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ECONOMIC COLLAPSE NEWS: Stock Market is Depressed!! Real Estate Housing is next!!!

Stock Market is Depressed!!

Real Estate Housing is next!!!

Learn about why US Stock market is depressed and keep crashing day after day. Plus discover why I believe the real estate housing marketing is next to get depressed!

Back in 2016-2017 I said gold was the play and not real estate and everyone laughed at me.

We see today, gold is at all time high and its hitting higher. I also said at that time we will see 40-60% crash in the stock market in the newt crash and we see that in many USA companies from PayPal to X, Y, Z.

Also, in 2017 I said the next real estate crash will be a seller financing heaven and we can see that happen very soon. We already had over 7 million people that could not make their house payments in the last one year.

Forbearance will only work for so long before these type of home owners become befaults on their mortgage for the 2nd time.

I see this happen in the last real estate crash in 2006-9 when seller got loan mod and still default on their mortgage.

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