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Communicate in the same media as your client original Lead for high ROI

Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and a quick tip that is going to make you a lot of money if you’re in the sales business like being an investor or a realtor or even a business owner is that whatever way your customer reaches out to you, you need to use the exact same medium to reach back out to them. Let me explain this. In my business my moving company I have sales rep and you know when I monitor them, I see a lot of time for example that a customer might text them and then my sales rep the first thing they do, they want to pick up the phone and call the customer. And if I am monitoring them, I am going to say “Hey Bob, don’t do that Bob”.

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What I want you to do is reply back in the text to the customer. The reason is you want to use the exact same medium to communicate with your customer, because that’s the way your customer feels most comfortable with. For example, if your customer emails you and wants more information, you need to go ahead and communicate with them through email with general information. When it’s time to close, then you want to go out there and pitch to them depends on what kind of business you’re in. For example, in my DOJO, my Smart-Coaching, I don’t talk to any of my students, I expect them to go online, submit the lead, fill out the agreement, send it back, pay their $1500 enrollment fee if they are a non-member or their $1000 enrollment fee if they are a member and take all that risk before even talking to me, because I need to make sure they already have in their mind, that they are willing to do whatever it takes, they are willing to take risks and they have the confidence in themselves to say “Hey, I see Mike, I know that he is doing the right thing, therefore I am going to go ahead and invest in myself.

I don’t need a sell, I don’t need somebody to pitch me, convince me of how good America is or how good business is or how good real estate can be, instead of working in a cubicle”. In that sense I don’t even communicate with my customers. If they send me a lead, I will just send them a pre-recorded message that I made for them and send it to them, because i want them to go ahead and have enough confidence in themselves to take that leap of faith. You need that leap of faith to be an entrepreneur. If somebody texts then I have my sales rep actually text them back, if they email, I have them email back. But when it’s time to do the closing, I will train them to go ahead and physically reach out to them. So for example, if you’re a real estate investor and the customer wants to get a free cash offer on their home and they are texting you, start texting them first, okay. Build that rapport, build that communication with them, so that they feel comfortable and then say “Hey bob, Joe I am going to give you a call, because my thumbs are starting to hurt” or something like that. If you are emailing them, it’s the same exact way.

So simply put, gang, communicate with the same channel that the customer communicated to you with originally to build rapport, especially if they are a new customer, because that’s how they feel comfortable. Some people don’t like to get on the phone, some people just like to text message, some people just like to email, some people just like to write a letter. Whatever it is, communicate with them in that channel, so that you build enough rapport before you go out there and actually reach out to them over the phone. Does that make sense, gang? Cause some customers don’t like that. This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, don’t take no for an answer, this is America, the best country ever. Go out there and hustle and bustle. See you later gang!

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