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Discover how to Design Flyers without an IT-guy/Designer using

Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, I am going to show you step by step how to design your own flyer without hiring a designer or an IT-guy, so you can do it right from your computer, right from the website. You can use these flyers for anything like Facebook, designing mails to send out to motivated sellers or whatever your imagination wants you to use them for. Let’s dive in and get started.

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Alright gang, there is basically a couple of ways to do it and this it the easiest way to do it. What I use is a software called PicMonkey. What PicMonkey does is that it allows you to edit images, add images, change the background, do a lot of cool stuff, add text without knowing abut IT stuff, without knowing any Photoshop, without taking any classes. Let’s go ahead and dive in and I’ll show you how I use it. I use this again for all my Facebook ads, my pitches that I do on YouTube, whenever you click that and there is some text on it.

Let’s go ahead and dive in. Let’s go to my Desktop and see if this is the picture I want to use. No, not it. Let’s go ahead and use this picture. I am just quickly going to run through some of the features that you could do. You can definitely crop the pictures, which mean you can adjust it, if you want to make it smaller. But that’s not really what I want to talk about. I want to talk about some other cool features.

For example, if you click on this ‘magic wand’, the effects button. Once it loads, I’ll walk you through it. We are able to do a lot of cool stuff with the effects, for example you can make it black and white, you can take a quick look at it. You can give it some HDR effect. This is pretty cool. I like this one. See how it changes it. You can do it where you focus or unfocus. Here’s an infrared. You can manipulate an image on here. I like this one a lot- you know the focus when you can click on what you want, which allows you to write on the back of the picture without disturbing it.

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Let’s go ahead and I’m going to use this function here that blurs it out. Another thing you can do is overlays. An overlay is basically you can put an image on top of another image and you can make it look not so awkward, when you stick it in. Let’s go ahead and use an example of it to see what it looks like. Whenever you need something, its never there, but here we go. Let’s say I wanted to stick something here. I am just giving you a short example. Say I was going to stick my logo on the left-hand side. This is not the logo, but let’s say if it was.

I would be able to do it. I could mess around with the fade, make it more or less functionality. Here we could do overlay, which means you don’t have to mess with it and it goes with the flow etc. I am not going to use any of that, because it fits right. I am just giving you an example. Alright, so that’s the cool thing with adding images which is a great thing. Another cool functionality is you can add borders, how you want it to look. It’s pretty fascinating what you can do with this.

This is totally all for free. This is something that I totally use all the time, because I have text. For example, one this thin loads I’ll show you. Here’s the other thing. If you guys are on a Windows, then you’re going to be a lot faster than Mac. Safari keeps freezing with this. The company, PicMonkey, recommends using Chrome. But I am stubborn and I am a Mac fan, so I keep using Mac and Safari freezes with it. So basically here we go.

You click on text, you can create the text, it can be anything that you want, for example, “We buy houses”, for example. You can change the font, the colours, whatever you want to do. You can make it bigger, smaller, change whatever you want to do here. Another cool thing is you can put your mouse over it and drag it and your text will get bigger.

You can adjust it to whatever you want. These are really cool features to have and you can do all this stuff without paying for an IT guy, without paying for a designer. If you take a couple of minutes you can learn about the software. It is a really fascinating software, I am really happy to have it, because before this I had to pay my designer money to do these little things for me, while now I can use a software to do this and I am not paying money, just have to put some sweat equity into this. Not that I am saying I don’t need a designer, but some things are really quick, ASAP, so I don’t have time for a designer and I do it myself. Now there’s a couple of other ways to do this. If you want to make these designs and PicMonkey is totally for free. I will leave the link bellow.

Another thing you can do is learn Photoshop yourself. It’s just going to take so much time and energy to do the things I just showed you in a couple of minutes.

The third way is, you can hire a designer part-time and you give them jobs here and there. I highly recommend using the third option, a designer, when you’re going to mail something out that you want done very professionally.

These are, this PicMonkey is good for social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinstrest. If you want to create images, you want to add your logo very quickly. Whatever you want to do. Add text- this is a very easy way to roll up your sleeves, dive in and dive out.

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Have a great day, gang, go out there and make it happen for yourself. Hustle and bustle, see you later 

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