Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook: 3 Killer Mistake when Trying to Generate Leads

Facebook: 3 Killer Mistake when Trying to Generate Leads

Find out 3 major mistakes to avoid when generating leads from Facebook Marketing.


I’m not sure how great you guys are with Facebook, but two and a half, three years ago I didn’t know anything about Facebook. I hated Facebook, I didn’t even have an account.  But then I decided to be a public speaker and I realized that Facebook was a good environment to make a lot of money out of it totally for free, creativity. So, I started rolling up my sleeves and doing my due diligences and coming up with ideas and systems I could implement. And I made a lot of mistakes, I spent a lot of money on Facebook marketing for my three companies that I used to own. All the way to free marketing. And I came to three ideas that I think if you use in your business on Facebook, just three, you’re going to have a horrible, horrible experience. So, don’t do those in your business.

The first thing is that on Facebook there’s so much money to be made on Facebook. Tremendous, tremendous. There’s paid and free. What I’m going to be talking about today is just free marketing guys, not paid. Because free is always better than paid and if you can get a lot of free customers, why pay for it? Why put your money up front, and risk your own money? Why not use “house money”, what I call it. You use free ideas, you get paid called House money. And then at that time if you want to pay for marketing then that’s a great time to use House money for marketing. So, you’re not risking your savings or your business money or your credit cards. So, one of the first mistakes to do on Facebook, which is a big turn off, is to instant message people on their Facebook. For example, if you don’t have my cellphone number, then why would you ever message me? So If I don’t have your phone number, why would I ever message you? It doesn’t make any sense. Especially to sell something. So, saying something like Hey! Go like my page, or Hey! Please do this or Hey! Go do this, or Hey! Join this or Hey! Or any of this stuff that says Hey! What kind of business are you in? Or any of that dumb stuff. When people say what kind of business are you in? Or what do I do? I’m thinking to myself, “What? First of all why are you messaging me? I don’t know you. And then 2, Idiot get on my wall and see what I do man. Why are you messaging me?”  SO, that’s what most of your customers are going to think, the same thing. Now, some of your customers may want to sit there and chat with you, but these are probably the broke people, the people that don’t have the money. So, the guys that got the money, the customers that have the money are not going to sit there and respond to stupid things like this. And if you want to make leads, then you have to target a better audiences. So, number one mistake is never message people on their instant messages or spam things about me, me, me etc. That’s like the dumbest thing to do guys. One of the dumbest things to do. I’ve seen people that say they’re marketing experts, marketing directors. I don’t care, any kind of spam, do not do that dude.

Now, in my book I talk about many different stuff to do that’s not a silly, pushy, sales guy. Because whenever you care and you give love, as the holy book says, that’s going to come right back to you. The Law of Attraction says whatever you put out is going to come right back to you. If people spam me the very first thing I tell them is go Fu$% themselves. So, if somebody cold-calls me. If I don’t have a house to sell and somebody cold-calls me, and tries to, wants to be a realtor or wants to be an investor, I’m not even on the market for it dude. So I’m going to tell them to go Fu%^ themselves, because you’re bugging me. If I had, or if I showed interest that I wanted to sell my house then that’s a little different story. That’s more targeted, you have a service and you’re trying to render them. But just to randomly message somebody and assume I want to buy your lotion or assume I want to buy your herbal life or assume that I want to join your electricity company or assume that I need your construction business or assume whatever, is idiotic. If I needed it, I would reach out to you right. So, the key is not to be spamming people and throwing your business about me, me, into their inboxes because: A. you don’t have their phone number so, why would you do that if you don’t have their cellphone number. And then 2. People are going to tell you to go F yourself, I do. And if they don’t, they’re not going to buy from you. I’m just being honest with you when I say F yourself, they’re not going to pay for you, to buy your product, to support you or any of that kind of crap. And I talked to guys in my book right now, my Facebook Marketing: Free Marketing book, on multiple things you can do that are totally for free. You’re not a pushy sales guy. You don’t spam people, you never ask them to buy stuff from you. And then you still get lead generation. You get referrals and you get loyal customers that do multiple transactions through you. And you actually have a relationship with people, does that make sense? And that’s the key right there. So, Number one major mistake on Facebook is never instant message people with your company. No one cares.

The number two thing you should never do, is have people to like your fan page. That’s only great if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook marketing because that only helps Facebook. But if you want to do organic marketing AKA free marketing. Having people to like your fan page is not going to do a darn thing. How do I know guys? Again, I’ve been in business, I have my moving company for fourteen, fifteen years. I paid social media specialist four hundred, six hundred dollars month after month. They got people to like my fan page. I might only get a conversion of one to two people a year. In this business, using my own system that I’ve created on Facebook, what I call about caring instead of spamming people and talking about you, you, you. It’s a very simple idea, but it’s the foundation of a relationship, it’s the foundation of trust, it’s the foundation of getting leads and people believing in you. It’s no pushy stuff. I hate selling. I hate those Pit bulls that don’t take no for an answer. I mean, nothing with pit bulls, I had a pit bulls, but you know what I mean. I hate that. I’ve been doing sales since high school and I don’t like that. So, what I teach you guys in my book is to give love and get positivity and then it’s going to come right back to you. And so, having people to like your fan page is just an egotistic idea for you. It only boosts your ego. Then 2, it only helps Facebook if you’re going to do paid advertisement. What I mean, if you’re going to do a boost then you could say, hey Market to people who like my page or market to people and their friends that like my page. But the truth of the fact is, if you’re going out there and you’re spamming people like hey like my page, like my page. They probably don’t have any interest in your company and your services. They’re just doing it because you’re spamming them, they feel guilty. For example with me, people are liking my page without me telling them, that’s the whole goal. The people that find you, they search for you, they look at your content, they look at your timeline, they know what you’re about. They’ll maybe come back a couple times and then they like it.  Those are your customers. The people that you spam or that you have VA’s or companies that I’ve hired before that goes out there and gets likes, but They never bought anything. The number two thing is, don’t have people like your page man unless you want to spend some significant amount of money. And it’s ok if you want to spend money, but if you want to do free, what I’m teaching  is having people like your fan page is not going to do you anything besides your ego and Facebook making money.

And the very last thing that I want to talk about is, this is very, very annoying. And I’m sure you have seen this. It’s when people tag 50, 70 people when they’re not even interested. Don’t just tag random people. For example when I tag people it’s if they bought something from me and I’m giving them thank you. I don’t just tag a bunch of people that I don’t know or that haven’t shown any interest. I don’t even tag people that have shown interest in my product. For example people can submit a lead online and I could go tag them and say hey man you forgot to buy. I don’t do that, it’s just very annoying. Yeah it gives you couple of eyeballs for a couple of seconds, but people are just going to untag you.

The other points that I want to talk about are more important than these three things that I’ve talked about which is, if you really truly care and love and I show you how to do it in Facebook. In my book all this stuff is non-technical , which means that you don’t have to learn about landing pages and sales funnels and squeeze pages and technical stuff, no. It’s all basic stuff that you can outsource to a VA in India, Pakistan or even do it yourself guys. If you do it every day, it’ll depend on how big your followers are. If you have a big following, it’ll probably take about thirty minutes a day. If you have a small following, you’re looking at five to fifteen minutes a day. If you do that five to fifteen minutes a day, if you don’t have a big following, over five days a week, better if you do seven, but five days a week. And you do it for one to six months your business is going to grow tremendously and you’re going to be whizzed because I’m tapping into the basic understanding of love and the soul. I am not spamming people, I’m not asking them to buy stuff, I’m not trying to trick people and I don’t teach any of that in my book. I just show you to care, honestly care. And if you do this over one to six months you’re going to get more business that you could have ever imagined and better yet make relationships with people that are going to support you for the long run and you can support them in the long run guys. A win-win situation. And you can save your money. Once you make this free money, what I call House Money, then spend it in money if you want to. But if you don’t want to, then you don’t. So, again, this product, my book is on my website myrealestatedojo I’ll put a link below if you guys are interested. I sell it for two hundred dollars. This advanced training is not like anything else you’ve heard. I built it myself because I was tired of paying people six to four hundred dollars a month, month after month; social media experts, so called, that didn’t really give me any results. I did this for my own business. At one time I used to own three businesses, my moving company, my real estate brokerage firm, I buy Houses Mister Investor. So, I had one VA do each one of these and I got more business that I could ever imagine from there, from referrals, from people sharing my stuff. One evidence is that right now, I just sold my VA assistant book called VA Exponential and we made almost thirteen thousand dollars in nineteen days. I just sold it and sixty to fifty percent of the customers came from Facebook, the other ones came from YouTube. So, I just used two free channels and I made twelve, thirteen thousand. I’m not putting this to brag or anything like that. I was this homeless six months ago guy. So it’s not like I’m chasing money here. I just want to show you guys that my stuff works. I’m the alchemist in America. I came here as a refugee, as an immigrant. My parents are illiterate. I started with a hundred dollars. I had multiple businesses. I’ve made multiple millions. I let it all go, I gave it all to homeless people when I came to a different state, Colorado. And I just did It again. I don’t have a job, I don’t have any support, I don’t have anything here. I don’t have nothing. Before I was living in my car guys. The reason I am able to do it is because I don’t push that shit down people’s throat and I show you how to do it in my book guys. It’s called the Facebook Ultimate Free Marketing. If you implement it one to six months, it’s going to work.

Now it’s not like   the pharmaceutical drugs where you pop the pill and it works tomorrow. It’s not like that. It’s like a Vitamin C or multivitamin it takes a little bit to go into your body, but doesn’t have the side effects as the pharmaceutical drug. But that doesn’t mean that if you implement it tomorrow or next year or next week, that you’re not going to get a customer. But know that the majority of your customers will come one to six months after implementing this.

I’m going to have the book for two hundred dollars, but I’m having a special. We’re already selling a lot. Once they all sell out, for nineteen dollars. We have a hundred, a limited amount, a hundred for nineteen dollars. We’ve already sold a bunch of these, and the feedbacks coming in seem to be positive. They’re all not in yet. But if you want something that’s very simple, this is it. If you want something that’s not technical at all, that’s like zero technical stuff, that’s all psychological aspect, then this is it.

Now what I did is, I studied Facebook, and spent a lot of money and I took the most complex ideas and I put in the twenty percent. This thing is what I call twenty percent is going to give you eighty percent of your results. It’s so simple that a person in a third world country can use it. And I did that for a purpose because to have success you don’t need complexity. The people that sell complexity is because they want to make a lot of money, but Life is simple. If you just care and you give love, you’re going to get that right back to you and I show you how to do it.  Translate that love right into Facebook so you can make money for your business. This thing is going to work, doesn’t matter if you’re a roofer, you’re a construction worker, your credit, car repair business, you own a skateboard business, you’re a personal trainer, if you have a salon, your attorney’s firm, it does not matter; you’re a realtor, you’re an investor. This thing doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If you implement it one to six months it’s going to grow your business. Totally for free. It’s technical free. You don’t need any technical IT skills at all. It’s just basic human understanding, and if you implement it in your business you’re going to see results. If you want something fast, this is not it. It takes a little time. If you want something very complex, this is not it dude. I’ve sold it to other people and two people were not happy because they said this is so simple. And I said that’s the whole goal dude, I want it to be simple, I want it to work. I don’t want to be sitting in front of the computer or have my VA sit in front of the computer for hours and hours and hours to do this task. This task will take you anywhere from five to ten minutes, all the way to thirty minutes depends on how big, and how many different social media platforms you’re on. But this is just for Facebook.

I think Soraya just put a link down. I’d really appreciate it if you guys have any questions about Facebook just let me know. If you guys want to do Facebook marketing I know tons of stuff about that as well, but again the free stuff works. Get the free stuff. Use the free stuff. Make money. Take that money called house money and then risk it in paid advertisement. For example, I’ve been a public speaker for almost three and a half years and I haven’t spent any of my own money on anything. Like my microphone, when I sold books I bought it. My board, same thing, after I sold books. Doesn’t mean that I don’t have the money.  I just showed you guys twenty eight thousand dollars cash. I just like to use house money. I like to use my imagination and creativity. Create boom money and use that money to reinvest into the business and that’s what I call my alchemy formula. And that’s the best bet. No getting into debt, no borrowing so much money, putting it on your credit card, Or not paying rent and decide to pay Facebook, don’t do that. Use free stuff, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. Now if you have a lot of money, you’re an attorney or a doctor, then no. Pump the money into the marketing machine. But if you’re just a small guy and you don’t have money. If you have a million dollar business but you’ve already allocated all of your marketing money, try some of my free stuff it really works. This is how I just turned thirteen thousand dollars in nine days selling a book when I came in right and I failed a speech class etc. etc.


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