42 Proven FREE Techniques to Get You Massive Flood of Seller Leads

42 Proven FREE Techniques to Get You Massive Flood of Seller Leads

42 Proven FREE Techniques to Get You Massive Flood of Seller Leads

Welcome to MyRealEstateDOJO with Mr. Investor, gang, today I’m going to be talking about 42 ways to find motivated sellers for free, or almost for free, alright, with a lot to cover. We’ll just go ahead and dive in and get rocking. The number one way to find motivated sellers for free is basically get on Facebook and find what I call Facebook leaders, these individuals have a thousand followers, 2,000 followers, 10,000 followers, and what you’re going to do, is you’re going to contact these Facebook leaders, and ask them to promote your company in the message that they post on Facebook and in return maybe you'll give them 10 bucks, 20 bucks, 50bucks, a month or whatever it is or in exchange you’ll do something to scratch their back. This is a very effective way to get targeted eyeballs to come to your company or to your website, to generate leads for a very very small amount of money.


42 Free or Almost FREE Street-tested, Proven Marketing Techniques to Get You Massive Flood of Motivated Seller Leads in Real Estate

The next thing you can do is what I call the human billboard, in a nutshell you go to a sign company or you can make it yourself, you get a big old sign wherein in front and in the back that says we buy houses in any condition your phone number, and you’re going to stand on the corners of a busy intersection, and walk around, and pace back and forth during rush hour time. This is very very effective, it costs very very small amount of money and you get a good return on your investment. 

Another thing you can do, that’s for free or almost for free, is basically contact blog leaders and what do I mean by blog leaders there's a lot of bloggers out there in the home-improvement and insurance and cars whatever fitness and you’re going to contact these people that have a lot of followings okay a thousand five thousand twenty thousand believe it or not there’s bloggers out there with a hundred thousand viewers or followers and you’re going to ask them to do the same thing you did with the Facebook leaders say every time you post a blog, please on the bottom include my company or my company's web address or a signature and in return I’m going to do X for you In going to give you 50 bucks a month and I’m going to scratch your back, use you use your mind be creative because it doesn’t always have to be about exchanging money you can just scratch their back there going to scratch your back and your job is come up with creative way to scratch somebody’s back, okay. If you don’t have 50 bucks to give to that blog leader

Another thing to do is the same thing as the blog leader or Facebook leader is to do Twitter leaders there's a lot of people out there bands, DJs, gurus or things of that nature to have thousands and thousands of followers and you’re going to go in on Twitter find these people and solicit to them say hey every time you post a tweet make sure you include my company signature what I do and, in return I will scratch your back, that has worked out greatly for me and I’m not going to work out really for you, okay. 

Another thing you can do is called fit for dollars yep you heard the right what’s called fit for dollars and what does that mean well it means you get up in the mornings maybe with your wife, maybe with your kids, maybe with your pet, and you’re going to go for a walk, you're going to go for a job, or you’re going to go roller blading or ride a bicycle, you know, and get fit while you’re looking for distressed houses in your neighbourhood, so what you’re going to do in the morning, you’re going to get up, put on your jogging shoes, go out there and start running, and looking for abandoned or distressed houses, houses that have tall grasses, houses that haven’t got any love, houses that have a lot of fliers in front of their doors, which all symbolizes of distressed properties, okay, and then what you’re going to do, you are going to contact those people by knocking on their doors and let them know what you do, which is “hey I’m an investor, out to buy houses, what’s your situation” etc. okay this is a very effective way to make money and get fit that’s why I gave it the name fit for dollars. 

Now listen up this is a very good way to find free motivated sellers, you get on YouTube all right, and you’re going to do keywords, as we buy houses in a city, for example I live in a Dallas Fort Worth area, so I’ve made about 30 videos and it basically says we buy houses in Dallas we buy houses in Irving we buy houses in Frisco we buy houses in Fort Worth and upload those on YouTube and make sure you tag them right and you use the right titles like I said we buy houses in Fort Worth believe it or not there’s a lot of people searching on YouTube you choose the number two search engine in the world and so you are going to be able to generate some leads from that and what you do is on the YouTube description you're going to put your web address on there so when somebody watches that video they can click on the bottom of that YouTube and go to your website or your landing page which means you’re going to get a leader, you’re going to receive the phone call, this is a very effective way to advertise it cost zero dollars, besides your time or what I call sweat equity. 

Another great way to advertise this is what I’ve created myself a very very creative is that if you live in a large city like Houston like Dallas like Austin are large Metropolis, there’s a lot of homeless people out there or people that pedal for coins or dollars and what you can do is you can make shirts like this. let’s say we buy houses, any condition or phone number and you can go out and give these t-shirts to the homeless people or people that are peddling for money and in return the homeless people are going to get something in benefit a t-shirt because they're homeless they don’t have any money and in return what you’re going to gets while these homeless people are outside of the busiest intersections walking around asking for money they're constantly wearing your shirt and advertising on your behalf this is what call a win-win-win, you win as in the investor the homeless person wins because they get a free shirt and person driving by, wins by calling you, okay, very creative way to advertise it, cause very small amount of money. 

Okay now another way to advertise for free to find motivated sellers is through online classifieds okay now there’s two ways to do this number one is what I call passive you make ads on Craigslist and you post them on their alright and you wait for the visitors to call you that’s why it’s called passive the next way which is I like even better is that it’s called proactive what you do is you get on the rental section or get on the first…

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