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SELLER FINANCING COLD CALLING: “19 Second-Rule” Turns Leads Into Cash

COLD CALLING: “19-Second-Rule” turns leads into CASH! 

 Learn how to cold call successfully

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Hi gang, this is Michael MyRealEstateDOJO, in today’s lessons about cold calling in the first 15 – 19 seconds of the call. What I notice is that, many years of cold calling ,is that your first 15 seconds your first 19 seconds of a call is going to determine if the seller is going to listen to you or if the seller is going to say “Hey, this person is a telemarketer, this person is a spammer, no thank you” 

So again, the first 19 – 15 seconds of conversation is going to be if you get your foot into the door. So it’s very very crucial that you have a way to get that seller’s attention in the first 15 to 19 seconds. Right, so what does that mean? that means that you should not start a conversation like “hey my name is Mike with Mr Investor” see ‘cause right off the bat you sound like a telemarketer, you sound like a spammer, you sound like somebody I want to say “no! Stop fucking calling me” and hang up the phone. You don’t want to be like that, okay. 

What I like to do is, what I teach my students and my call centre people, two things, number one, let’s just say three things, let me add you to the third secret, I didn’t want to tell you about how to go-ahead and tell you. Number one, when you talk to a seller right off the bat, you want to let them ask them questions. If I’m cold calling, I’m going to say the guy picks up the phone and says “hello” I say “Hey this is Mike, I’m interested in your house, I saw it online, is it still for sale?” see right off the bat I let them know why I’m calling “I’m really interested in it and is it still for sale?” because I’m now getting the seller to talk to me the. 

Second thing is, you want to have something private that you disclose to the seller, for example on my moving company dr. mood, when I have my sale people call the leads or cold call, if it’s the leads, I always have them say “hey I’m calling regarding your move on April the 24th from this address to that address” and the reason I have them ask a private question or telling something private is because it makes the seller or the customer say “what?” start listening to you because they’re thinking “how to help this person know this information?” okay. So the tip number two is try to find something private that not everybody's going to know, maybe their address and you’re an investor, maybe their moving date if you’re in the moving business, something that not everybody knows, if you can’t, not always you can but if you can’t, it’s good to bring that up because you mix the customer or your seller your buyer whoever on the other phone get curious like “who the hell is this that he knows this information about me” it could be like your last name, okay. 

And the number three, which is the most important part, is that you got to have a hook it’s what I call a hook and your hook is divided into two parts. Part number one is what is the benefit for the seller? Okay in your hook. And part number two is how are you going to solve their problem with your benefit? okay so let me give you the example, my real estate company plugin realty when I trained my call people to do call calling let’s say they expires one of the hooks that we have is that we say “hey I’m guaranteed to sell your home in 29 days for top dollars or I’ll work for free” see that hook is very short it tells the seller exactly what we do how were going to solve the problem and the benefit if we can’t solve their problems 29 days I will work for free then I have to pay is a dollar. 

So that hook is so short but it delivers the whole idea because on plugin realty, we have a program that we sell people seller’s homes for 29 days if we can’t sell their home in 29 days my Realtors work for free. The seller doesn’t have to pay us a dollar and that’s how confident we are in our services because we go the extra fucking mile so that hook is so powerful it’s so short, so in a nutshell, you have to practice your hook, it has to be benefit to the seller to your customer okay, and how you going to solve that problem and what’s going to make you different than any other person, all that three things needs to be in that hook. 

Now the hook is not like both, we’ve been in business for 20 years, that’s not a hook, there is no me me me me, In a hook, there is no me me me me. You’re not talking about “hey you know we’ve been in business for such a long time. We give you great service” though it’s not about that. A hook is like about something that’s going to get your customer hooked in like a fish that’s going to draw them in okay. I want to listen to you. 

So if you combine these three things I just talked to you about which is number one, ask him a question and that verse 15 to 19 second, somehow you have to ask you a question somehow you got to disclose something private that nobody else knows or very few people know and you got a didn’t deliver your hook. Alright, and many people fail in couponing because they don’t capture the sellers attention in the first 15 to 19 seconds they’re saying shit like “hey this is Michael with Plugin Realty you know I like to list your home” or they say shit likened “this is Michael plugin Realty you know I’ve been business for so many years we’ve been in business days, we do did…” the seller doesn’t give a rats as the seller only cares about themselves and so your hook and your question, should be things, that the seller cares about now. 

What the fuck you care about not that you want to make money not that you're so cool that’s not that because you've been in business so long, the subtle don’t give a fuck about, that your customers don’t give a fuck about that my dad ever fuck about is what the fuck you're going to do for them, and if you’re only caring about the money, you know, you're going to make the money, the seller knows that and they’re not going to go with you guys. so simply put pay attention your first 15 to 19 seconds, is going to allow you to get your customer and remember guys when you’re doing cool calling, there’s no way in hell you’re going to talk to a seller over the phone and then give them a cash offer and get the deal right there in there. 

if you’re a realtor there’s no way in hell you’re going to call a real seller off the expired and get a listing right off the phone the first time you call, come on, get with the program, you’re not selling candy you’re not selling pizza, okay these are complex sales. So you got to know that you’re not going to make these’ll in the fucking first call you got to know that, for example, when we’re trying to do 29 day sold guarantee program for fucking Realty, our only mission is to build rapport with the seller and give them stuff, like hey let me give you a free home value report so you know what the price of your home is in today’s market, let me give you, okay. It’s not about me me me me me me me. 

So when you make these calls, you’re cold calling, know that you got to give them something, it’s not about you you you you, and you making sales, what can you do for them, the more you can do for them, the more report you can build for them, that’s how you get deals, that’s how you get cold calling. Alright gang, don’t take no for answer, everybody and their mama wants to tell you, you can’t do some shit, even maybe your own mama tells you can’t do some shit” that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, that just means they live in fear, I mean just me and you live in the best country ever America. 

There’s people that are dying to come here, they’re crossing the border, to taking oceans, they’re swimming over here me and your already fucking here, and then I know you hear on TV need money to make money Yourdon need no fucking money all you need is burning desire, creativity, hunger, You don’t need no fucking bank, you don’t need somebody to give you a loan, I hear all the fucking time people tell me I can’t do this, I got no fucking money. I can’t do this, I got I got a full-time job” well fuck that, you’re watching fucking TV, turn that shit off, you’re going to football game, fuck that! read a fucking book, go shadow somebody, work for fucking free, and the problem is when I used to be broke, I feel like people you should give me something, you do this, you pay me then I do  the service.

But the truth of the fact is, if you want to go somewhere, you better give somebody something like right now I’m giving you guys my fucking trade seekers make videos with you guys. I’m not expecting nothing from it, eventually I’m going to get everything owed to me exponentially just like Napoleon Hill said so I know that the speed that I planned today, you don’t have to buy my coaching, you don’t have to buy shit from me, somebody else is going to call me just like month ago, somebody from California call me today, I want you get in our show to do fix and flips, I turned them down because I don’t do fix some flips but what I’m trying to tell you guys is if you plant these fucking seeds, if you use more than your fucking paid for, if you’re willing to work for fucking free, big deal if she’s going to come, you don’t have to worry about begging for money, you’re not worried about the fucking money, it’s just going to come to you, I don’t know how this shit works it’s called long attraction, but it does work. And I’m the only one to sing this you can go look read book after book after book after book after successful people. 

So the point of the story is stop fucking bitching. Turn that fucking TV off rough the football fuck the Mavericks fuck whatever it is fourteen, because the guys you're watching the sport your ass on the fuck you field chasing their fucking dream.  And what you’re doing is, sitting on the fucking couch while watching, you didn’t chase your dreams and my recommendation to you is, fuck that, get off the fucking couch and chase your own dreams you let the best country ever America there’s no fucking reason why you got to be in debt, then there’s no reason why I work for the fucking man, none, there’s no reason why you can’t go hang out with your kids’ soccer football because you got fucking work to do. 

So don’t take no for answer, if you really want it, know your living in the best country ever and there’s no fucking excuse. Yes it will take hard work, yes well take sacrifice, yes well take discipline just going to take creativity, but all these things are fucking free they don’t cost you a fucking dime, so get off your fucking ass if you’re hungry and make it happen for yourself ‘cause you’re at best country ever. 

Me and my family had immigrated here, didn’t speak the language, live on fucking food stamps so if we  can do it, goddamn I know you can do it, because he knows more people than, know you ,speak better English than I do, you write better, you feel better, and go on and on while you’re better than me. But the only difference is I just don’t give up, I’m going to work the fucker, seven days a week, and sacrifice no matter what, and that the only difference man, hey I’m not smarter, so go out there and chase your  fucking dreams, it’s 2016, you at the best country ever, thanks man.

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