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Entrepreneur Mindset pilots you to Success; 2 mindset control Tips

Entrepreneur Mindset pilots you to Success; 2 mindset control Tips

 How to get your mind right, Right in the morning, when you wake up that's right you heard me right.

 When you wake up is the most important time to get your mind right. For example, when I wake up I notice my mind is you know a dead stop when I wake up and then it starts thinking the mind starts thinking about what I got to do the fears I have so many different things. Right and it all starts like soon as I wake up the first thing I do is I start going to the restroom and I'm gonna you know use the restroom and take a shower right so what I do is that since I know how my mind works you know no matter how I try to control it I don't try to resist it anymore the first thing I do is I get my I have a little mobile speaker box that I bring with me and I bring my phone with me and I put it on Bluetooth and I put on a YouTube video that's motivational so the very first thing I listen to soon as I wake like I get off the bed I just walk to the restroom and then I can take my speaker box to put it in their use the restroom I'm using restroom, I am looking up motivational video every day or 99% of times or 90% of times if I'm traveling to something I'm not ok but it's very important for me to do that and then what what when I get into the shower I turn the shower on I turn very hot the water starts coming the steam is going on I get in there once I got the water on top of my head you know I'm closing my eyes and I'm giving thanks for you know being alive being in America having my arms and legs and etc.


Because what I noticed as soon as I started getting the water has starts hitting me then I start thinking again about all this other stuff I have going on you know even though I have motivational blasting I got the hot water coming so instead of enjoying and being in tune now I'm thinking about all the future the past you know all this stuff right so I don't need to be doing any of that so I'm just like closing my eyes now I'm listening to the audio but I'm giving thanks for all the stuff that I have all the advantages that I that's like even if I was homeless up at the same exact thing when I woke up and you think sir the advantages I have whatever they are you okay if I have a warm place to sleep or you know my dog or taking a shower or the soap or hot water or having a towel whatever it is you know you focus on that and start giving thanks right and then when I get out eat breakfast dude very important that you breakfast you know you've got to have that energy to be able to push forward about breakfast like if I don't eat breakfast I'm just like cuckoo brain so I need that breakfast you know and the point I'm trying to say there's a lot other rituals I do throughout the day but the very most important part is the beginning phase guys it's like how you start out right it's very very crucial in the morning so as soon as you wake up you know definitely, pump some motivational video you go to youtube there's so many people out there listen to something that's gonna pump you up okay don't listen to radio or fucking the news or you know some bullshit like that okay start with positive stuff okay that's gonna make you understand what your lie is why you're giving it and then start giving thanks.

Thank you for having your legs in food breakfast thank you for the hot water thank you for the sprinkler systems thank you for you know not having cut the grass if you do thank you for having grass to cut you're not limited an apartment and so whatever it is focus all your attention on gratitude alright so the formula the alchemy formula of changing your minds and from negativity to positive okay as soon as you wake up you listen to positive stuff right like I asked kind of like music with it so time pumps you up because music kind of pumps you up right okay because what kind of music you listen so you bring you down to okay then the next thing is giving thanks and for what you have and gratitude right then in there When you're taking a shower okay now if you don't get up and take a shower you first doesn't matter turn the music on and listen to the positive stuff and then give thanks for everything you have in your life no matter how small you have or how big you have guys sometimes some of the smallest stuff that we use every day we don't appreciate it for example in my life I use my laptop all the time Recently my laptop broke down I had to go spend 2,000 bucks to buy another laptop so you know I couldn't wait so I didn't really appreciate that hey this the laptop is so valuable to me my whole life depends on it all success depends on it and what I really appreciating it you know you know sometimes I lose value of what's really really important in life and what really helps me some of the other stuff you know I don't care less because you know I may only use it 10 20 % and the same thing with you if you allow all the weeds in your mind to run through your head right with all these negative thoughts fears worries you know wax all the stuff and you don't focus on the positivity than you are not gonna have a very productive day and after you get your mind right right make sure you eat breakfast and then go out there and tackle your day guys go out there hustle and bustle don't take no for answer see ya.

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