Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

Email Marketing is vital for any Real Estate Investor for Lead generation, marketing, follow up, getting reviews and building customer relationships.

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Email Marketing For Real Estate Investors


What's up guys this is Mike with my RealEstate DOJO and today we're going to be talking about email marketing for real estate investors. So again today we're going to be talking about email marketing for real estate investors and why it is so important to do to be behind the scene work. Not only for lead generation and marketing but also for follow up and getting reviews, and building customer relationships and so on and so on. As I go further you understand what I'm talking about.

Many investors use email on a daily basis, for example they sign into an account like on their Bank of America with the email or with their bank they may have credit card processing, they have to log in or they may receive statements or they may do x and y and z using their email, okay. However, they never think about or use email marketing to generate leads for their business, even though they use their email every day, and they're checking their email so often throughout the day or weeks. And it troubles me because people think that email doesn't work or its old school, is extinct. Then we have newer things like Facebook, instant messenger, we have like text messaging, cell phones, etc. and I agree with all that I'm not saying I don't. However if you want to log into your Facebook account, you need an email, you will log into your bank account, you need the email. So where am I going with this? That email is the foundation to get into your bit coins, is the foundation to access your, you know let's say Shopify website, we need that to log into your PayPal, you need that to log in to your bank account, you need that to log into your electricity, cell phone, cable, all the stuff, so it's the foundation. So everyone pretty much has an email by them, okay. The ones that are computer literate, I should say. So where am I going with this rhetoric, is that as a real estate investor, you have to be using email marketing to as an exponential lever. Now you guys have been hearing me talking about it they exponential lever because they're so important. Because with the exponential lever, you're able to create magic, you're able to put this much money or no money and create infinite results depending on your idea, okay. So with email marketing you're able to do a variety of stuff, which I'm going to go through right now to explain why it's so important.

The very first thing I want to talk about is that with email marketing you can be passive or active. Passive is the situation where you're putting a newsletter on your website, for people to subscribe or your collecting emails and you know, some way another on your website or on your email signature, on your Facebook, whatever are your pots. And it's not that much, I just posted it in passively way, okay. The other way you can do it for your business is what I call it proactive and proactive is you or virtual assistants can go out there, for example a real estate investing. You get on let's say Craigslist, bank pages, these other apps that’s on your phone that are classified, and Facebook, online classifieds, and all this other stuff. And actually pro-actively collect these emails or proactively reach out to these people either way, with you buying their home, okay. You want to buy their home or whatever services you're rendering to them, okay. And many people don't do that, and it cost so little, okay. So it's been its exponential lever, email marketing using the proactive way. Many people don't even use the passive way where they're just posting it or you know, just putting on their website - hey subscribe furthermore saying they do proactive, where they're actually actively going on Craigslist looking for people that's trying to sell their home and reaching out to them to see if the sellers interested, so that's that. Now you can also use Facebook, I mean email marketing for follow up, a lead comes to your website, instead of you reaching out to them over the phone every day or every week or whatever. You could have a system set up where when the leads comes in, it goes into an email auto responder series, and the emails just set up they shoot off one, next, next. So many option, let's say every other day so every two days, one fires out every two days one fires out and they're all different emails that may ask questions or get the seller involved and then just tell you to their home and why they should sell it to you versus a realtor or versus someone else, some other investment company. So you could do that in a follow-up series where it's all automatic, and you're not the one that's sitting there typing the email off, if you're wondering how many emails I should have, in my business I do almost three years back, so when a lead comes in, I fell over thumb for three years. In the beginning I'm hitting them up very closely Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam. As time passes, I'm hitting them one here one here is every six months, right. Because I found that motivated sellers, their situation or their time they bake in the oven changes. Some takes three days; some takes three months, some takes three years, okay. So if I fall in love with them and I already put the money up for advertisement, I've heard the energy and followed was very simple, especially with email marketing because it cost for Free, okay so it's a great email follow-up process.

If you want the emails that I use in my business go to my real estate dojo and then click on the store on online store and click for email auto remote series, okay. I have like three years of emails that you send them, very powerful.

The other thing I like about emails is that you can use it for sells like, you know, you could actually reach out to these sellers and you contact them direct.

You have some great ideas Soraya, what are the others that you like?

Soraya: Well it helps you brand your company to them, your business.

Mike: Yeah and the reason it does is for example let's say; a lead comes in and I want to buy their home, I talked to the seller, I don't talk to, so it doesn't matter I have their email it goes into my sells funnel and they're seeing emails from me, and every so often because I use the same exact auto series, that I'm telling you should download. And so even if they don't pick up the phone or even respond to my emails, I'm in front of them hitting their phone, because everybody has an email everybody has a smartphone these days or a computer and they need that email, because their bank account or credit card, their cable all that stuff, is linked to it. So they're constantly checking it here and there and they're seeing it, so you're brand yourself because they see it, they see, they see and after like two weeks or three weeks of you emailing them they're going to say “Oh Bob, I know Bob, I know Bob, I know Bob or in this case mister investor, mister investor, mister investor, Mike, Mike, okay. So it's very powerful.

What are some other ideas that you had?

Soraya:  yeah it helped to build the connection with them.

Mike: Very good. And that kind of feeds into your brand because you're constantly staying in front of them. The average follow-up of a salesperson does is maybe once, that's it, okay.  So if you're reaching out to them let's say in a one-month period you know 24 times or 12 times or 16 times, so how are you decide to if you're using my software, a lot my email follow-up series, you can download for just a couple of bucks, then your counseling in front of them, okay. So you can use email marketing also because it's free, or almost free. What do I mean by that? If you want to do let's say mail out to a targeted audience, it's going to cost you 50 cents just the post the stamps, not including the postcard, so that including the letters, that including the Flyers, that including the stuffing, that include the gas to take it to the post office.

If you want to do Facebook marketing let's say its ten dollars a day, you commit to it, you know in seven days at seventy bucks okay, that’s cheap. If you want to do let's say bandit signs, you're looking at least two dollars just for this the chloroplast and the h-wire for another two bucks or let's just say even the worst case of scenario, best-case scenario, you get it for two bucks, it's two bucks, you put a hundred out, 200 bucks. Okay, and you got to put at least a hundred out you know so what. Emails is for free or almost free, so again everyone has that foundation which is their emails that connects them to all their horizontal life for themselves, cable, rent, credit card, loans, all that stuff is connected to your email and you have access to it. Now, to reach these people, you can have these people subscribe to you - I call passively or you can actively go on, for example; targeted audience, or you could buy less from. Hit me up if you're interested, that you can reach out to and email them, see if they're interested in your services you know, you want to buy their homes. See if you created win-win situation for both you, and great thing is you can use it for the sells once this leads start coming in, then you can put it into your  My email auto responder series and do the funnels where it's automatically for you.

The other thing is emails make it automatic. What do I mean? When somebody goes into my email funnels, it's automatic, and they're thinking I'm in email, I'm touching them but I might just be out here you know, drinking some hot tea, or I might be riding my bicycle, or I might be going to a mountain climb or I might be you know, playing with my dog or you know. But they think that I'm doing it, but no it's not me, okay. Now, with email marketing you can also do with your, what I call cheesy you can be a hero, right? A cheesy one is where you're sending out email say buy for me buy for me, me, me, me, me, me, type of stuff, okay. Which is a lot of companies do, that's just the old school of marketing and sometimes I do that too. Okay, but I like to do 10% this 90%. The other the other one is where you're sending out emails and you're adding value and you're really just helping people to change their lives and making an impact, right? And you want your fellow human beings to have a better life, so they can have more positivity in the world - oh man look at all the negativity of you says, we can't do this, and all the fear because you know, the world that I live in, and the world that I want to portray and see is a world of abundance and that's why I do what I do, so you could, where I call the hero marketing you could provide content. So if you're like a real estate investor, and the seller comes into your lead, instead of just emailing them of cheeses like - buy for me I've been in business 20 years, I closed quickly I pay cash, all that stuff that most people say. Well you could say look the market prices is this or you know, providing information about like how to move you know how to do X how to do that how to do Y, you know. To help them and be an authority, okay. So it's all up to you, and you can do it all through the follow up series and that's what I do with my email series. I don't do the cheesy, well you know I have a bunch of little short things this is you know buy for me I'm an investor, I close fast, I pay cash, you know. I don't do that, that's what everybody else does. You could clone it I become an authority to the seller. I help them educate themselves, I give them all their options for them to sell, and you could just take my information and just put your company name on it and then you can be the authority in just through a 3 years span. This is very powerful guys. My conversion rate for my moving company, these went up at least I would say 35 to 45 percent depends on what season it is. If it's the low season, that it's like winter nobody moves, and then it was lower and a lot higher in the summertime. And it was so much better because I used to have call centers where people would sit there and call, that depends on these people to follow up with them, and you know that was follow up with them, but they're just average sells. Before they would probably hit them like three or four times. So, let me correct it. There were more than average sells people, because I trained them instead of one or two three or four times, but just like regular human beings, I don’t want to follow up nine ten twelve times, but by allowing my computer system to create a follow-up series with them, to reach out to them, there's so much more conversion higher because humans call three or four times, but software. Did I leave anything out? I probably think I did because I freestyle everything, I'm not scripted.

You think anything else Soraya?

Soraya: I think it's a great opportunity for all investors, I don't think that they're all maximizing on the opportunity to do that. So that in itself, will set them apart and have a higher chance of converting them later on, maybe not immediately, but as you continue to send these emails out you're branding yourself, you're building that relationship with them, you're personalizing the email, you got their name and it just builds that relationship to where if they think about selling their house, and they're in a situation where they need to, the first person they're going to think about is you.

Mike: Because you've done so much follow up, you've been in front of them, even if they don't even open it up, they see the subject line mister investor or we buy home or whatever your name of your company is, if Joe, Bob whatever, it's very powerful. One other thing that she said that I just keep in my mind, that when I say email marketing, you can also do it for not just to buy homes I did it for selling my homes if I'm selling it to a renter. Because I need somebody to get in there or I'm selling in a sense of trying to sell it you know, on the MLS, because I would have to follow up with the realtors - hey well what does your client think about it because I didn't rely on my realtor because you know, they're busy so I have my own system or with the buyers that you can show in for. So you could use it at both ends, you can use it for the selling part which or whatever that means, like renting it out, all the way down to selling it, all the way down to owner financing, to the acquisition part, where you actually take the property you're talking to sellers. And you could use it for both of these, for the sales part or the conversion part and the follow-up part guys.

Okay now, again it's free. Email marketing is free, I highly recommend it. Now there's different ways you can do email marketing. You can use your own, for example Gmail account or Hotmail account, whatever. That's the first way I'm not knocking it. If you don't have any money they can get to that. Start where you stand dude, start where you stand represent where the f*ck you got. You start right there you don't say I'm not going to start till I get to the next spot I'm not going to start to X happens, I'm not going to wait till Y happens, no! You start right there.

So the first thing is whatever the f*ck you got, you start where you are staying. The second way is that if you have a domain name and you have your own hosting and that's great, then you can have your own mail servers and sent out through your own domain like Mike at my real estate dojo for example. Okay and that one is almost for free, because you may be paying 10 bucks 20 bucks for hosting and then 10 bucks a year for domain name. So it's almost for free for amount of emails so that's the other thing. And if you want to take a notch up right, you could pay for one of these things called like Aweber or mail chimp, I use Aweber that's what I like, that I've been using for a very long time. Soraya uses MailChimp. MailChimp gives you more functionality, Aweber, they're pretty expensive and the more people to subscribe to your list, the more you pay, so I highly recommend start where you stand. And if you fit in number one and start what it is, if you fit in number two then start where it is, you're the number three then start where it is. But if you're a number one please don't think because you did number three you can even make more money, no man, you're going to lose more money, it's more liability for you. Your ability to succeed is going to decrease because you got to pay 15 bucks 100 bucks. So start where you stand. You could always grow outward the problem with a lot of commuter is they want to be already out here, you know I see a lot of restaurant owners, I'm like man your rent is how much? And instead of being a small little place where they get so good and people are placing your orders, right. They get the big place and then they got to fill it in, okay. So tough, tough, thing to do, but email marketing if they did that it will probably help their business to fill it up, but they don't do that because they don’t understand about email marketing.

So as a real estate investor, email marketing is one of those exponential levers, they'll take your business to the next level, even more than a virtual assistant because we probably have to pay anything for email marketing or VA you got to pay 150 bucks a month guys.

Before we get off, Right now I want to talk about two things that are very important it’s going to help you get deals. First is my mother course, my mother course has every aspect of real estate into one book that's over a hundred hours of training video training advanced course. It has a hundred and seventy two chapters. We talked about how to fund your deals, we talked about how to find your deals, we talked about fix and flips, we talked about whole selling, we talked about land lording, we talked about the owner of financing we, talked about subject twos, we talked about wraps, we talked about lien investing, we talked about new note creation, we talked about sells, we talked about negotiation, we talked about guys, we can go on and on, technology is so long okay, and right now I'm having a special, the retail price is 50 hundred bucks it's well worth it okay. But right now for the flash sell that I just have its 325, I highly recommend you guys download it.

If you haven't done dealing, you’re new, you definitely need this. And if you're not new and you've been doing a couple of deals and you haven't learned how to systemize your business to the next level you need this because you're missing a lot of tools. I bet you all my left and my right balls all right, guys I'm serious, and you’re missing tools in your briefcase. And when you talk to a lead, you don't know what to do with the lead. You only have one module or one frame, you only have one type of bat to hit with, right, and you need different types of clubs for different types of shoots. And that's what my book does. It allows you to learn all types of the business from master leases to leases to trade leases lease options, all that stuff on one book okay and at the same time, I have a lot of marketing assets you can have like email follow ups, series like we just talked about it's in that book. You guys, have it for free okay. And it's 325 for a limited time selling for 1,500 bucks. There's no other course out there because I talked about so many such different ideas. And the job of the course is to get you 1 to 3 deals in 59 days or less. So again, the mission of the course and I wrote it is to help you from nothing not own anything, to get you 1 to 3 deals in 59 days, and the people that were already doing deals, pros to understand all the other aspects and how to create systems, how to get a negotiation, and how do I get owner financing, because that's what I really, really specialize in. It is so powerful it is another exponential lever, okay. That exponential lever is such a powerful thing like my like the VA idea, like this email marketing I just talked about. And so my mother course is a must to get if you want to learn about real estate, okay. It talks about technology like email marketing it is the whole thing into one, you don't have to go anywhere else guys.


The mission of the book is to get you 1 to 3 deals and in fifty nine days or less. Okay and I pushed it out. I wanted to put for 29 days because I'm so confident but I know some people are just not action takers, they need more time to take in the information, okay.  171 chapters I highly recommend it get it on my website my real estate dojo and click on the top, online store and you'll see it. It's called the mother course guys it's the only course you need in real estate investing, if you're new if you're already doing deals, you want to take your business to the next level you need this course okay, And also, one other thing, I have my seller phone script, which is what I call my seller filtering system because it helps you find sellers that are willing to do owner financing, where you don't have to step into the bank, you don't have to step into the bank guys, alright, which means that you don't have to use your credit, you don't have to get a stinky loan from the bank, and you don't have to put all this large down payments down, and you don't pay all this junk fees, and you could own a home by a simple creative strategy called subject to, or you can just take over people's payments or you can do owner financing, where you can create master leases, or you create lease with an option. So there are a lot of creative strategies to make money in real estate and in my book I show you how to do it. And on top of that with the seller phone script, it allows you to filter the ones the least come in to know which one of these sellers are willing to do on their financing, which one of these sellers are willing to do cash offers, and which one of these sellers you have to put into your email marketing follow-up system, okay and the ones that you put into your email follow-up system. Because you use my auto email responder product that I have on my website you're, going to see that these people are going to convert, some of them will convert in three weeks, and some will convert in three months, some in three years, as long as you continue follow-upping with them guys, that's the key guys. Is there any questions? All right guys thanks for watching, don't take no for answer and don't forget I have a special right now on my mother course for 325 once the special one is over, it is 1500 bucks. Please don't email me when the special is over so you still get it for that price. Because no, you can’t only at this time guys, if not get it to fifteen hundred bucks it’s definitely worth it, it's a game changer if you go to my website and look at my VA book that I wrote, so many positive reviews and I just released this book, it hasn’t even been two days you guys, okay so go get it. You don't miss out like my VA book it’s going to be a top seller, and the only mission I have is to help you get one to three deals in 59 days. That's the course; it talks about everything from cold calling, a door knocking all the way down to all the creative strategies, all the way down to funding, all the way down to technology. The only thing is missing is you getting on the bicycle, which is my systems and you start pedaling dude, you can start pedaling the more you pedal, the more money make guys. See you later guys, see you.

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