invest in your dreams, cut out time wasters and invest in your dreams

Can’t afford to invest in your Dreams? But you’re paying for TV-cable, Weekend-Drinks, Fun!

Gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is about all the students that keep asking me: ‘Mike, I can’t afford to come up with upfront money.

Mike, I can’t afford to invest in myself, to chase my dreams’. Guys, let me tell you one story. I was in high school and I was working at a gym called “Breakhouse Gym” and there was a bodybuilder there, he was the owner’s friend (of the gym).

This guy was huge, he knew a lot about fitness, so that the with the owner of the gym, they used to work out together. One day I build enough courage to ask this guy, let me remind you I was in high school ‘Hey, buddy! I want to fucking work out with you’. This guy told me ‘Hey, I’ll take you in. I like you.

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Here’s the catch- it’s going to cost 100 bucks a week’. So it was going to cost me $400 a month. Let me remind you guys, I was in high school and $400 was extremely a lot of money for me. But at the same time it was extremely cheap, because most personal trainers at the time charged $65 an hour.

Getting a hundred bucks a week, working with the gentlemen 5 days a week was a hell of a deal, but it was a lot of money for me, because I was in high school. The other thing that kind of made me mad was that this guy, his name was Dugg, he was rich. He was driving a brand-new Vyper. He had a company and I didn’t understand why this guy didn’t want to help me out. Even though I felt a little hurt, I really wanted to work out with this guy, because body building had changed my life.

It helped me go on a better path than what I was doing. It helped me excel in school, it helped me excel in motivation. I just had to figure out what I was going to do, how I would be able to come up with a hundred bucks a week to work out with this guy. So guys I started fucking washing cars. I start cutting grass. I start doing whatever the fuck I have to, to be able to come up with the hundred bucks a week to go train with this motherfucker Dugg. Guys, when I trained with this motherfucker Dugg, he fucking killed me.

I would take a trashcan and throw up: leg day, back day, all fucking day. Let me tell you, I was in high school and in high school I wasn’t really a good kid. I didn’t have my mind right. Because of working out, because of this gentlemen right here. He taught me so much: love and passion and discipline, including that I wanted to get a degree in college.

I went from being a C/D, no actually just a C student, to an A student. I started learning and loved reading books. The point of the story is, for you students that hit me up and say: ‘Hey, Mike, I can’t afford it’. You don’t want it bad enough. You’re just talking the talk. A lot of mother fuckers hit me up and say ‘I am so good in sales, I am so good at this. I know how to do this, but I don’t have a thousand bucks’.

Well, my friend, you are not good in sales. If you are, you’re fucking lazy mother fucker, because you are not willing to go out there in the greatest country called America and be able to create yourself some fucking change and to be able to make it. There’s even been some students, who have hit me up, I am not going to mention your fucking name.

Let me give you an example of this motherfucker. Hits me up, says: ‘I don’t have the money to invest in myself’. I feel sorry for this guys, so I tell him: ‘I’ll give you a fucking job’. Then this motherfucker doesn’t show up and then goes and tells me and badmouths my company, because he didn’t want to show up and earn money. He said he didn’t believe in my company, because I have a couple bad reviews.

This motherfucker that has no money tells me he is a photographer, he is an actor, he is good in sales, but the truth is, motherfucker, you haven’t got a thousand bucks, you haven’t got 500 bucks to invest in yourself, you isn’t good at nothing. You’re the type of motherfucker than jumps from one branch to the other branch and you’re all fucking talk. As a high school kid, I learned not to talk. If I don’t have the money, if I am really passionate about something, I am going to do whatever it is. I am going to cut grass, fucking wash people’s cars. I didn’t give a fuck.

I did whatever the fuck I could to come up with 400 bucks a month to go train with that guy and what that did for me guys was not only build character to be able to say what I am really passionate about and if I don’t have the money what can I do, use my creative imagination, to do it. And then actually go fucking do it. Then I get the money to actually pay this motherfucker to kill my ass, when I am throwing the fuck up. What that did for me was build my fucking character. Helped me go to college and become a fucking A student, where I am helping other students, because I am so good at this shit. And it taught me the importance of paying something for what you want.

For the long time I didn’t understand that point, until I started becoming a coach that all these motherfucker students that hit me up. They don’t have their mind right. They won’t do whatever the fuck is required to save some money. Just like the gentlemen I explained to you guys. He didn’t have the money and when I gave him the opportunity to go and work to come up with the money, motherfucker didn’t want to put the sweat into it.

Motherfucker came up with some bullshit excuses saying and reflecting that excuses instead of to him, reflected to me saying that my company has bad reviews and that’s why he didn’t feel like standing behind it and selling. Just two things, my friend, if you compare a business owner to a hall of famer, Beirut need to go to the baseball bat and strike out 7/10 times and its going to go to the hall of fame. Let me repeat that one more time.

So if Beirut get on the play and he hits the home run 3 times out of 10, so he fails 7 times, he is going to go down as being a fucking hall of famer. As a local small business owner, if you go to play fucking 10 times and if you hit a home run 9 times and you piss off one stupid ass customer, then you have bad reviews. So if you compare a bad business owner to a hall of famer, you will see that a business owner is a whole lot of scale that a fucking hall of famer, because there is nobody in the world that’s going to make every fucking customer happy, especially with customers with the same kind o mindset with my student that I just told you.

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And my other advice to my student is if you are an actor, just pursue that, don’t jump around. The grass isn’t greener. If you are a photographer and you haven’t made, don’t jump around. Stick with the fucking photography. If you’ve done real estate as a realtor or as a mortgage broker and you were unsuccessful, don’t jump to the next field, because, motherfucker, you don’t have what it takes mentally to keep pushing forward for your fucking dreams. What you do is jump around from X to Y to Z and you blame everybody except for your own fucking self. That’s why an immigrant like me comes to America, we don’t speak English, we don’t know left from right, we don’t have connections and we make.

The reason you fucking don’t is because you don’t have a right here, you look at the external and blame everything on them. Point the fucking finger at your own fucking self and ask why you haven’t done it. All the other fucking students, who want something for fucking free, you’re not going to get what you want, even if you live in the best country-America.

You’ve got to sacrifice, you’ve got to put up something. Talking about sacrifice, there’s so many of you hitting me up saying you don’t have the fucking money, but you gave cable, you have disk TV, you are spending money every weekend on booze and alcohol, you’re going out every fucking weekend. Well, motherfucker, turn that shit off and save that fucking money and invest it in your fucking goals.

I don’t have cable, I don’t have disk TV, I don’t fucking go out. I’ve got the money, but I’m grinding my dreams, I don’t have time for that shit. I don’t watch the Super Bowl, I don’t watch any baseball events and if you fucking do, then it’s because you haven’t  got the motherfucking money. Get your mindset right, gang.

This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, take the fucking finger and point it at yourself. It’s not the world that’s against you, it’s your own fucking mind against yourself.

Don’t listen to your ego, see you later, gang!

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