$12,000 house finder fee

Get $12,000 for each Ugly or Pretty House you Find me!

Earn $12,000 in 30 days or less!

Find "Ugly or Pretty House"...and pass them off to me!

Submit Your Deal Now  

Submit Your Deal Now  


Get $12,000 for each Ugly or Pretty House you find me!

Hey gang, this is Mike with Mr Investor, MyRealEstateDOJO, in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to make $12,000 by bringing me ugly or pretty homes. 


Yup! You heard me right. I will happily pay you $12,000, finder’s fee, if you bring me deals. 


How does it work? 


One, you find deals. Two, you submit the deals to me. Three, I pay you $12,000, simple. 


Here is the best part, you don’t need any experience, you don’t need any money, and you don’t need any credit. Why? Because I will buy the deals with my own cash, and I will close quickly, which means, you will make money in your pocket in 30 days or less. 


You may be asking so, “Mike why would you be willing to give me $12,000 when you could find the deals yourself and keep the money?” very good question. I’ll give you two reasons, one, I own 3 businesses and I don’t have the time to deal with the motivated sellers like going on looking at the property, talking to them, which now creates an opportunity for you by making 12,000 dollars by using your sweat equity, and bringing the deals to me as a cash buyer. The reason number 2, why I’m willing to give you $12,000 is that I want to do more deals. I have systems in place, and I just need you to feed the machine. So the more deals you bring me, the more money I make, so I’ll be happy to pay you $12,000.


What type of deals do I want to buy? That’s a good question. I buy deals that have a lot of equity, I also buy deals that have medium equity, I also buy deals that have marginal or zero equity, and in the same time, I buy deals that have negative equity, unlike other investors, I buy all types of deals. So it means, you can make money left and right.


Now let me warn you, you’re not going to be making $12,000 if you bring me a house with negative equity, but however, you would get paid. Either way, it’s a win win for you and for me. 


Two ways for you to make $12,000 by bringing deals to me, number 1, you could be what I call passive deal finder. This type of individual only brings deals from his friends and family. So if you have friends and family, who are motivated to sell a property, you bring those deals to me. I will buy the deal that fits my criteria, I will give you money. The second type of individual is what I call an active deal finder. This type of individual gets on my YouTube channel, learns different types of skills like how to market different types of motivated sellers, how to find different types of motivated sellers, how to do a walkthrough with different types of sellers, and what they do is, they go out there and actively look and find deals that works for me so you could make $12,000.


So simply put, you could make $12,000 two ways, by being passive, by bringing me your friends and family, or you could actually be active by learning the skills I give you totally for free on my YouTube channel, and you go out there and take action and bring multiple deals for yourself, and for me, throughout the weeks, throughout the months. 


Fill up the form below and I will email you instructions on how to get $12,000 for finder’s fee for bringing deals for me.


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Hi my names perry Haushalter ,I’m in Neworleans Louisiana, How do I get $12,000. Finders fee for bring deals to you?

Perry Haushalter

Glad to bring you deals!!

Ratu Rabelo

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