how to identify decision makers

Decision-Makers, the art of identifying them: means making Big-profits or wasting Big-time

Hey gang this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is about talking to the decision maker. All right, let me give you a quick example, I had just hired four new workers and these guys are just entry level they are just co-callers all they do is call people and make co-calls. I was listening to this one big company and I am not going to say their name they are areal estate broker firm and the gentleman was talking to my worker just a marketer at entry level on his first day. This guy just kept on going and going how they are the second biggest franchise, you know they sell insurance they do homes, they do mortgaging, they have so many agents ‘blablabla’ and the self pitch was very good and the guy was a very good guy.

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But one of the crude mistakes that he made which a lot of people have made and I myself have made when I started out was just talking about how great I am or my company is to people that can not even make a decision. In this scenario this manager was trying to sell my entry level worker on my moving company joining them on their vendors list when my entry level worker was on his first day at work and he couldn’t even make a decision. So the point of this story is, just to make this video short and quick: in real-estate if you are talking to a home seller make sure you are not just talking to the wife and just persuading the wife if the husband is involved. If you are talking to lets say inherited property and there are three people on the deed make sure you are not just getting guy’s side of the story and not explaining to everybody else because you really want to make sure you are talking to the decision maker.

Or don’t just be talking like to a friend, a lot of time people call and a few and they say: “Hey I am calling for my friend. They want the information”. And the best way to address that is to say “Well have your friend, the home-owner call me” because the goal of what I am trying to say here is, you don’t want to waste your time talking and giving benefits and value and spending a lot of time doing your due diligence and work if you are not even talking to the fucking decision makers. You want to spend your time to find out who the decision makers are and then bring in those features and values up.

But the majority of the work is finding out who are the decision makers and how do you get them all together, so you go out there and give them your pitch or why should they use you, okay guys. So go out there and hustle and bustle. If you like these videos please share, please like, please comment, and you really think I am adding value in these videos join DOJO. I am so confident that I can help you reach your goals as long as you are willing to hustle and bustle. Now I am not selling a magic pill or a get quick-fast bullshit, because I do not believe in that, I believe in hard work. But if you are willing to do the hard fucking work, if you are willing to be coachable I guarantee that I can get you results if you can hustle and bustle. I cant do it for you, but I can let you download years of my experience into you, accelerate your results just like a personal trainer compared to someone at the gym who doesn’t have a personal trainer. And I am not just an average personal trainer, I am fucking passionate about it, I am working for free for my dreams, I’m doing exactly what you are doing. And that’s the difference between me and the other guys I am willing to work for free, I am willing to make it happen for you guys.

And I am really confident that if you join the DOJO you will be able to feel that, if you download my information right into your mind and if you are able to do deals very quickly. I have many students that have done deals in less than 30 days, multiple deals, but these are hungry individuals, not just your average bullshitter. All right guys, so if you are hungry – message me.Thank you for watching, have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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