Car Buying tips save off msrp

5 tips how to save 22% off MSRP, when buying a new car without hassle!

5 tips how to save 22% off MSRP, when buying a new car without hassle!

Discover how to get a huge discount when buying a new car, like 22% off MSRP, without hassle!

Hi Gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO and todays tip is about how to get the best deal on a car. How to negotiate the best deal on a new or used car? okay. I prefer this technique; it works really well with new cars, If you want to buy a new car. Now where’s my experience come from, you know, I want to move incomplete and I bought a fleet of vehicles trucks, big big rigs, trailers, bought significant amount of motorcycles, I bought jet skis, I bought ATVs, I own multiple amount of cars for different businesses or for personal use. 


So through all these years of buying, I've learned how to really negotiate with the new car dealership and I’m going to share that stuff with you, so you could win, and I’m going to go through a couple of them. 


The number one thing you should do is you should never negotiate a number off the MSRP, for example, I want $3,000 off, I want $5,000 off, you should never do that, the way you should do it is a percentage off the MSRP, for example, right now is shooting with Nissan dealership to buy a 2016 or 2017 van, okay and the way I’m negotiating with these guys is that I’m offering them 19% off the MSRP of a 2016, no I’m sorry, asking them 19% off MSRP on a 2017 and right now we’re in 2016 or I’m willing to work with them on a 2016 but I’m asking 22% off plus a 3 hitch install and there’s been a dealership that’s already accepted my offered. 


So point number one is, never negotiate the number, like I’m on three grand, I’m on five grand, always negotiate a percentage, why do I say that’s okay? I’ll explain to you in a little bit later but let’s get to point number two, the point number two, is you should never go to the dealership, so you going to buy a Nissan so I’m going to look for my nearest dealership and I’m going to start negotiating with them, all online, okay. Now they’re going to try to persuade me to come in there to test drive it, this, that, all that crappy stuff is but I tell them straight up, I’m not going to come in there until the numbers are right, okay. So the number two thing is never go to the dealership until you negotiate everything out, okay. 


Number 3 tip is if you’re, let’s say, you go on their and there’s like two cars you want or let’s say one car you want but let’s say in that style, like in my case that Nissan nv200, the dealership I’m talking to they have like 36 vehicles and the one I really want is a black one that’s fully loaded but when I start negotiating with the dealer I’m always talking about the percentage off and the dealer is going to say well give me a stock number and, I let them know ,dude, I just wanted fucking any car I want but just for the case right now for you to have a stock number, I’ll give them a car, that’s not really what I want so. 


If I really want a black one, I'll give them a different car that's fully loaded exactly the same, it’s a different colour and the reason I do that is because these dealerships could pull up other cars from other dealerships and if they're the only one that has the black one that I really want, then they know, they have power over me, so what I’ll do is, I'll give them a generic color that’s fully loaded like comparable but its different colour, the one that a lot of dealerships have, that way they don’t think that  you know they could have a better leverage on me but I let them know over and over dude. I’m just talking 20% off MSRP on any car, I’m not just talking about this car okay but here’s the stock number just in case so here just take it to your managers.


Point number three is, if you want this car, don’t negotiate on this car, negotiate on this car okay, and there’s a couple of reasons with that, number one, I told you because the dealer should be searching other dealers and if there’s a color you want and they're the only one that has it there’s only one or two other dealers that have that colour against that dealership more power over you and, number two is let's say you can go shoot it hard and you weren't able to get the number you want for that specific car then you could always go back and say, look dude what about I’ll give you 20% on this car, the one that you really want, okay because now you got them to lower their price as low as possible, okay. 


So the point number three is don’t negotiate, don’t deal with what car you really really want okay take a different car that has all the same features right around are the same price and negotiate that and at the end of the day you just flip it up and say this is the one I really want, when the numbers are ironed out.


The next point is never never never go to the dealership without getting the sales order or what I call bill itself. What I want, what I’m saying is once I negotiate with the seller, let's say my 20% off 22% of a 2016 and they agree to it then I say “hey send me a bill itself so I can look at all the fees” which includes let’s say title, taxes and all the junk fees there going to add-on to that and once they send that to me then I go ahead and renegotiate all these little fucking fees that they hit up like bottling fee like doc preparing fee and all this bullshit and the reason have them send me that information over is because I’m not going to drive out there and then have them waste the dealer have have the dealer waste my time 20, 30, 40 minutes back-and-forth negotiation and then if it doesn’t give me as much leverage because they know how motivated I am already.


So the next thing I do is once I negotiated 20% off the MSRP, I say send me the sales order, they send it to me and then I audit fees and trying to charge me and I negotiate that once they agree to my new terms then I will go on to the dealership and pay for care right in there.


So I’ll never drive to the dealership point number one, point number two, never negotiate a price like three grand for grant I never do like that I just do it a percentage off the MSRP point number three is I’ll let them know that I’m not picky I don’t give a fuck what card is to me it’s all about the numbers and I want this percentage off any car they have on the lot okay because were all I care about some numbers I don’t tell them I want this car, or I want black or I want green or I want this. Don’t tell them any of that stuff okay itsnone of their fucking business dude what I want to know is, are they going to give me the number that I want? If they are willing to give me the numbers that I want, we’ll make the deal happen, okay.


The next point is, to summarize, it always get, once you negotiate the final price, always get them to give you a sales bill for all the prices you got to pay, so you can see all the fees are going to charge you for tax titling and TTL whatever they call it and then always negotiate those junkie because you don’t have to pay the filing fees and prorated tax fees and you don’t have to pay for all that they charge people that but it’s not by law you have to pay that and dealers do that to make some extra money even extra 300 extra 500 see so make sure you do that. 


The other thing I like to do what the dealer is that since I’m negotiating over the Internet and I’m not willing to go up there and dealers are willing to only give you usually only willing to give you a good deal if you go up there supposedly but for me to let them know a serious buyer I always send them proof of funds so let’s say if the car is twenty five thousand, I’ll send them my banking account that has that amount in there to let them know that dude I’m not bull shitting I'm ready to execute it's all about the numbers but the numbers work I could do it 


So but here’s a warning for my next point, when you show them the proof of funds sometimes, if you pay all cash the dealer, sometimes, they can give you a better deal if you finance so I let them know, hey here’s my proof of funds but I can finance it, I could pay cash it doesn’t matter whatever that’s going to help you to give me the best deal because sometimes for example with Nissan like if you finance it your Nissan there willing to give you incentives so okay I show Nissan, hey the dealership, I got the money the 25k to pay cash for this but if you if you give me a better deal if I finance it I don’t care Ill finance it because I’ll make one payment and then pay it off okay or I’ll just make the monthly payment doesn’t matter all I care about is how much of a discount I’m getting and I don’t give a fuck if I have to pay all cash or I’ll have to finance it whatever works for the dealers I’m flexible there I’ll let them know hey I’m flexible, I could do it either way, but the reason, I show them the proof of funds, is to let them know I’m a bona fide buyer, that’s ready and willing and able to buy and it’s all about them giving me the numbers that I want, okay. 


So those are some crucial tips on negotiating to get a new car, its good if you want to buy a used car, it’s kind of the same but it’s a little harder because on a new car you can compare apples to apples where on a used car is now like, does that make sense but even if I was going to buy a used car I would do all my negotiation over the Internet, I would not drive, to the “dude sorry guys driving my phone fell.” So pretty much, does some tips to save you thousands of dollars, for example, right now I’m working on buying in 2006 to2007 Nissan NV, these cars are selling for twenty four thousand dollars I’ve gotten it one dealer already accepted my offer at twenty two point five percent off MSRP plus the free installation guys this this is a like a twenty four thousand dollar car there willing to give it to me for almost like seventeen thousand and some change dude almost eighteen thousand so I never negotiated on the price I only negotiate on the percentage and the great thing is when I show up there I can then go to their inventory and get the same exact percentage off any car that I want instead of that Pacific car that I negotiating with because I’ll let them know hey I want this percent off any car okay 


And here’s another reason, I forgot that you shouldn’t just negotiate on that one specific car, see a lot of times when the sellers it’ll pick the car you want and then you pick your number one car you let them know and you negotiate it off the internet and you then you come up with a price and you go there let’s say it has more mouths than they will stay on their website if I’m going to buy any car I’m not gonna buy a car that has more than ten miles on it you know I’m not going to dude it’s just stupid you know. So if get up there and the car had 100 miles on it I’m not going to buy that car so if I had negotiated on that car X and I did all this time negotiating I drove out there and it had more miles than I wanted now I have back to the drawing board and renegotiate with these fucking sales people all over and there not going to waste my fucking time, see if I negotiated percentage off any car I want then if I got to that car that I really wanted and it had more miles on it then I could go to the next car or what if I got to that car and it had a scratch on it and I don’t want to buy a brand new car with a little scratch on it, fuck that, I’m buying a new car. I want to look perfect so and the reason I’ve learned this is because I’ve negotiated deals with with a dealer I went there and the car had a little scratch and then I had to renegotiate the whole thing on another fucking car and I was like man never going to do that again because it’s such a big hassle where I’ve gone to a dealership on their website says the car has three miles and I got there in the car has 300 miles and I say fuck that and then I had to go back to the drawing board and renegotiate where now, the way I do it is I just do a percentage dude it's like I’ll let them know over and over it’s this percentage dude.


If I come out there, I don’t want this car I want another car I’m going to only do this deal, are you guys okay with it, if there ok with it have it in writing then I go there, If they’re not ok with it, I’m not going to go there dude and I need that bill itself that shows everything on their dude, how much I’m buying the car how much discounts are giving me, what the taxes are you know what the filings are everything if they don’t have that I’m going up there man.


Also let me tell you some things about the don’ts. Don't tell the dealer what’s your favourite car what colour you’re looking for, what what are your things that you’re looking for, because they’ll use that thing against you okay the other don’t is, don’t be a motivated buyer you know like “I want to, I’m really ready to buy a Nissan” but I can wait dude I’m not going to run out there, I don’t give a fuck what they say I don’t care if they say, they’re selling fastest this is the only one in town I don’t care what they say dude, I could be patient to get the deal so don’t be motivated buyer. The other don’t this don't run out to the dealership dude that’s the biggest mistake you can didn’t run out there because there just going to waste your fucking time dude okay. 


The other don’t is, don’t believe them saying let me take it to my manager, because well, what some people do they use the higher level ourselves like what banks do with houses they got the sales guy well you know and then they have their manager, the sales guy is your friend, supposedly or sometimes he is the bad guy, and the manager can be the good guy or the bad guy and they play you off for you they know which negative it to you and they say “oh let’s meet and take it to the man” I eliminate all that shit I said I say this is what I want to pay and that’s it, no matter what other questions they asked me or whatever I keep it the same, I just copy and paste and copy paste if you don’t want it I ready to move on okay.


The other thing I tell you not to do is don’t start negotiating with like four or five dealers at one time because they’ll confuse you dude you have all these people masking you know it’ll confuse you and then You don’t know what the good deal is one of them I pissed you off and you’re not going to go back to work if you talk to the first guy and you get the percentage you want then go buy from them there no reason to shop around dude like I want to want I want to buy twenty two percent if somebody gives it to me going to go there because and I know twenty percent off MSRP is a hell of a deal dude I don’t have to go ask another one. If one guy negotiated with only gives me 18% then I’ll go negotiate it with somebody else and then if they give me the 22, great and if they don’t know I will go to different dealer so I just do one dealt a time and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve done is to negotiate with multiple delicious at one time and them out of dealers okay. 


So do one dealer if you don’t get what you want go to the next dealer use the information you got from this dealer to know what the best it can give you for example I’ve already got a dealer that’s willing to sell me a 2006 Nissan NV, for 22% off MSRP plus they can install a free hitch so if one dealer can do it, all other dealers can do it, dude you know what I’m saying so now I’m pushing them to do more in 20-22 %. 

If I get an argument with that dealership or they try to do something sneaky then I will go to different dealership and try to get more than 22 percent but I’d be all set up for the 20 okay but if that deal is just willing to give it to me for twenty two percent and there honest about it and they're cool they’re not sneaky. I'm there, I’m going to go buy it, because that’s what I want dude, if they’re willing to give it to me for what I want, I’m going to buy them, I got to shop around, that’s hard. 


Alright, gang if you like these videos please like, please share, please comment, and tell your friends and family, see you later gang.

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