Erick got his 1st deal in less than 9 days  @MyRealEstateDojo

Erick got his 1st deal in less than 9 days @MyRealEstateDojo

Erick got this first deal under contract in around 6 days, after joining the Dojo Club Membership for only $500 for year. NO EDITING, NO FLUFF. Just real people help real peaple.

Dojo - Changes people Lifes!

Changing people Life is something that money can never buy!

Shout-out to my wrestingl coach, as he changed my life over 20+ years ago. There is never a week that guys by that I dont give him thanks, and wish him and his family the best.
Without him, I would not be here today!

He thought me many things in practices, but what i credit him for are:
1.) He belived in my when no else did. As I was a trouble kid.
2.) He showed me hard work overcomes Lacks.
3.) He showed me Discipline is and how it can change my life.
4.) He showed me that I can be leader even if my not the strongest.
5.) He showed me when I am on my BACK to never, never give up.

P.S. Why did I want to be Coach? I want to change people's life! Its that simply!

Im not nice and many say I am rude, and I agree!
But I get the job done right!!! I am not here to be your freind.

I am here to be change in your life, like my wresting coach changed my life.

The Superhero-Closing-Offer is a powerful tool that adds value to the home seller while creating a Win-Win for both parties, without the hard sale-pitch or being a pushy sale's person. Why sale..? When you can help motivated sellers by creating a "win-win" is the Dojo motto.

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