Bandit Sign:  The Best Bandit Signs to Market Your Real Estate Investors Business

Bandit Sign: The Best Bandit Signs to Market Your Real Estate Investors Business

Bandit Sign: The Best Bandit Signs to Market Your Real Estate Investors Business

What bandit signs and how should you use your bandit signs to get a max amount of money for your real estate business? It doesn’t matter if you’re a realtor or you’re a real estate investor. Okay, let me recap it one more time.

Today’s lesson is about bandit signs and what is the best bandit sign that you can get the most amount of leads generation for your business so you can buy a house for big discount, or you can get rental property or fix and flips via owner financing guys. Now everybody always asked me, Mike do you like bandit signs? I love bandit signs, just a couple of weeks ago I did a video about how 2017 is not the best time to use bandit signs. If you do use bandit signs you have to be like a transformer, you have to use two or three different modules. For example, you have to use bandit sign, you have to use Facebook retargeting and then you have to use what I call my PLM massive mailing system where, when this people start calling you, you start retargeting them and you start mailing after them. So it’s going to have to be three part process to get the maximum amount of lease from your bandit signs. Because even though there are cheap ways to advertise, it still costs you money. So if some of you guys are saying “Mike, what is a bandit sign?” okay, this is the bandit sign right here, okay guys, this bandit sign, it says “behind on payments? I’ll buy your house” and here is a phone number. And if you call this number, it’s a pre-recorded message that tells the customer, what do I do so they don’t think that I’m a retail buyer, or they don’t think you know, I’m a realtor.

Now, this video is about how you get to use the best bandit sign you get the most leads, and so what I want to talk about is that, if you want to get the best results, you have to use two types of bandit signs. Handwritten bandit signs and professionally made bandit signs. And you have to use the combination of both. The reason is, that some people will not call you if doesn’t look professional like this, that’s how they are. Other people are not going to call you if it looks professional, like that. But they will call you if it is hand written. So if you want to get the best results, from nine years of doing bandit signs, I’ve learned that you have to use the combination of professionally and handwritten ugly. And you’ll be wondered why some people will call you from this, while other people will call you from this. I can’t figure it out, just how people are guys. So the point number 1 is that, bandit signs need to have two folds, handwritten and professional. If you’re not doing both, you are losing fifty percent of the market. Because fifty percent of people will not call you if you don’t know how to professional and fifty percent will not call you if you have it hand written. So if you’re doing just hand written, just know that if you are not getting a lot of leads, it’s because you’re only getting fifty percent of the population that were motivated that they’re going to call you. Now, let’s talk about the most important part of the bandit signs. Many of us, when we do bandit signs, we just do bandit signs that says “we buy houses” and out of the bandit signs that I do, let’s say if I was doing two hundred, I would only have ten percent that says “we buy houses”. Because it is s generic, so generic and you’re not going to get the same kind of results. Some people will call this, but not everybody. The other ninety percent of my bandit signs are going to be what I called, sniper rifle, where I called FC formula. You focus, and you cut. What do I mean by that, in this bandit sign here, if you’re driving and it says “divorce” see this? “I’ll buy your house”. So this is what I call sniper rifle approach. I’ve done the FC formula, I focused and I cut. So, on this one, when somebody is driving and they see this and they’re going through divorce, they’re more likely to call this number. Versus one that says “we buy houses”, even though both people are in the same situation, they want to sell their home or they’re motivated, they want to well they’re home, they may not. If I’m going through a divorce and I’m driving by, and I stop at a stop light, somebody says we buy houses; I may not connect the dots. I’m going through a divorce, but I’m not connecting the dots on this one. So I may not get to call you on this one. But if I’m going the same exact road, I’m sitting at the same exact light, I’m going through a divorce, I see a sign that talks about divorces, guess what? I’m going to be more likely to call this one, the one that says generically made we buy houses. Same thing with this guys, it says “behind on payments?” here it says we buy houses, I mean, this can be anybody.

Anybody that wants to sell a home with a realtor may think this may fit with them. Somebody say behind on payment may fit for them, somebody says go through a divorce may fit for them, but the point of the story is, it is so generic that most people are not going to relate to you. Where this one, it says “behind on payments” I’m driving on the road, if I am personally behind on my payments on my house, I will call you. If I’m not behind on my payments, I just want to sold my house to a realtor; I’m not going to call this number. And the great thing is, I don’t want all these people that want to list with the realtor to call me either. Because it’s going to suck a lot of my resources, my VA’s resources. We don’t have time for that. What we’re looking for is a specific type of audience, a motivated seller. I’m looking to buy houses from only motivated sellers. I’m not looking to buy a house for some investors, I’m not looking to buy a house for realtors, I’m not looking to buy houses for people that are not motivated dude, my target are audience with this sign says if you’re behind on payments, you call me, because I specialize in behind in payments. This one says if you’re going through a divorce, you call me. This one says we buy houses. It just says, hey I’m so generic that I could wipe my own ass. Again, do I believe in we buy houses? Yes, but if I was going to do two hundred signs, I would only have maybe like ten or twenty we buy houses.

Your remaining are very targeted to like divorces, like behind on payments, and there’s so many other situations out there guys that you can tailor. If you don’t have any ideas what to get into, you need to get into my insider’s club guys, my mastermind. I’m going to be starting this up, and it’s going to be ninety seven bucks and we’ll meet once a week, to help you and your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a realtor, you’re a real estate investor or you’re just an entrepreneur, you need to get into my mastermind. It’s going to be ninety seven bucks. If you’re interested, pm me, leave a comment. I haven’t launched that, but I have been working on it. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to meet on a weekly basis and come out with information to help you succeed on your business just like I’m doing right now.

Let me show you some more other signs that I have.

Once again, see how this says stop foreclosure? So, as you can see, there’s basically three or four, five pools that I really love to deal with, and one of the pools that I like to deal with is, behind on their payments, because there’s a lot of motivation here. I’m a master of subject to – I’m a master of getting deals owner financing, I’m a master of not going to banks and the way to do that is to deal with motivated sellers. And so, my marketing is just targeted for motivated sellers, in this case, behind on payments, I stop foreclosure, in this case divorce. I help you out guys. In this case, the same exact behind on payments. Now there’s a couple of other target areas that I do have but if you want to get to my mastermind, I’ll share that with you, but this is all I could give out for free for you. I know a lot of people are not even doing this. They want you go into a cell phone, to give you this kind of information guys. Let’s kind of summarize it up, but before I do, I also want to talk about that I do have Spanish bandit signs. And these work really great. So let’s say you’re Arabic, or let’s say you’re Indian or you speak Urdu or you’re Iranian, you speak Farsi, right? Then what you are going to do is, translate the stuff on your language and hit out those target areas, of those farm areas where people of your culture live. Right, so if I was Hispanic, I’m not Hispanic but I do put Hispanic signs out guys. Because there’s the sector of community, they’re not going to call somebody that has English. They’re just not going to do that. They just feel more comfortable dealing with people on their own language, their first language. One thing that makes me have more advantage in my American competitors is that, I can speak multiple languages. And I have signs in multiple languages, and I go target different areas. If there’s an Indian area with bunch of Indian and Pakistani people that I’m going to be writing in or do. If there’s an area with Iranian people, like California, like Westwood, then I’m going to be writing in Iranian dude. If I’m going to a Mexican part time, Latino part time, I’m going to write in spanish. Because the other competitors are not going to be able to have the skills that I have.

So to summarize it up guy, three points. Number one is to get the best bang for your advertisement guys, you need to have a hand written like this, and a professional. Because fifty percent of the market are not going to call you with a hand written, and the other fifty percent are not going to call you with this. So you need to have both of them working for you. That’s point number one.

Point number two is, you need to make sure you’re not just coming generic like “hey I’ll buy your house or we buy house” stuff. Because everybody and their mama is doing that. What you have to do is learn to do what I call the sniper rifle approach, because zoom in, and you’re targeting your audience you know your ideas like divorce, like stop foreclosure, behind on payments, and etcetera.

Point number three is if you speak a different language, you’ve got to use that for an advantage. For example, you can write in different languages. I’m not going to put this in a place where there are all white people. That doesn’t make any sense. But if there’s an area with a lot of Hispanic people and I want to buy houses there, and guess what, I’m going to use this. I’m not going to use this, right? I mean if you are a Hispanic guy, Hispanic person, who are you going to call? If you are just deep down rooted, you’re probably going to call this one versus this guy dude,

To summarize it up guys, bandit signs are very powerful. Now, they’re not legal in every county, in every state. But if you go to my real estate dojo, I have a vlog where I show you my hack. How to get bandit signs legal in specific areas. So, I’m not going to get into here, you got to go to Search under how to make bandit signs legal, and I have a video that I give you guys totally for free like everything else I do, I’m here to give you without any fluff and bluff how to get results. So bandit signs are not legal, I’ve gotten tickets for it. The last time I got a ticket for it cost me fifteen hundred bucks. But again, I just added to the cost doing business like if had to do Facebook ads or if I had to do Google site ads, or any other advertising. Door hanger, I just said you know that’s just the cost of doing business.

They do work; I don’t believe right now is the best time to do bandit signs, right now in 2017 because the market is so hot. But when the market crashes, this bandit signs are going to be like honey attracting flies now in 2007, these things will still work but are going to like transformer you have to like, plug in multiple different marketing into this. Like Facebook retargeting, like my PLM mailing system to combine it. So when you put this bandit sign out, people start calling you, you are going to use now two other marketing to constantly be in front of them and follow up with them. Where in 2007,2008,2009 you put this up and so many people will call you because reviews says the market was bad, the TV was saying the market is bad, everybody around the corner are saying the market is bad, the taxi drivers are saying the market is bad, the radio is saying the market is bad. So all the people have fear, and all the home sellers had fear. You would put one of these things out, and hundreds of people will call you. You didn’t have to do that much follow-up. Today, it’s a little different; everyone is saying the market is good, so if you use bandit signs by themselves, you may not get results like you use to do back in the days when the crash was there. But if you use mu tube hacks that I call my Facebook retargeting, what I call my PLM mailing system with this, and then you’re going to explode guys. If you like these videos and you thought these were helpful, share with one of your friends. Let’s get other people who have success as an entrepreneur. And please leave a comment and like. See you later gang, and don’t take no for an answer guys.

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