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2 New Regulations That Indicate Real Estate Crash Is Coming!

2 New facts just released that indicate the real estate market crash is coming...and soon. 

I have two facts that’s gonna show you proof that the real estate crash is coming soon, in your city. So, again I have two regulations or two laws whatever you want to call them that’s gonna guarantee the real estate crash to happen sooner than later.

Now the first regulation was passed by Fannie Mae. Basically what it did is that, since so many people have so much debt o.k. If you don’t know, if you want to get a mortgage the first thing they look at is your debt to income ratio ok. And that’s the formula that a banker uses to let you know if you qualify for a loan. But since so many Americans are so in debt, since so many Americans are have so much college debt, that they can’t get a loan because their income to debt ratio does not justify for them to qualify for a loan. So, since our monetary system is based on debt, and the economy cannot move forward unless we produce more and more debt, Fannie Mae changed our regulations, to allow more people or more students that have significant amount of college debt, 100k, 200k, whatever it is 50K, to allow them to borrow money to get a mortgage. In other words, Fannie Mae has changed the rules to allow people that have so much debt that can’t qualify for a loan to be able to be eligible for a loan. And in other words, they’re pulling back the subprime lending again. The subprime lending back in 2006, 2007 that caused the crash they modified it, they packaged it up again and now they’re calling it a different thing. Now they’re saying hey! We’re willing to lend any person that has a hundred thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars’ worth of debt or student debt. We’re, gonna kinda manipulate the numbers, we’re gonna manipulate the mathematics and we’re not gonna include that debt or whatever into this equation of you borrowing money. So that’s one of the main reasons that the crash is gonna come a lot faster than before, because a lot of people that are not gonna be qua, been able to qualify to get a loan because of this manipulation of the regulation is gonna allow a lot of people to get a loan where they couldn’t get a loan before because they didn’t have a large down payment or they didn’t have the debt to income ratio that you know, makes the loan safe.That was the number one primary thing that’s gonna make the market crash.

Now, there’s a net, another regulation that just came by. For most of us that don’t know, if you want to buy a house in America, you would have to get a, if you don’t have cash, you would have to get a loan from a banker. Well, the banker won’t give you a loan unless your house passes inspection. Guess what? Since not that many people are borrowing, they changed the regulations. I don’t remember off the top of my head, it was like two weeks ago that I posted on my facebook, but it’s something said something like this: “If you own a house that’s a hundred thousand dollars or less, or if you own a house that’s seventy thousand dollars or less, I don’t remember the exact number, but it was like less than a hundred thousand. That you could go and get a loan without, (clapping), getting an inspection. (clap)” Listen to this guys, so now the bank is willing to let you get to borrow money without the house passing inspection ok. Now, why is that bad? Because there are gonna be a lot of fools out there that: a. Can’t qualify for a loan, but since they changed the regulation for the debt-income now they can buy a house. 2. They’re gonna run out and buy houses that don’t pass inspection because they don’t know any better. They’re just entry-level homes, which will cause more defaults down the road because the banker is gonna lend all the money and then there might be a major foundation problem, there might be a major component problem with the house like the plumbing. And that new homeowner that didn’t even have the money, now bought a house that didn’t even pass inspection probably is gonna have a highly more likely a default ok. Which means that the banks are gonna have more defaults. So there’s two regulations out there that’s gonna definitely guarantee the real estate crash. One of them is that Fanny Mae has changed the regulations from the debt to income ratio so if you’re a student, college student and you have a lot of debt now you could, you know get a loan. And the second regulation I don’t remember the exact name of it, I posted it on my facebook, that says that if you,  if you’re gonna buy a hundred thousand dollar home or a seventy thousand dollar home I don’t remember exactly or a hundred thousand dollar home below; now you can go borrow money from a bank without getting an inspection on the house because before, ok, if you wanted to buy a house or if you were trying to sell your house and the borrower couldn’t buy the house if the house didn’t pass inspection that was it. That’s why I’m in the business of being an investor because they’re so many people in America that try to sell their home with a realtor but the house doesn’t pass inspection. Let’s say there’s a foundation problem, there’s a roof problem, there’s a plumbing problem now that seller can’t sell their home and they gotta hire an investor like me, right, because they don’t have the twenty grand to fix the foundation, the twenty grand to fix the roof, that’s become motivating. Now people can go run out there and buy a house without even getting an inspection done to it ok. And the bank will lend them money.

So I believe in my heart of hearts, these two things with a bunch of other stuff like stocks being as high as they are, 401K being a risk, mutual funds being risked, with  all these other crazy stuff that’s  happening, this is gonna push the real estate crash to happen which is gonna lead into other crashes like the derivatives, like the stocks, like the uh , the car market, the house market, uh interest rates being as low as they are guys um and so, what does this mean for you and me, if you’re a real estate investor? Guys the heaven is gonna be coming when the crash comes that's when you’re gonna be able to make all your money. That’s where I made all my money in the 2007 fourth quarter when the crash came, 2008. The next crash is gonna be a subject to heaven. What is this subject to? Is where you're able to buy a house without getting in a loan from a bank. All you do is take over the existing mortgage of the seller ok. The next crash is going to be a subject to heaven because so many people are borrowing for their mortgage, they can’t qualify. Like all these people that have student debt ok, or all these people that bought houses that didn’t get inspections ok. And so many of the people that bought houses that couldn’t afford it because the interest rates were just very low right now dude. So, the next crash is going to be a big party for real estate investors. Stack up your cash, the crash is coming, you know, and me and you are gonna make a lot of money guys.

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