cryptocurrency and accredited investor

Cryptocurrency allows any person to invest in assets only Accredited Investor profited before

Crypto currency allows any person to invest in assets only Accredited Investor profited before

Crypto Currency Allows any Person to Invest in Assets only Accredited Investor Profited Before

Hey what’s up guys, this is Mike with MyRealEstate DOJO, and I’m excited to share this new information with you. The subject of this course today is how crypto currencies allow any person to invest in assets only accredited investor profited before the revolution of block chain technology, so basically, what I’m trying to explain in this video and trying to enlighten you guys is that there’s the old saying that we all heard it “the rich get rich” and one of the reasons is that in today, there’s regulation by big brother that says that if you want to invest in private businesses or if you want to invest on assets that have the highest risk but also have the highest reward or if you do your due diligence and they might not be risky but they have a good reward, me and you and other people cannot invest in that because we’re not accredited investors because of big brother’s regulation. So what that means is that I and you can buy stocks on the stock market but we cannot invest in businesses before they even get on the stock market. So the credit investor has that certain type of qualification before they can invest in where the rich invest, now if you don’t believe me just listen to Rich dad, Poor dad; he talks about in that book.

Now what crypto currencies has a lot to do, many people has not figured this out is that has a lot to do with 3 things that I’m going to talk about.

The first thing is it allows, me and you, anyone to buy assets or investments or companies that before, we didn’t have a chance to look at these assets, only the wealthy, only the accredited investors are allowed to do that. Why is that important? Because there’s opportunity out there that may have lower risk and way bigger return that I could invest in or you can invest in, or that opportunity can have more risk but also bigger rewards, where the average person can only invest in stocks. So number one is it allows anyone to invest into businesses or coins, tokens etc. of companies that you were not allowed to invest in these things. I think this is very important because these credited investors get the best investment deals so they’re the one that puts the money on, then it goes public and then you and I will buy into it if we decided to invest in stocks.

The other thing I want you to think about is that the money to come in is very low; for example, if you want to buy let’s say in this one company called Lite coins they just came out with a system called Lite pay which is going to give maxi card, give Visa give all these credit card processing companies if you have a business, a run for their money because most of these credit card processing companies charge 3 or 4% depends on if the card is present, or the card is not there and so on. With Lite pay, what they’re doing is they’re going to charge 1%, all these great benefits so they get a run for their money and I can invest in lite coin for $1 or $2 or $10 or $10,000 whatever I want, it’s my choice so crypto currency has empowered me to say “I can only do a dollar, I can only do fifty cents, I can do ten thousand, I can do a million bucks” where before, only accredited investors can invest in these assets which is point number one and then point number two, they would dump significant amount of money into it; where today, crypto currencies allow me to invest the same exact private business that accredited investors got to invest in, point number one, but also allows me to put whatever my budget is. So if my budget is only a dollar, I will invest that dollar. If my budget is one thousand, then I’ll invest that one thousand. If my budget is ten thousand, then I’ll invest that ten thousand and so on. Why is this important? Because it allows me to get into a game of for example high risk, high return like lite coins or lite pay for just a couple of dollars. Just the other day I bought some dingle bite, I don’t know if I pronounced it right but it’s a coming block chain in just about a hundred and sixty coins for just like $20 or something, right now it’s less than a dollar but if the thing hits and it goes to $5, I just multiply my money significantly, but if goes down to zero, I didn’t lose that much money because I only invested so little of my money, but the potential return is expediential; and I can’t get that in stocks, I can’t get that in real estate in couple of months or year, I have to wait 7, 10 to 15 years. I’m a high believer of real estate investing, the reason why I’m doing a lot of crypto currency is because the market just crashed, it’s a new technology and I think it’s going to be the future which brings me to point number 3 guys.

Point number three is very important, so point number one and two is about making money, it’s about the ego, it’s about me, me, me or about you, you, you and your pocket book, but point number three is where we all come together as human beings around the world and help out in inventions and creativity and imagination, because a lot of small businesses, innovators or idea people never get the fund for the credit investor, fund their ideas, fund their projects. Now a guy has great idea let’s say before Tesla was out; some guy has an idea about electric cars and if he was able to tokenize it and sell it on the exchange, I can buy like a dollar, you can buy fifty cents, she can buy $10,000, whatever and we can help this individual grow their business and help the earth, help us save gas on our bills, so what I’m saying in point number three is crypto currencies allow the people that are creative and fuel their ideas without big brother regulation; which when there is no regulation there is no wild, wild west, yes there is risk but also a lot of creativity, people are able to do and be their dreams without big brother making them jump to so many hoops that only benefits the bigger companies. You and me can’t invest in a big gold mine, let’s say business idea because we are not accredited investors, only the rich were able to, and what crypto currencies allow us to do is allow me to invest, allow you to invest to them. Its kind like before there was book publications, only the rich has access to wolf of ideas, the poor and average person can’t get that. some body revolutionized the copy printer, the presser and then more people got that and then we got into the age where you don’t have to print it, anyone can write books, anyone can buy books, they’re getting more free so what crypto currency is doing is allowing point number three, the evolution of human being to have better earth, better love, better connections because there’s a lot of great people just in their closets and they great idea and now they can just get other people to believe and their idea and fund them without taking it from privates and IPO all that hoops and regulations that you have to go through, they can take your idea.

Sure it can be risky that idea can fail but also that idea can go up and also that idea can help your life, your kid’s life, your kids’ grandkids’ life and there’s a lot of great ideas of entrepreneur in this section that I believe that crypto currency is going to allow them to have funds without them going into debts, have funds where credit investors wouldn’t invest because all they care about is IRI. As an individual, if I see an idea here, maybe I can make a lot of money but I believe in it, so I’m going to put my money into it, I don’t care, I’m going to put my money in here. Where credit investor or big corporation, they’re not going to do that, all they think about and benefit about is the machine growing money, they don’t care about if you lose your job or you lose your job, they don’t care about that, all they care about is the return of their investment. And what crypto currencies allow me to do is say “look man I believe in this company called Tesla, I believe in this company here that tries to go against master card, Visa, with Lite coin, you know what I’m going to put my money in here, I watched it on YouTube, I believe in him, I will put money here” to summarize it up, I think crypto currency and block chain is going to be the future not only in money but also in freedom, freedom from being educated like the book press, freedom from the internet where we have information where you can just Google it instantly. So same thing is going to happen with crypto currency, I don’t think this is something that’s going to go away, block chain technologies, I don’t think it’s going to go away, now there’s a hyped up right now but I’d do that if I see great ideas from entrepreneurship, all the way down to real estate, all the way down to currency all the way down to central banks using crypto currencies and that’s why I’m doing these videos for you.

To summarize it up, crypto currency allow the average person to get into the game, first of all that you can never show up before because you were not invited because you not accredited or you are not rich. Two, it allows you to invest to whatever money you got, you got 5 bucks you got a dollar, you got ten thousand, you got a million, whatever, you can invest that, you don’t need to have a certain budget before you can get to it not like gambling that it’s only 10 bucks a hand and if you don’t got 10 bucks you can’t join them. And the third thing to summarize that is you as a person can invest into companies that you find in your heart that are going to help the world and you don’t have to wait for those companies to go to the process of angel investors and accredited investors and then go to public before you invest into them and you get in the ground zero. Is there a risk? Absolutely guys, that’s the great thing about the wild west, there is risk, and some of us are trained from the institution like the school system, colleges to go work as adults and give our money to someone and let them baby sit; I don’t get that, if you’re an adult and got some money, why shouldn’t you be adult to grow your money, why do you have to give it to fidelity, why do you have to give it to X or Y or Z, I don’t understand that, it doesn’t make sense that you make some money and you got to pay some guy that making $20 an hour $15 an hour, doesn’t have investment, doesn’t have real estate, he just have a job telling you how you should invest your money, it doesn’t make any sense. So I don’t need a bunch of regulations to tell me how I should do my business these regulations only help the big companies that are in benefit with the regulators and so on and it’s not a free enterprise, I think that capitalism, true capitalism, you can’t have these regulations, that’s how these big companies are on the way, so I am happy that we have crypto currencies, I’m happy that the government is not cracking out on them, I’m happy that I’m able to get into entrepreneur at the first level not that I can invest to technology and I can read about them, look into YouTube and do my due diligence and get into them if I believe into them, now can I lose my money? Absolutely, can I lose all of them? Absolutely that’s why I only invest amount of money that I don’t care if I lose guys, investing is risky, don’t take no for an answer. Thanks guys, I appreciate the love, don’t take no for an answer, chase your dream, you leave on the best country ever and you’re alive, you got to be grateful. You’re alive and you live in America. There’s some people in the hospital right now, and if you don’t believe me drive to your local hospital, take some food and just show up and just give somebody because somebody is in the hospital bed right now wishing they were in your shoes.

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