9 golden ingredients success

9 Golden ingredients every investor must have to do MASSIVE Deals!

9 Golden ingredients every investor must have to do MASSIVE Deals!

Hey gang, this is mike with MyRealEstate DOJO and today I’m going to do a video about nine golden ingredients every investor must have to do massive deals. This is a very very crucial idea that i want to make sure you guys have is basically nine golden ingredients that every investor must have to do massive deals over and over. Tonight I’m free styling this but I like to keep some nine ideas down as you can see just four or five points, I don’t like to prepare myself. 

The very first thing that you must have to have massive amount of successes is what I call a positive mind set or Napoleon Hill set PMA. This is the crucial the most important thing, I think that is the most foundation of it all because you have to have that belief system, that the venture you’re going to take this trip you’re going to take you’re going to have success in it, if you feel like you know like the outcome of story, you’re going to go and find your goal, that the pyramid but you don’t think you’re going to find it then what’s the point of taking this trip ok. What is the point of making the pick up this phone and make them cold call if you think that on the other side, you’re not going to be able to get a deal, so crucial to have a positive amount of mind set PMA. 

Why I called it number one because it’s the foundation is your belief system that even though you have fear, even though there’s uncertainty out there on your journey, you know, you’re going to be successful as long as you do all this nine items that I’m telling you but you have that belief system because it’s so crucial that I don’t care how much education you have how much money you have you’re not going to be able to negotiate, you’re not going to portray that confidence into your seller if you personally don’t believe that you’re going to have success  you think you’re a failure so number one is PMA. Positive mind-set is the most important thing out of the gate if you want to have success. 

Now the second thing which lead from positive mind set into the second thing if you want to negotiate with motivated sellers this is the list for you and the second most important thing is building rapport with the seller and you can’t do that if you don’t have a positive mind-set for example if you don’t feel good inside Icon you get on the phone and pump that seller of positive energy how can this how can you hack in the seller the silicon sensed it you know you’re not upbeat, the seller can sense that you know you’re down or you don’t believe in your product or you don’t believe what you’re selling  so it’s very crucial. 

I’ve done tons of videos on my YouTube channel the Importance of building a rapport let me run down couple of reasons why building rapports is like fire to the caveman because building rapport allows you to negotiate owner financing with the sellers willing to carry their notes for you if they own the house clear if they don’t own the house playing, clear and they have a mortgage there, do create a financing like it’s subject to or a wrap so. When you build rapport with the seller you’re able to open a door where you’re able to get beautiful properties, whatever you desire without bringing your own cash and allowing the seller to do owner financing. 

So building rapport allows you to get one or financing returns very easily, the second thing that building rapport does is allows you to become friends with the seller allows you guys to connect which now he has a relationship with you a lot of times you know we see whole sellers get a deal and then another shady investor will go behind our back and get the deal and the reason is not because it amuses, it’s to protect themselves because that whole seller in the seller did not build a great relationship with. Somebody came into that relationship and took the woman per se, so it was better if they had a better relationship. In building rapport, somebody couldn't take their deal, so it protects your deal significantly so I could go on and on and on and on why the number two golden nugget ingredients and building we reported with the seller will help you do massive amount of deals making tremendous amount of profits. It will allow you to not to use your cash and use the sellers cash to do deals and we were able to make a lot of money.  

Now the number three point, i think these top three are the most important but these top three if you don’t have these top three you’re not going to be able to-do deals man you’re going to be like, OH like a shady investor and the top three idea is what I call being a superhero, what do I mean by that being superhero means in today’s society that you really care about your client you really care about the seller. You've forgotten about the money you’re not focused on the money and today the problem and so many people we just focus about the money you know, like you know if you want to take this job you’re just worried about the money, well how much are not going to get this. 

I’m a personal trainer how much are they going to pay me for this or I‘m an investor how much can i discount can get where you’re not you’re not caring about the customer and being a superhero means that “hey you got to put your fucking interest in the rear like in this and you got to put your customers up on the front” dude you got to really not care about the money you got to really love what you’re using who work for fucking free and you got to know that when you do the right thing, that money is going to come to you may be out of this seller. And it’s not as the next seller and if you mess these two sellers because you’re a really good guy, your money’s going to come exponentially on the third seller and it’s going to overcome the two that you’ve lost and that’s why say you have to be a superhero and really truly put the sellers interest above you making fun fucking money, for example, you meet a motivated seller and you have x and y idea to help them get out of this situation why you don’t make any money then you offer that to that celery and you may offer to do it for them and help them hold our hand and help them do it so they can get out of the situation sometimes the seller would take your experience and go through it themselves which means you won’t make any money. Or well do you help somebody else out and trust me, the not so good positive energy you put in there it’s going to come back to you one way or never don’t even sweat it, well the same seller the other 50% of people are even more you’ll tell me exactly what to do and you’ll hold the hand and decide you know what this is good idea.

But I just don’t want to deal with this shit anymore but I like how you help me with this idea nobody told me this shit so here. You could have my house you could have my deal because all the other home sellers are all the other investors were only focused about their fucking money there were not a superhero there just focus on me and me we all know that situation you know where companies is all about them cells represent it’s not really about you and you don’t want to do that you really want to be superhero care about what you do you do your shit put out of love and don’t worry about the money do you don’t focus on the cheese the keys will come do the cheese is a side effect of doing good in the world.

Man, so these three points I think is the most Important out of the nine  which is to truly care for the seller, builds rapport with the seller, and having a positive mind-set because if you don’t have a positive mind set, you don’t feel good about yourself or you know how can you truly disconnect yourself and care about the seller you know, or how can you build rapport with the seller where you have to be a positive thing because more than likely that seller is probably still down since she’s motivated. If they’re motivated emotionally or if they are motivated financially as you know there are two types of motivated sellers they're probably feeling down and they need that positivity to bring them up. Just you'll blow air into their lungs like you’re doing CPR man so that’s crucial to the top three. 

But all the nine are very important, but the top three, of what i say, is the basic foundation. Layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, now number four, very crucial, very crucial is Marketing. You’re not going to have any success ok if you don’t market, you know, some people say well why is marketing not number one because this is very crucial, I want you to pay attention because you’re going to lose money if you don’t have a positive mind-set, if you don’t know how to build rapport, if you don’t really care about people you’re going to spend fucking money on marketing. People going to come in and you’re going to miss the fucking deals and you’re going to scratch your head like what the fuck happened ok. So that’s why put marketing as number four because you have to have the number one two and three in place before you do because people will respond to you. 

Simple things is like posting shit for free online, it will get results ok, now some of you say well what should i do for marketing Mike? That’s a really good question i actually have two videos on my YouTube channel. One is for people that don’t have any money it’s called 42 ways to find motivated sellers for free or almost for free so if you don’t have money, watch that video i have 42 ways to show you how to find motivated sellers. And for the investors that do have money, I have another video for that’s called 39 ways to find motivated sellers but these ideals require money you could use combination of both or one or the other river if you don’t have money you’re going to have to put fucking sweat equity in and if you don’t want to put the sweat equity end and you got to put the fucking money in and if you don’t want if you don’t have to fucking money you don’t want to put the sweat equity in then dude you can’t be an investor dude. This is not a fucking kid rich that you tank like those fitness trainers on infomercials dude. It doesn't work like that ok. So marketing is the most important thing to get business. if you don’t know what to do I just told you what you needed you to get marketing for you but without that, you can’t do master deals guys 

Now point number four, It’s very crucial i keep saying these are all crucial because there already fucking crucial if you don’t do if you don’t do all these nine things you’re not going to be able to do massive deals only. Number five is follow up, Oh my gosh dude I have a little thing that says if cash is king follow up is this queen so again if cash is king follow up as Queen, can’t tell you why majority of the rookie spell is because though for example they’ll work this expired list for example they call in one week hundred people next week 100 people next week 100 people and they’ll never go back to call the first original hundred people ever again because the one of reason there just looking for new data new data new data and I can’t tell you that majority of your deals are going to come up and follow up you talk to both the seller you call them and then a month later you call them and a month later you call them in a month later you call them and then on the seventh month or six months you got the deal. You call on a list and they’re going to be ready to go but it’s only about 10%. Excuse me, the other 90% are not going to be like that they’re going to have to-do follow-up  and let me tell you something about motivated sellers motivated sellers are like SC in pregnancy when the seed is planted it takes a lot for that baby to harvest and put that baby to be born the same thing happens with a motivated seller guy once that seller takes that seed of motivation it takes some time for them to hatch and with a lot of rookies and even top investors don’t understand is they don’t have a good follow up system. They're only looking to get the first 10% are ready to fucking move tomorrow but there’s so many other people there going to want to sell their homes if you just follow up and follow up and follow-up. Follow up some more dude because once they have that seed of motivation like a pregnant lady there going to fucking give birth dude. 

And that’s why I put it below marketing because once you start marking massive amount of people or depends on how much more can you do. People are going to start calling out to you, it’s so crucial that you have an excel sheet at the very least to track these motivated sellers over time. And I do have videos on my YouTube channel the talks about why you should you follow up do, have a postcard hack that you do that decreases your expenditure when you do postcard marketing. 

So check out my YouTube channel as MyRealEstate DOJO ok. 

Point number six guys is never take no for an answer. Guys I don’t know how to tell it to you and it’s so crucial and that’s why point number one which a positive mind-set is so important because if you don’t have PMA somebody tells you know “fuck yourself” you’re going to be like and then the next person says “no fuck you” so  the next part is going to say “no fuck you” stuff and before you know it now you’re making excuses in your mind where you don’t want to pick up the fucking phone and make the next call or do some more letters or some more postcards or whatever your marketing is because you’ve been punched out so it’s very crucial to take the nose, say thank you. Let me learn something new from this and move on offense and march forward keep marching forward keep falling upkeep falling up to deal attached because guarantee you one state to take the seat of pregnancy the baby is going to come and that’s your opportunity to make money and create a win-win situation not only for you but for the seller in the community because you’re not allowing the house to go for closure. 

Now point number seven now is and this is so important ok, its action. this is so important but it’s so underrated dude know people that want to study all the time or I know people that want touching analyse deals all the time and but they don’t want to take action you can’t do anything without action I highly believe that action is one of the main foundations for any kind of successive you want to be a soccer player you want to be a mom you want to be an investor you want to be a photographer you want to be a parent dressing you want to be a fucking mechanic it doesn't matter action is the key ok. 

And then so the point number eight is education. Guys, all right please understand that i put action above education because i know so many people that for example they decide today they want to be a real estate investor or they want to do whole selling and they had their like 40 or their 35. They already has so many years of experience so it’s very crucial for them to take action first, because i already been doing so many years of experience of working they know already some shuteye may I know the real estate details they domain I know zoom in but if they take action there going to learn that way so the next point is education when you take action then you got to educate yourself be I mean you can’t do it without education dude. 


And there’s two ways to get an education one is through action and the monkey way what I call like you take action and you make mistakes and you keep twitching it into trillion twitches to solve the code and the other one is where you actually study other people or you read or you know you educate yourself educate yourself and you cannot succeed without self-education i mean III don’t know what to say if you want to go camping you got to educate you want tube a bicycle together chic you want tube a bodybuilder you got to learn about exercises what foods to eat nutrition supplements so there’s no slicing and dicing the education one of the problems that I see in America is everybody’s highly educated but none of these people are willing to take fucking action. 


So again everybody is highly educated but no action dude because education is itself causes fear in you. Because the more educated you become then you know more options of why you’re going to fail or why it’s not going to work so it’s like the more education more fear more furious and what happens is lack of action you and that’s why I say that number seven is action number eight is education. Notice that education is a very bottom of it because I believe you already have everything you want already inside outhits why you’re searching to become an investor you’re starting to be a hot appearance you already have that catlike Rome said dude you don’t need to seek it out ok once you take action then you have to educate and learn what you’re doing and fine-tuning dude but if you just start with so much education like reading and going to seminars and before you know you’re like so scared to do anything because you feel like need more answers and more answers so number seven was action number eight was education. 


Number nine guys very crucial this is the last one it’s more fucking action dude I can’t explain to you why it’s so important. So you have action then you have education then you have more action because when you think actually you’re going to fail and then sometimes you could just monkey around and figure it out sometimes you have to seek education like read a book to figure it out and then you need more action to go out there and see what you learn did it really solve your fucking problem and hats what the problem is a too many people have education and they don’t take action and then when they do take action and they get failure they stop dude they get discouraged because they don’t have a positive mind-set number one-man there not willing not take no for answer so majority of people fell because they get too much education they don’t take action the other people fell would say like 50% is in this section with too much education no action 25% of the other people will take education take action but once they sell, they stop and then you got the three remaining 25%, well I call, you know, peanuts like me the dump the dummies right the c-class this sees because you know were used to fucking failing we use tonight having success so we learned to take it as a positive thing because I learned it hey if It doesn’t work I’m going to already educated took action now I’m going to reconfigure which is taking action take more education reconfigure and see am Ingoing the right course so it’s  to spell and number nine is more action and if you notice on here to added nine things action is in here twice because I truly believe that if you go no shit from anything if you take action you’re going to have tremendous amount of success because action leads to having positive mind-set for example if you don’t have any confidence and you start doing something you have a little success and it feels good dude so you can kind of good build your confidence kind of get like more PMA so that’s why have action here twice dude.

Action is the most important thing and education is at the very bottom of the pole though education is a must but without action without positive PMA you’re not going to be able to do massive. 


So let me summarize it one more time, the 9 golden ingredients for real-estate investors for massive deals, number 1 PMA a positive mind-set, number 2 building raport understanding how important that is to have a human relationship, number 3 being superhero putting away the money faster and just showing love, number 4 marketing and marketing, number 5 follow up follow up follow up, number 6 not taking no for an answer guys fuck that that’s your dream you’ve the best country ever you just got to go for it fuck the naysayers dude, number 7 action ok, number 8 education dude you can’t do shit if you’re ignorant and sure you could learn the law by taking action but you should learn a lot faster if you take your some education, and number 9 you got to do more action Jackson and take more action and more action and more action so you hit your fucking gulf you can’t stop you hit it you is very simple dude you don’t have to be smart you don’t have to come from you know a family that has well if you don’t have to be highly educated you don’t even have to fucking know how to read and spell dude you don’t need none edition you live in the best country over the grass is so green all you need is fucking action and a  positive mind-set that you’re going to believe in yourself but you could do it that’s it man. 


Alright guys if you like these videos please like please share, please comment tell your friends and family about me. Thank you guys I really appreciate it guys you live in the best country ever, take action. I guarantee you’re going to have success and don’t quit your job to start a side business that’s my recommendation because being on the pander is extremely hard especially if you have family and kids but you could definitely do it having your full-time job. Turn the fucking TV off don’t go to sports events don’t pay all this stupid parking fees and stuff just invest in yourself and in your side business and I and I can almost guarantee. I don’t want to say that because everybody’s different but dude you can easily make two thousand dollars a month in America as a side business; sure it’s going to become a sacrifice you’re going to have to turn off the TV. You may not be able to go the clubs of the bars or hang out with your friends and family but hey you got to sacrifice in a couple of years. Those income-producing assets will give you free time to do whatever the fuck you want and give you surplus guys. 


See you later

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