entrepreneur” like somebody had to push me out of the airplane. I volunteered from high school to get on the airplane and just jump out, I volunteered so much that I lived in my car, I volunteered so much that I had a college degree and said “I’m not going to work on a cubicle or the man”, I want to start where I stand with a hundred bucks and I turned into a moving company that I own for 14, 15 years, seven figures, debt-free, never borrowed money, didn’t have any credit card, that business was debt free, made seven figures. The point of the story is – I’m the real deal, I’m the alchemist, I’ve never borrowed any money, I started ever business I ever owned just cash and creativity and always use house money. I’ve shown you how to do it without getting into debt, without hard money, without credit cards; some of you may not have 200 bucks, then you’re going to miss this opportunity if you don’t take action, and the action is get off your ass knock on your neighbor’s door and say you’ll wash their cars and come up with 200 bucks; that’s what I did when I was in high school, when I wanted to work out with a body builder, pro body builder and I didn’t have the money and the guy wanted $400 a month, and this is like back in ’96 when minimum wage is about two or three bucks. If I could figure it out at a high school age, how to come up with 400 bucks to go train with this guy that changed my life, then you got to do the same thing.

America is the greatest country, I’m a refugee, my mom and dad came doesn’t speak English, and my dad sells ice cream on an ice cream truck, my mom fix hair. This stuff that I created, I created with my own self and I created my own business and I know it works that’s why I have a 45% if I’m not mistaken, of return customers. No fluff and bluff, I’m not going to bullsh*t you. Straight to the point, if you want to get discount at deals and if you want to get owner financing, you got to gauge seller’s motivation, you got to know how to identify motivation and you got to have an action plan; and for you guys who don’t know how to gauge seller’s motivation – get on my website, my real estate dojo, get my seller phone script; for you guys that don’t know how to negotiate, don’t know how to structure deals, don’t know how to find motivated sellers then definitely get my mother course, it’s 325 and right now, anyone that gets my mother course, I’m going to get waive my $25,000 coaching and I’m going to help you get your first check. So all you got to do is download my mother course, that shows you the whole business: how to market, how to sell, how to negotiate, how to do door knocking, land lording, wholesaling, options, the whole Real Estate Investing business guys; it’s called the mother course because it’s a hundred and seventy one chapters over 100 hours. And the whole reason I did this is I want to help all the people that haven’t got their checks; it could be a newbie or it could be somebody who spend a lot of money, went to different academies and schools and just never did a deal. For you to be able to use me for the free coaching, all you got to do is invest in yourself and commit to the $325 in the mother course so you could understand how I run mu business, that’s exactly what it is, and you got to get my seller phone script which I give you a coupon in my mother course; so instead of paying 325, you just pay 50 bucks. All you got to do is to capitalize on the $25,000 coaching is you market, you find a motivated seller, you fill out the seller phone script, 100% he text to my office and me and my team will help you structure deal, help you negotiate a deal, help you find a buyer, help you whatever is required to get your first paycheck guys. I know my sh*t works and I’m going to put my mouth piece behind the action. No one out there is willing to do that, I know my sh*t works, and what better way to back it up with me waving my fee for only the people that are willing to commit and willing to take action to help you get your first paycheck. Because if you’re willing to take action, you’re willing to take picture with your first paycheck and let the world know that I helped you, then I’m willing to waive my fee, because the more I help you, the more I help me, which means we’re going to create a win-win situation to help out the community. So the mother course, download it if you need coaching, the way to activate it is: download the mother course, watch it, and download the seller phone script and then fill it out, go market and fill out the seller phone script 100%, send it to my office’s phone line at and me and my staff will help you negotiate, structure, whatever you need to get that deal done to get you your first paycheck guys. Hustle and bustle, don’t take no for an answer guys. See you later.


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