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OWNER FINANCING: 3 Ways To Hiring Virtual Assistants make MONEY on Autopilot

3 Ways To Hiring Real Estate
 Virtual Assistants make you MONEY on Autopilot to buy houses
with Seller Financing
as Investor. 


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I know, I promised you some juicy information. How do I use VAs to create thousands of dollars? I can’t give you all my secrets for free (they’re in the book though) but here’s what you’ll learn.

Where to Find VAs – it’s not where you think. Forget Freelancer or Upwork. I’ll show you where the best hang out.

How to Hire a VA – learn how to protect yourself and hire a VA so that they work for you, not just with you.
How Much to Pay Them – it’s a lot less than you think. For less than your cable bill, you can have a VA working for you 40 hours a week and they’ll LOVE you.
Sample Interview Manual – don’t waste your time asking the same old questions. I’ll show you what to need to ask so that you always find the best candidate.
VA Filtering System – don’t make the same mistakes I did when I first started hiring VAs. Learn how to narrow down your options and save yourself money and frustration.

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