from the cubicle to being your own boss

From the cubicle to being your own boss, With no money or credit using my proven formula

From the cubicle to being your own boss, With no money or credit using my proven formula

Hey gang, this is mike with MyRealEstate DOJO and today I’m gong to reveal very powerful secret that I have discovered, and many times I hear people say that you need money to make money in America and I’ve heard that from bankers, teachers, friends, family members, co-workers, the general public, YouTube, etc. ND I want to take this time to explain to you guys one way that I’ve had used that will work for you, doesn’t matter what business you’re in  just like the Alchemist, that uses nothing, in terms of gold, that is able to use nothing besides your imagination, hard work, discipline, and turn that to gold for yourself. Whatever it is, whether that’s turning yourself into a top real estate investor or being a book writer, or being a great mom, whatever it is, or any kind of business, okay.


So everybody tells me you need money to make money and I totally disagree with that, in the secret I am totally going to be sharing with you right now, It’s going to allow you with starting your very own business, it doesn’t matter what type of business, it can be a pizza business, or you want be a photographer, or go into a manufacturing business, whatever it is, you’re able to reach it without money by using my Alchemy skills. Before I get to it, let me tell you  a little bit about me, I came to America as a refugee, both of my parents do not know how to speak English, both of my parents do not have a high school education, both of them are illiterate and I’ve never had any connections, any hook-ups, any credit back then when I started, don’t have any money and I was able to, after college, started getting into  job working for the man, working for the cubicle, working for 30 – 40 grand a year. I decided to just chase my dreams, and when I did that I only had a hundred bucks living in my black jeep and the way I did that, to this day, I never borrowed money from any lenders or banks  like that, haven’t used any credit cards or anything like that, okay. I’ve used alchemy, I used my imagination, I used sacrifice, I used my heart, I used my hard work, to muster up and dust storm up something, form around like a dust storm and create force out of nothing and create whatever my dreams have been. And I’m going to show you right now how to do it.


Before I go into that, I’m going to show you the traditional way. So many people just like yourself, your cousin, or whoever you may know, friends, they may want to start their own business, and maybe they have  full time job, and they don’t know what to do, and I always tell them man, If you have a full time job that’s great don’t quit your job, start a part time business, it’s very  easy you don’t need any money, but if you don’t want a part time business, you want to go in all out, it doesn’t  matter, my alchemy secret is going to work in any case. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a part time job or full time job, okay. So the traditional way to go is to start a business in America is that, you know, you will borrow money. You may borrow money from your friends and family, or you may have your own money saved up, or you may go to a bank or a lender, or an investor like a hard money type of deal but it will come to point where you’ll be needing more money and the traditional way is that you are going to borrow money and that’s the customary way to do it, that’s how it was always done. 


As a creative entrepreneur, I always call myself an Alchemist, because I didn’t go to that path and that’s what I’m exactly going to show you guys, how not to use that and not to borrow any money and just using your imagination, your hard work and turning your dreams into a reality. So the traditional way to do it, let’s say I’m going to start a moving company, so what I’ll do is I’ll make a marketing plan  and then I’ll dress up nice and I’ll go to the Bank of America or whatever and I will pitch them my idea. In 9 out of 10 times, that bank will decline me because you know “I don’t know what’s going on” “I don’t have any experience” “I don’t have any systems” so they’ll decline me, but that 1 time they’ll say yes and they’ll roll money out. Like back then I had a really good friend, he started his dad’s restaurant, in which it was successful, had it for many years, he borrowed like $280,000 or $300,000, whatever, let’s say x and he started it and eventually fell. So the normal way is you start a plan, then you borrow money, then you get the equipment and you get the money and you get the equipment and office space, what I call the “brick and mortar”, once again I call phase 2 the “brick and mortar” phase where you go out there, you find your inventory, your vendors, you get your leads, you get your name out there and all that stuff okay. Then the business starts, and then okay, “Oh shit I have the bills to pay, I have the electricity, the water, the landlord, the loan servicing, shit I got to start advertising, I got to get some customers in because I’m going to go bankrupt.  So the usual phase is they borrow the money, number 2 is they go with the fucking infrastructure phase, and then 3 they start opening the doors and marketing. But that’s a very risky proposition. Again, that’s a very risky proposition. It’s very hard to get rich that way, and that’s why the success rate is 1 out of 10 because all suddenly you’re in debt.


So being an entrepreneur, is not like being the herd, so pat yourself in the back if you want to be an entrepreneur because you don’t want to be like the rest but if you just follow the traditional system that’s laid out for you, you’re basically falling into the herd of entrepreneurs, and what I’m going to show you is   the alchemy where you don’t have to sign up for any of that, because the probability  of you starting out on a small business like people usually do, majority of people are going to give you advise to go the traditional route, which is borrow the money, build the infrastructure, start the marketing. Now right off the bat, you’re in debt, that is the stupidest way to start you guys, I swear. But unfortunately, the custom, normal way of doing it is how people usually advise to do it. 


Now let’s say if I want to start a moving company today, it’s going to be hard to go to banking and borrow money so I’ve got to go to so many different places. The other best thing is for you to go to franchise where I buy for example a McDonalds for example, then the lenders will be more willing to borrow the money because they have a proven system and name and so the lenders are more likely to give me the money but the problem with that is, which is the red flag is its going to cost you a fucking lot of money. If I would just start a moving company, I’ll just go and start negotiating the best truck vendor, but if you go into franchise, they are going to tell me which vendor to use and they are very strict with that as they have specific guidelines and vie going to pay higher, right off the bat, I’m going to pay them money, right of the bat do all the dances they want me to which is going to cost a whole lot. Which means my likelihood to meeting that fucking ball decreases dramatically and my debt increases significantly, plus now I have more responsibilities because now I have to pay franchise fees. But simply put, the good side of that franchise is that it’ll allow you to get a fucking loan, so normally what happens is, that some people will go the traditional way ND just buy a franchise, whatever. Everything you want, you dream, you get at franchise, and get into fucking debt, then open the doors and start marketing the plan that the franchise has provided.

Other people will go to start their own fucking systems and that’s the way I’ve done it. I didn’t want to pay a franchisee, I didn’t want to listen to them because to me a franchisee is like having a job, it’s like having a boss, they got you on the leash, if you don’t do it, you’re fucked, you invested so much money in capital, they take your license away and that’s it so I never went to that route. I went in the route of creating my own system, my own company had my own manual, my own claims, how to do marketing, how to do this, how to do that, so I’ve created my own systems okay which allows me to be more successful compared going to a franchisee because I had to borrow all this fucking money and I had to wear all the costumes they wanted me to, pay their franchise fees, basically do what they want, and my market value shrinks up plus I have more debt because they want a certain appearance, where, when I have my own system, I wouldn’t have to do their own ideas.


So that’s the traditional way to start a business, and I’m here to tell you that if you do that, your chances of success are extremely low, and if you’re going to do this, it’ll be better for you, well for me, to create your own system because I’m good at creating systems but if you don’t have the ability to creating systems and you want to be an entrepreneur, and you’re like my dad, you don’t have any education or was illiterate, so he bought this pizza place, so that’s what my dad did, cause he didn’t have the capacity in his mind to create systems and all that stuff so he’s happy with it. I’m not dissing franchisees, you can have more success with a franchisee but I just know that you’d have more liabilities, more fucking debt ND bosses. 


Now the route I went to was not the traditional way, that’s why I am like option 2 wherein you know you start your own system and then you borrow the money, but I didn’t borrow the money. Now this is second level, the secret comes in, the Alchemy secret. I’ve learned how you can start a business in America, with nothing, without the money, the infrastructure, equipment, process. I did this myself and this is how I started. Let me quickly get into it, I was riding my car, I was in Dallas right after college, parents wanted me to be a doctor like my cousins, and I didn’t want to be like that, so I lived in my car cause everybody was just negative, telling me I couldn’t do that, so I was tired of hearing it, I isolated myself and so my cousin had to start a moving company in Houston, and he called me and he asked if I wanted to help him and I said sure. So I was just a basic mover, I was doing fucking slave work, dude fucking slave work, with three moves a day, we start at 6:30 in the morning, we wake up like 5am, work till 1 or 2 in the morning, it was slave work. I just finished college, I didn’t want to do slave work, I knew I wanted more than that so I was sitting in front of the computer trying to figure something out and this is the secret I’m going to tell you guys. 


So after a week or two of fucking slave work then going home and drinking coronas, I had a great idea that popped in my head and that’s what I’m going to show you and that’s the alchemy okay and the great idea was actually the parallel of what vie done during college which was fund myself by doing trainings which was the lead generation online, which is now called SEO. Back in the day, before Google was Google, yahoo was king, and before SEO was even known by many, I had an idea so I talked to my cousin and was like “hey man, why don’t I start leads with you, you have the moving company, and I believe I can do this for you” and he said no, I pushed him and said “dude I can get leads from all 50 states dude and I can blow your company up, just get me 10 – 15%, just give me a little something” he said no, he said this was a stupid idea, but I knew this wasn’t a stupid idea. Because back in college and in high school when I had to put myself through school doing trainings, I was able to create a website and was able to generate leads with it and I used to go to these people and get customers for like $600 session or $500 session whatever and I was in high school and these people were 30 yrs. old and I had to sell myself to these people and sell a personal training package 6 sessions 12 session whatever. And I ask them for money, and I got the lead from the internet, because the fitness industry, a lot of people wanted to get fit, 50% of the people are obese. They know the importance of working out, they’re going to feel good, they’re going to have a better heart , lower trim, guns like steel but they don’t know how to. And I created this business and get these leads when I was a fucking youngster and on the other hand the moving industry wasn’t like the fitness industry wherein “hey I think I’d like to get into shape”, No, everyday someone moves, there’s so much fucking demand for the moving industry, every year there was so much demand. In fucking Texas, every year someone moves from California, expensive cities and states, they move in Texas because land ND houses are cheap, the moving industry was booming dude. We were right in the fucking boom like 2004 2005 etc. real estate was at the top pick, and I know I need to generate more leads than the fitness business and the idea came to because I was slave working. 


The next day, I quit and I was on my way to Dallas and created my website called “look for movers” I let go of the domain, but before I knew it, 3 months later, the website started creating leads, and one day I was driving my car on the way to the gym and I got a lead and I looked over, back then people didn’t have smart phones but I had this big old phone I paid a lot of money for that have data and I got a text message lead, and I look to my right and there was this Mexican dude with a truck, I just went up to him and said “hey man I have this person who wants to move, do you want it?” and the guy said “Yes” so I said “okay, here’s the fucking lead, for free, I don’t want any money from it, let me get your business card.” And I was a pretty lucky guy; the stars lined up for me, because this guy called the customer and he booked that fucking customer and booked that fucking deal. I was emailed a few hundred dollars from it but I don’t remember, I did it for free but I had his business card. And the next day I called him up and I said “hey man what if I give you these fucking leads and you give me some money out of it” and he said “hey man that’s a great idea” Boom. And what happened is, I started charging him a hundred bucks, fucking $100 a month, and I was giving him a lot of leads and not only at Dallas, all over America, just like a foresee. Before you know it, I got a little smarter, and I called 10 other companies and I started charging them $100 each a month, and before I knew it, 20 customers, and then the van lines buying leads from me and this is before all the platforms you have right now, like umber, grab, craigslist, this is just a simple website and this is the beauty of the alchemy.


The Alchemy formula and what I’m going to share with you is, what I did was I was the middle man, I brought the buyers with the sellers and put them together and I just got a piece of the pie. But I realized that these leads are worth thousands of dollars, and then one day I got the balls to call these leads and I didn’t know how to give them a quote, but I did have the leads. I called them and booked the fucking lead but at this time, I was a pretty decent sales guy, and so I know how to build rapport with people, which vie told you guys before, see my other videos, you guys don’t need any other techniques, if you want to build a guide and really wanted to build value, and that’s what vie told you man, with the first customer vie talked to, and guess what it’s a 1200 fucking dollar deal dude, now imagine, I’m selling leads for a hundred dollars  a month for unlimited leads, but one day I got the fucking balls to call the customer and lead and it 1200 dollar, like dude I just hit up fucking gold like hitting fucking oil. Now the problem was I didn’t know how to do moves, no work crews, no trucks, to make the story short, I just rented the truck and do the moves and before you know it, I had multiple trucks, a crew working for me, a million dollar business. 


I told you the whole story, it doesn’t matter if you want to start a business or you’re a real estate investor, or be an author, or a restaurant, zoo, car rental business, whatever you do, I’m going to show you how to fucking get it and don’t need any money. My alchemy is that, for example if you are an investor, and you wanted to buy “SUBJECT TOs” and you don’t have the money now and you just take from other people’s payments, but you don’t have paperwork, you don’t what to say over the phone, you don’t know what to get in the house, you don’t know how to get the fucking estimate, whatever your story is, what you need to do is one thing, LEARN HOW TO MARKET. Instead of doing the usual borrow the money, set up infrastructure, then do marketing last, I tell you alchemy, the secret of alchemy is doing marketing first to generate leads. If you’ve got leads, you just have to zoom out, and hit up people who can do the work for you. You got to work for free at first then and build relationship so that on the next deal you ask if they can teach you the business, the paperwork, etc. and then the next deal you ask for a percentage for the leads you’re giving and that’s how you do the alchemy and become a fucking alchemist where you don’t need any bank, any money, nothing besides your heart, imagination, and hard work. You live in the best fucking country ever, America dude; you can make something out of nothing.


So again Alchemy, the secret is, if you want to be a fucking personal trainer, instead of getting the gym, all you need to do is generate customers that wants to do the training then give those leads to other people if you don’t have the equipment, and give those leads to other people and build a relationship with them, and then charge them for a percentage after a while and eventually you learn and you can start your fucking own like I did with my company. Or you can just be a lead broker dude where you can be just a really rich lead broker, that’s what umber does, that’s what websites do online, services wherein you get information and service providers bid on you. 


Now absolutely, you are not going to grow exponentially like if you’re pumping steroids up your ass, vie always related debt with steroids, you’re not going to grow exponentially unless you can take debt, you can still grow, you can still be strong, be fucking healthy without getting in debt, without a fucking mask or the bank tell you what to do it,  and that’s what’s the problem with entrepreneur is and what vie told you on my other videos, is that the society we live in, these other big companies, they just grow and grow without any qualities, and that’s why they go bankrupt, how can a company that’s been around the evolution of mars go bankrupt? See it’s because of growth instead of owning your shit clear and clear, that’s the secret of what I’m telling you right now is that the traditional way of being an entrepreneur is you’ve got so much liabilities, so much fucking debt that it’s going to be hard for you to make it, that when you do it the alchemy way I’m teaching you do it, you are able to get money without the money, you don’t need the equipment, you don’t need the brick and mortar store, there are other guys who invested to that, those who went the traditional way guys the ones that borrow the money. You however just generate leads, you give it to them for free in the beginning, and then you tell them what your exit plan is, if you want to learn about your business if you want to start your own or you want to be a broker with the leads but you’re number one priority is lead generation. The only way to be on your fucking success is for you to generate leads, that is your number 1 priority and then build your rapport or relationship with people by giving free leads, it’s such a crucial store.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be an investor, doctor, photographer entrepreneur it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that you become a master of lead generation. If you become a master of lead generation, you can go to any business, if you are a lawyer and you have a firm, I will work for free dude, I will generate you shitload of fucking business, and somewhere down the line you going to make me a partner or whatever because vie been a valuable asset to you. And I work for fucking free, who does that? Only me and various other people who understands the power of working for free. And that’s why I’m telling you, when you generate leads you fucking leverage and give it for free. 


So if you want to be an Alchemist, if you want to get money without the fucking money, all you need to learn how to do is that you learn how to market and create leads for free. There are so many ways to create lead generation that wouldn’t cost a fucking dime, but it would take a lot of fucking time, it would take a lot of fucking reading, and learning skills you don’t have. But again, you can learn new skills without paying anything, especially today, when you got YouTube, Google, go to online universities, and learn everything you want, whatever the fuck you want, for free. You take your time, you learn new skills, you learn how to market and generate leads, and then you give and then sell the leads to people who already have the infrastructure in place, that’s it and from there you have the money coming in. 


Now let me say the other important thing about lead production, is that, lead production means the your customer, your future customer, are going to subsidize or pay for you or be a lender for you or your business so instead of going to the lender and get the office space, your customers are going to give you the money, you are going to take that money, invest it and grow and slowly and slowly you get one truck and then an office, then furniture, it will be a slow process but I guarantee you a strong foundation, you will not have a master, no one telling you what to do, and the economy is down you don’t give a fuck, your shit is already paid for, the economy is good, great! And now you have total freedom, nobody telling you what to do, how to do it. And your ability for success skyrockets and the skills you learn, it’s very crucial are not going to get lost. For example, when I learned about the moving business those specific skills that related to how to deal with the claims, how to deal with the department of transportation, all those stuff, and then I started this broker’s firm, it was a whole set of different kinds of skills I had to learn, but I unfortunately some of this skills will I be able to use in my future life, but majority of these skills, of these businesses I own, I’m not going to take over some, a portion of it, okay 10% 20%, 80% I’m not going to carry over my next business okay however the ideas I learned about marketing, I carried over to all the business I went to, because whatever business I went to it was all the same, that’s why when I see a student, I can just uncheck all these ideas of marketing because I’m a marketing king, vie got my masters in marketing, not just your average spending thousands of dollars, no, marketing where you spend no money or little amount of money and get a return of shitload of money, because I’m the alchemist of marketing, I’m the alchemist of entrepreneur. I’m able to just use my imagination, because that’s my technique, if you learn marketing, it doesn’t matter if you start a business and you’re a hairstylist and it goes bankrupt, the marketing skills are going to carry over, 90% of it, 100% of it, where the ideas of starting a moving business or my broker’s business, those only 20% carried over to my new venture.


 So the point of the story is, the best business alchemy, the way to Crete money out of thin air, the way to make money without having debt, the way to make money without having money, the way to make money without having credit is your ability to learn how to generate leads okay, generating leads is different from closing sales. You don’t have to fucking close deals, notice in my example, I was driving, I got a lead and I looked over there was a mover, I went to him and give him the lead, I didn’t have to learn how to close the lead, I didn’t have to learn how to settle prices over the phone. I didn’t have to learn those skills, the only skills I had to learn was basic sales which I learned from high school, and vie been using all my life, and then when I had the lead I just had to pass the ball to this guy and let him fucking run because he’s the fucking football player in this story and I was just the fan. I didn’t know shit I was a rookie. It’s the same thing with you, so if you want to learn how to generate leads, you don’t have to have to close the leads, you give it to the freaking brick and mortar to close it, you give it to that investor that knows how to close the wholesaling deal, you give it to them and they’ll close the deal for you, so your number 1 job is learn how to generate leads.


 And then you ask “well Mike, what if I generate leads, and this motherfuckers don’t give me any money?” dude that’s just life dawn, that’s just risks you got to take, some of this motherfuckers  even if you give them, they’re not going to give you any fucking shit. I know this one guy when I first got into real estate investing, now I get this motherfucker so much fucking leads dude, and I know he closes the deals because I track him in the office and he makes a shitload of money and then I ask him “hey can you show me how to do this?”  “can you give me the paperwork?” the guy wouldn’t even help me and I give him 20 fucking deals dude, right, so you got to learn and accept that, these guy vie given him shitload of leads and he’s fucking shady but I’m really thankful he’s giving me objections why the lead wasn’t good, just negative shit, move on! To the next guy, and move on again to the next. It’s not going to be the first time you swing the bat it’s going to be a homerun, you’re going to have a lot of failures, the only thing is, you have to learn how to fucking generate leads and then give it to the guy, he may fuck you, give it to another guy, he may fuck you, then give it to another guy, he may fucking take care of you dude and you may learn from him, and you guys have good marriage. 


And I know this for sure dude, vie helped tons of students, people have called me up, there on the fucking bus and I put them in the hotel, give them food, and they fucking do me wrong or people that call me up and say I don’t have a computer, I lost my shit, I help so many different people above call and duty, just because that’s how I’m configured dude. I’m configured why I work for free, but just because I was configured to work for free those people are going to appreciate it so I have to move on to the next person because 1 person is going to really appreciate and have a successful marriage and it’s going to blow up. The same is going to happen with you and that brick and mortar investor you are looking for, so the point of the story is the alchemy is it doesn’t matter what business you are in, if you’re a hairstylist a business , car, boxing, whatever you can imagine in the world, any business, you are able to become that business without boarding money if you learn how to generate leads and give it to these people and work a deal with them and get the profit and eventually learn about the business. 


Alright guys, guys if you like these videos, do me a favour man, I don’t sell you guys shit, I don’t have amazon links to posts or brag, I do this for free just like the example with the guy with the moving company, vie always worked for free. The first of my work was in high school, I worked in the carwash business, and I told my boss I’m never going to work for anybody else, fucking suck. And I never do this shit for any fucking, when I work for free, I’m going to get paid extremely well, it might not be today, it’s going to come down, because all I care about is I change your life, dude. So do me a favour, tell your friends and family about me dude, that’s so simple. Hey, like the fucking video, share the fucking video, that’s it, it doesn’t cost you any fucking thing, now I’m going to give you my procedures, how to make fucking  money in America dude and I’m only one of the very few people in America that believes in making money without giving money. Now starting with a hundred bucks, and I’m going to show you my secrets dude.


Go on there, hustle and bustle, don’t take no for an answer. See you again.

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