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DO NOT be a Desperate Investor or you'll get zero deals.

Hey, gang this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and just a quick video as a real estate investor or any professional that is doing sales, you need to make sure you don’t present yourself as a desperate wanter of “Please give me, please allow me to come out there”. What do I mean by that? A lot of investors when they get a phone call from a seller and make an appointment to go to their home and provide them with an offer, when they’re talking to the seller and let the seller know “Hey, I am open any day, choses whichever you want.

seller phone script

Monday I am open all day, Tuesday I have opening day. Anything you want, seller, I am willing to do for you”. The message that is portrayed to the seller is that you are really not a value, because if you had value, you wouldn’t have a lot of time, because you are very busy. So simply put, make sure you hold yourself up and your credibility up and your head up high. Don’t seem like you are really desperate and willing to jump through so many hoops just to meet with the seller.

You want to tell the seller: “Hey, give me days that you are available and let me look into my calendar and I will call you back and let you know which days I am available, because a lot of people want me to go out there and give them a cash offer”. It doesn’t matter if you are realtor, if you are a photographer or whatever your line of business is, make sure you hold yourself up, make sure you don’t allow yourself to seem like you are desperate, and you are willing and wanting to jump through so many hoops to do a deal for your client. Make sure it’s a win-win. You are offering them service and they are going to pay you for it. You don’t have to be kissing but and being so humble, because all that portrays to your seller or your customer is that you are just weak, nobody wants your services and pumps fear into them instead of excitement, because you are going to solve their problem or you are going to give them the product or services that you are offering. Gang, go out there and hustle and bustle. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Don’t listen to anybody that doesn’t believe in your goals and dreams. It’s Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, have a great day!

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