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How to make $100,000.00 in Autopilot with Autoresponder doing the hard work of Sales, Follow-up & Closing Emails

My Power Autoresponder Sale Strategy Can Boost Your Sales and Profits in Just 30-45 Days. Maybe Even 7 Days. If You Have Any Kind of “Real” Marketing or leads, I Guarantee it. Hereʼs How...

Hi Gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO, in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a secret where you’re going to be able to 25% – 75% increase your business. So again, I’m going to show you a trade secret that I’ve been using for quite a while that’s going to increase your business with a minimum 25% and the maximum 75%. Yes! You heard right. Now if you’re a real estate investor, there are basically 3 propellers, for you guys to do deals like this. Let me say that again, there are basically 3 propellers where you are going to have success, which I’m going to share with you right now. Number one is called lead generation, color number two is called conversion, and propeller number three is called your exit strategy. Now, you need to have these three propellers in place at all times for you to be able to just feel like this, so you guys have never done it, so if you guys have done one deal here and haven’t done one a couple for a couple of months, and another deal there, and I’m here to tell you if you want to continue skills like this, you have these three propellers to play. So let me go over one more time, the lead generation.

Download Now - Email Autoresponder Follow-up for real estate investors 


Download Now - Email Autoresponder Follow-up for real estate investors 


Discover How My Proven Real Estate Auto-Email-Series will not only do follow-up, but it will closes the deals for you, too!

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the idea of marketing getting traffic and having them cement their information to you or having your buyers, or this case, a real estate seller to reach out to you, for your website, emailing you, whatever okay. So that’s lead generation, now when you go and shop online or on Facebook or on YouTube, you’re going to notice that majority of the gurus are teaching you guys on how to do lead generation. The majority of the gurus that will teach you how to do the exit strategy but there’s a very very very small amount of people talking about the conversion, okay. Now I talked about lead generation, now, let’s talk about the conversion. The conversion part is once you did the advertisement and you get the traffic and somebody reaches out to you through an email or to a lead then you have the phase called the conversion where you have to follow up with the seller, you have to send them letters and emails, send them postcards etc. for them to convert. 

And I would say about 75% of my students fell, maybe including you; fell in this part of the conversion part. Many people don’t know how to get leads but that’s a small percent of people. A lot of other people are generating shitloads of leads, but they’re not converting it, because there’s really nobody teaching you how to convert it, and that’s why come to tutorial guys. Number 2 propellers are called conversion, once you get the traffic, once you get the lead, what you should do? And what should you not? do over a long period of time to get your web traffic, to get your lead and have him turn it into a profit for you, and step number three which is a lot of seminars and courses out there, talks about  your exit strategy, for example, if you’re a whole seller, you know, once you do the advertising, once you put it on the contract and do the conversion hard footage exit strategy, are you going to sell it to a retail buyer, are you going to sell it  a cash investor, etc. it doesn’t matter if you’re do a land lording, if you’re a fix and upper, if you’re a home seller the exit strategy is this exit strategy just differentiates from what kind of investor you are.


So now I talked about the three propellers for success, as a real estate investor. Now before I go and pull the curtains, I’ll show you exactly how you can make 25% or 75% of increase in your profits without spending any extra money. I want to tell you a little about me you guys. You know I’m a refugee to America, my parents were both illiterate, right after college I decided to live in my car with a hundred bucks and I bootstrap my business, for many of you who don’t know what bootstrapping is, that means that I started business, I pulled myself together, I decided to live in my car and let go of all these luxurious things that I may have which were not much and pursue my dreams. I never borrowed money from a bank, I never went to a lender, never borrowed money from a credit card, never borrowed money for my friends and family, had never had support. What I did is I close my eyes I use my imagination, hard work, creative thinking, which I’m going to show you right now those three ideas are just giving me, I’m going to show you how you can increase your business, 25% to 75% guys. 

So I came here as a refugee turned a hundred bucks into a multi-million dollar sales business, my moving companies, I own almost 14-15 years, from there I started buying real estate wherein investors were starting renting them out, and then I started a Real estate brokerage firm where I had brokers working under me, I had much older real estate agents, they were like my grandpa’s age or parent’s age, I started all this with a hundred bucks, never borrowing any money, never getting any debt and this is what I wanted to show you. 

Normally, I freestyle everything up and I’m still free styling today, but I said, to make sure, don’t want to miss a thing, I want to go through it in and make sure. I hope to get that 25% or 30% boost of sales, without spending the extra guys. Now what I always say to my students is that in real estate, cash is king guys. Everybody knows this, in real estate cashes king but follow is Queen, so again cash is king but follow up is definitely the queen. So follow up is so so important, now say its 75% of real estate investors, 75% of them are people work themselves in that industry, they don’t get deals because they don’t realize the power of follow up, they don’t have systems in place to do follow up and they think that when somebody says no, or that they’re not interested, that’s it, they’re not interested. Alright, so one of the most powerful follow up systems that I came across, from being a bootstrap entrepreneur, is called email follow up series. Now, some of you guys, may know, email responders where somebody sends you an email, you respond, there’s feedback and get to see what they offer, but that’s elementary stuff. 

What I’m talking about is like playing chess in the service, with my email series and what I’m gonna show you right now and what I recommend you putting in your business. Not only is it an email series which allows follow up, but it also does sales closing. So what I’m showing you does not only allow sales follow up but also sales closing, which means that when a lead comes in and you reach out to them, and you talk to them, you may not talk to them, sometimes calls by, that’s a seller reaching out to you and the company, without reaching out to them. And when they reach out to you, you don’t have to do any more sales because they’re raving.  

What is an automatic email series? And how can you use it and who can use it, okay. An automatic email series is kind of like a mini tour, a syllabus, okay. What they do is come, the first rule starts and then it’d take it a week, maybe a month, so they’re gonna tell you what to do every month, moving forward. Basically automatic mail series is the same exact same way, you’ve got pre-written content which you’re gonna send to your leads, buyers or sellers, overtime, to forwarding, and build rapport, and provide them with education, and content, and they see that, “hey they should do business with you”, okay. So simply put, an email auto series is basically, I don’t wanna say sales because it depends on how you engage the pre-written content for your audience, now that brings me to your audience, okay. How can you use it for example, the email series, okay. You can use this for, how I’ve used it okay, in my moving company, I’ve used it for customers, okay, for customer reviews, so that means when a customer comes in, we move them, step number 3 I put them into a couple of email series that sends them thanks for using my company, send them another email that says do follow us or send us an email through yelp or Google, so I send them as sort of like a customer appreciation and thanking my customers, that’s one way to use them, for reviews.  

But the real powerful way of using, what I’m really going to talk about today is about how to use email series for sales and closing, because a lot of you are like me, that I hate selling guys, so what I like to does provide so much value just like were you watching, that you are going to just come in and want to use me because I’m stepping up on with my best foot and I’m giving you free content and I’m gonna use the same exact philosophy with my home sellers, okay and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you guys to you so going back to the story, what is the email series? It’s basically a campaign that you have pre-configured for your audience and what I’m going to talk about is today your audiences to sell and close me okay. Alright so let me just make sure I didn’t skip anything.

 Alright so I talked about auto email series is, how can you use it in, let me give you another good example, and if you have a business, but you ask your customers the same questions over and over okay, for example on my moving business, when customer came to our website, and submitted lead or when they call over the phone, we would always ask the same exact question, what day are you moving sir? Where are you moving from? From where you moving to? Are you moving from your first floor you move into second? okay you can see these are like basically the same questions going to ask anybody, doesn’t matter who they are, if they are moving,  I’m going to ask them these pre-configured questions. 

Now let me talk about the investing part, same story happens, with investing again, when my seller calls me, I ask them in questionnaire form, which I highly recommend that you have it downloaded because it helps you negotiate a cash in owner financing without even letting the seller know you're doing all the stuff okay, but my questionnaire form is what I call a pre-configured questionnaire which I’m going to ask everybody, It doesn’t matter if your name is Julie or Sally. And so when a lead comes to my website, instead of me getting on my phone and talking to a seller, or paying my assistant to go talk to the seller, what I can do is send my email series,  asking some of those questions like “Hey, Mrs. Seller what is your address?” “how many square footage is this?” “Why do you want to sell?” etc. okay. So what I’m trying to explain to you guys is this auto email series is so important, it doesn’t matter if youre trying to collect information or if you’re trying to sell and close or  you are just going to do follow ups,  it all depends on how you configured your campaign, but it works from getting reviews all the way down to closing deals guys. So powerful that’s why I love it, guys. 

Okay now that brings me into, let me give you six or seven benefits of using auto email series guys and these are the reasons why I love it the most, Okay. Alright number one, I’ve already hit on this a lot, I’ve already explained you that if cash is king, follow up is queen. And 75% of people, 75% of the people I know in the industry, they don’t understand follow up, or leverage follow up, they don’t implement it or they forgot about it because they’re so busy doing stuff that doesn’t create money, instead of realizing that moneu is already in their lead they already captured, but they haven’t touched base with these sellers, they haven’t built enough rapport, they haven’t built enough authority, and that’s why they’re not closing deals, guys. 

So the very first benefit of the auto responder, is that follow up, follow up, follow up, okay and it makes follow up in auto-pilot, okay. For example, old school follow up is when you get lead and then you call the seller and give them an offer and after a week later you call them, in a month later you may call again, and sometimes a lot of investors can’t take to call up because the sellers told them there are not interested or the seller says I’m going to a different option, or even a seller may say “go fuck yourself, take me off the list” okay. So most investors say, okay I’m not going to call them anymore. With the auto mail series, you don’t have to deal with those kinds of rejections anymore, for you pre-configured emails and you just send it to the seller over and over in autopilot and that’s great thing just kind of like the teacher, once you make your syllabus you can put your foot up and relax because you already made the plan for the whole year. But unlike the teacher to have to go to a job, me and you as real estate investors we should go out here, because once I put up my automatic follow up system in place then I can go on vacation and when the leads come in its just going to work yourself dude and if people kind of think I actually talking to me there not its just - an email series guys so very powerful that is follow up made simple a - it’s an autopilot mode. You go on vacation guys. 

Alright let’s talk about benefit number two, this is a very important benefit, I love this one so much, okay.  With follow-up email series, there’s great, great shelf life. Some of you guys or gals, might not know what a shelf life is, that is let me explain it this when you do an advertisement lets say in Facebook when the ad runs, out nobody sees your ad anymore okay, or when you do advertisement on the radio, when the radio ad goes off the air, nobody knows your advertisements anymore, now if you do let’s say door-to-door fliers, sometimes you’ll pass out flyers and six months later a year later somebody going to call you from that flyer says, I got that flier on my door, I put it into my pocket, I put it on my refrigerator, and now I’m calling you guys. Now this might happen to you many times with piece of companies or food, you came home from work, you probably too it, put it on your refrigerator, month’s later you called, that’s called a shelf life. A lot of advertisements out, there they don’t have shelf life,  they have a horrible shelf life which means you’re constantly have to be feeding that stove with wood or with your own capital to keep that marketing engine running, with email marketing series, it has great shelf life guys. Like I said, you’re like the school teacher, you put up your time and build the syllabus once you put the syllabus into work, you go on vacation and the machines going to work by itself guys, so that is the power of having a long shelf life. 

But here’s the thing, let’s assume that your email series is over, let’s say you did a year campaign but the motivated sellers decide to sell their home a year and half down the line well they have your emails in their inbox all they have to do is just search it up, so that’s the very powerful thing about email marketing, especially with the series is you build authority you build that relationship and when your series is over, your campaign is over, that material is still in the sellers inbox, at any time you can go search for that stuff, learn more information about services, and reach out to you, which makes it a great marketing tool that’s for free or almost free guys.

Alright that brings me to point number three the benefit of email series, guys. I kind of hit up that email marketing series is what I call free or almost free marketing. Guys as a refugee with starting with 100 bucks, I am the master, I got my fucking black belt in creative marketing, that all I do okay. And you can’t get any more freer than this okay, once you write that email series content and you put the little sweat equity in there, you put into autopilot, then dude there’s no more, I mean it doesn’t cost any money more, it doesn’t cost any more sweat equity, and this autopilot is one of the very few things that you can get totally for free, and it’s called email marketing series which I’ve explained to you right now so point number three is that it’s for free or almost free. 

Okay so what you say well “Mike why is it almost a free?” well, some of us are not great writers or some ones we think were great writers but really don’t understand sales okays or we have to pay people to write for us, or we have to use like a mailing software like Webber or Mail Chimp to implement the some part but you don’t have to, you can do it for free one by one as well, but it’s easier to put into autopilot than just let it go by itself guys later okay. The benefit number four is that this marketing type brings you tremendous freaking huge profits guys and ladies, why? Because it’s for free and any customer you get out of it, it's going to be tremendous profits, and then if it brings you tremendous profits is because many people don’t understand the art of follow up and by using an email series, there going to get a jump of 25 to 75% of their business without putting any more money in marketing, okay. Now if you don’t have any leads coming in or you have no traffic this not going to work for you because the follow-up, you have to get the traffic first and then follow. 

Okay guys and ladies, right, so email marketing with the auto response series will save tremendous amount of time, ladies and gentlemen because normally when a lead comes in you and I have to sit there and call the people over and over okay, it takes a lot amount of time or we have to paint an assistant or virtual assistant or secretary with them to follow up with them which takes time and money, with this system that I’m showing you right now you just make it one time, you put into a mailing software, and it becomes autopilot ladies and gentleman, it just works by itself, so saves you thousands of dollars in time, labour, in your own time and you not to make all these stupid cold calls, and go to voice messages, wrong numbers, etc. guys. 

Alright the next point is one of the main reasons why I love this type of marketing follow series is because is what I call mailbox money. What that means is once you confess your sweat equity to build this content once you put it integrated into a mailing software, then you just sit back and you just get deals guys, I mean it’s like mailbox but it’s like buying rental properties. The very first investment, once you put it in there then you let it run, you sit back and collect rent checks guys. It’s not that hard so same thing happens with this auto email series once you implement it, once the emails come in, you are going out year after year okay guys, year after year. 

Alright now the very last benefit of email series is, and this is the very best benefit guys is that what I call the bank alert system, the bank alert system, what is that? well when you've been doing this as long as I have, you know that majority of customers or sellers that come it, they may be not motivated at that time, it may take 30 days become for them to become motivated, it may take 60 days for them to become motivated, it may take two years, three years to become motivated, okay and if you spend all that time and money in his you getting that seller to call you or supposedly but you’re not following up six months one year later then you’re not going to close the deal and your closing ratio is going to be said you’re spending a lot of money marketing, and you’re not closing any deals, so the bank alert system, my email marketing system document, I’m going to share with you, let you guys download it. okay, allows you to be in front of the seller over and over valuable content and not only build rapport, but makes you the authority in the industry and keeps dripping with the emails over and over that seller like a baked potato in the oven, says “I’m ready to be baked I’m ready to be baked! come buy a house!” and when that time happens you don’t have to call them, they're going to call you, because you’ve been using my email follow up series guys, you’re building rapport, building credibility, teaching them to position yourself as the expert, and once that alarm goes off of the sellers, like hey its time to get out of here, and you’re the first person they call guys, and this is what I call bank alert system and you’re not going to find out that with the other advertising out there like Facebook or Google because they don’t have the capacity to automatically make pre-configured emails over and over again. 

Alright now some people asking “Well Mike how much can I really increase myself in this business using auto responses” and I can honestly say, okay guys, you can increase your business sales 25 to 75% guys, if you don’t have a good follower system yet then you’re going to be on the 75%, if you have a good follow  up system but not over a long period of time, you might get only 25%. Now some of you guys are not full-time real-estate investors that you own businesses like you own a roofing company or you in construction business, trust me guys I use this exact system for my moving company, and all my other businesses, and all of them, I couldn’t believe that how much my moving company increased business and profits when I implemented this simple follow up email series guys. So it doesn’t matter want industry you in, by implementing what I’ve teached you guys. it will increase your business to a 25% – 75% guys, okay. 

Who can benefit from it? All realtors, all real estate investors, any business, anyone that is in sales, will definitely benefit from having prolong follow-up emails solution, when I say prolong, how long do I mean? you know that’s what  with my Mr. Investor, I do a 3 year subscription, somebody’s lead, there’s been deals that closed two years later,  when the guy submitted the lead, it took me two years later for them to be begged and for them to raise his hands and be like “I’m finally motivated” but if I didn’t have that follow up system, I would have missed that customer, and I’m not going to sit here and call everybody, every two years but I could send them by email, I can send them to text message, follow up system like I’m showing you right now. 

Alright let’s go to the next one, so the auto respond series, what will it not do for you? okay it’s not going to wash your dishes guys, it's not going to make you lose weight, it's definitely not going to take the trash out, okay this is not something like that, okay this is not something you can get rich quick scheme or make you lose a lot of weight, but this is a genuine amount of work that you have to put it you have to put a lot of work up in the front but the harvest yield is tremendous especially if you turn on the marketing funnel okay but for a lot of you guys ladies don’t know what to do for marketing check out my 42 videos on how to find motivated sellers for your most agree it doesn’t matter what industry you in you’re going to benefit from. I’ve used it on my moving companies to buying out those guys. 

Okay now we know what it’s not going to do for you guys, okay now just recently decided to give you my trade secrets to keep, you guys. So im gonna let you download my street tested, overseen eight years auto series but it’s just not a following series like everybody else is out there, my auto email series not only doesn’t do follow-up it also does sells, more importantly this is the best part, it does the closing for you guys, okay yeah, it does the closing for you, now I don’t want to  dive in and give you everything, that’s why you have to buy it and download just for a couple of bucks. 

Guys I’d really like to give it away for free, but it cost me a lot more money than what I’m selling it for them for. If you don’t believe me, if you ask someone to ask you to write you an email series, see what they’re going to charge you, They’re going to charge you down to more than thousands of dollars but the only problem is when you hire somebody to write it for you or what I hear all the time “oh well I can write myself or my cousins a good writer or you know” but the problem is there’s a lot of people that get right good, without a doubt, but the question is not if they can write good, but “can they sell?” and that’s what the problem is, there’s a lot of people can write beautifully how to do the ins and outs of the Ts but they don’t have any selling abilities, they don’t understand the formality of sales, they don’t understand that making sales is like a chess game, they have to be ten, twenty steps ahead and with my street proven email series that I want to share with guys, it’s been proven guys it works it provides valuable content to the seller, it makes the seller know that you’re the authority, it’s not one of those email series it says “me! me! me! me! buy from me! fight for me! buy for me!” No, it’s nothing like that guys, it adds value it teaches the seller and allows the seller to reach out to you in their own mind they’ve already closed the deal because you employed authority on him which allows you to put yourself so much further than your competition.

Okay so for a couple of bucks I’m going to download this for you guys and I’m losing money guys, I can sell the system for a thousand bucks, all day long, it’s proven, it works, it’s going to increase your business 25 to 75 percent okay but Im not doing that, I’m basically giving it away at a loss okay, a loss, because it cost me a lot of money, a lot of money, and development a lot of money, an advertisement a lot of money pushing it lot of money advertising it and overpaid a lot of good copywriters that actually knew how to fucking sell thousands of dollars to get this product for you guys ok. So with my product its very very simple, it’s going to only take you about 15 to maybe 90 minutes 15 minutes if you’re an expert on how to use computers, 90minutes if youre not an experts okay. With my product, all you do is copy and paste your content information, everything done for you, I mean everything, completely all you just put your contact information in there and your company website.

 Okay now it doesn’t matter if you're trying to wholesale doesn’t matter if you’re trying to buy houses subject to, you do owner financing, doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do raft, it doesn’t matter if youre trying to do fix and flip, my content has been for everybody you're going to get these leads and you're able to cherry pick the ones you want and the ones you don’t want you trash them where you could reach out to me and I’ll help whole sell them or you can hold some yourself it makes you little money way okay. Because you’ll be surprised with more conversions and again with my follow up email series, so to wrap it up so only going to take you 15 to 90minutes max it’s a very turnkey solution all you do is put your information in there, these ads are broken in two types when a seller calls, your elite is submitted, two things are going to happen you’re going to talk to them in over the phone or you reach out to them and you can’t talk to them, so I have an email series for both so if this lead comes in and you reach out to them you talk to them, you put them on this email series, if you reach out to them and it’s a voice message there’s a long number but the email is still good, and then you’re going to put them on the other follow-up series, and they're mostly thought-out like a master chess player, like I said it’s been eight years of development, is top notch I spent thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing, to get this tested , I’ve done AP tests, this thing works. It is a turnkey solution, you’re just going to put your information on there, turn on the marketing machine and just wait for people to call you when they call you, you’ll be amazed there ready to convert or ready to say “here’s the key to my property”

Guys okay let me see if I missed anything, all right, so what do you get? okay so you get my ninja tested email funnel okay and this model is good for about a year and there’s instructions that I tell you on that you can do to make it into three years very easily okay, and I’ll show you okay, the first thing you get is the email ads, the second thing you get is basically an audio training instruction where I can show you what should you do or shouldn’t do and how to turn this product into a year, I mean, three year subscription, follow, follow up, see okay guys, and the other thing that you get that killer subject lines of the emails and I know some people sell this the stuff but they don’t have the subject line. I have are killer subject lines that’s going to open rate, which allows them to actually read your content, then we charge you guys, okays simply put you don’t get the email ads, so non talk to, and talk to sellers on the phone, so get this video , the audio training options and you get the subject line guys. 

And again I can easily sell this for a thousand bucks per download, I’ve sold it for a thousand bucks but I’m going to give it to you guys for a couple of bucks and the reason I’m giving it to you is because I am very confident that you’re going to get great results, you know, and you gonna think to yourself in the end, “I got a lot of results just a couple of bucks and I imagine what Mike can do for me if I paid him for coaching, his upper level products, guys. so I’m just going to let you have it for a couple of bucks.

And before I go, what makes my product better than anybody else product, well the very first thing is I’m giving you the exact same thing that I use in my office. I’m not getting you a watered-down version of it, I know there’s a lot of guys out there that has a subscription base or they give you 100 bucks a month, they give you a website, but many other things, but those things don’t really convert, the only ones converting is the one who sold you that, his codes are selling, he’s making shitloads amount of money, he’s turning into subscription-based sucking you month after month. What I do is I’m giving you my product, just a couple of pennies, so you go out there and become successful and and I’m betting, I’m risking, I’m losing money, that is so good. Now to get the process of it, you're going to make money from it, then you invest that money back into coaching for you should get more. Now the other guys are sucking on subscription and the only one that’s closing deals is them and you’re stuck with the fucking monthly subscription and some generic follow-up email series that probably doesn’t work guys, and they only go back two or three months or six months of the max where was my system one easy twitch 

And I’m going to show you in my training audio, how to make it, for like three years of follow-up series guys, not guys and ladies, this is the best country, America some of you guys say well why do you have success and I don’t have success or some of you guys think all the grass is not green. Here let me tell you this guys, I’m a refugee to America and I’d escape my country to come to America, guys the grass is so fucking green here, you can start here without an education, you start here without having any connections, you can start without having any money, when I start out a hundred bucks living out of my car, guys, okay if you're willing to use your imagination, you're willing to use your heart, you’ll want to use hard fucking work, dude you could start something and have a million dollar business just look around, I believe in you, I make my series simple that all you have to do is copy and paste it and start making money and made it so simple even though it’s a very complex process is to help you to close deals because simplicity is the shit. 

I know guys have bought other people’s system and their system is like hundred bucks a month but it’s so complex is so confusing then they themselves don’t even fucking use it so what is the point of that? okay you know a lot of smart people before me have said that it takes a genius to make complex and make it so fucking simple, and I made it simple,  all you got is just copy and paste maybe just generate leads into that sell funnel you're going to increase your business 25% - 75% without doubt in my mind, I’m going to fucking risk getting basically given to you for free as a loss so you can make some money, so you know that my shit, is the shit, my stuff works, so you come back and buy the higher coaching products guys because I’m not here to sell you on dream I’m not here to book you on subscription base.

 I want to help you make shitload of moneys so you come and support me and do testimonial videos for me and I’m here to change your life, because the way I get ahead in life is by feeling good, I was saying that money don’t make me happy by happy makes me money, so if I feeling good because I helped you out and you reach out to me I’m going to make money guys and if you’re feeling good you're going to make claims and that’s why always say I believe in you you can do it fucking and say go hustle and bustle, don't take no for answer, if you like this video, go like, share, please comment, see you later gang.

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