10 Signs The Real Estate & Economy Bubble Is Already Bursting - Here's What To Do to Profit

10 Signs The Real Estate & Economy Bubble Is Already Bursting - Here's What To Do to Profit

10 Signs The Real Estate & Economy Bubble Is Already Bursting - Here's What To Do to Profit

10 Signs the Real Estate & Economy Bubble Is Already Bursting - Here's What to Do to Profit

10 facts that the bubble of the real estate is already here and it usually takes a while for us to see the effects.

What do I mean? The economy is kind of like your health, if you catch a virus or you catch a fungus, it takes time for it to incubate before your body feels the illness. In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you 10 different ideas why the bubble is already busting, the recession is already here but more importantly it’s not doom and gloom. I’m going to show you what I’m going to do to make a lot of money when the crash comes and what to do now to prepare for it. So stay tuned and let’s get started guys.

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The very first reason that I want you to know that the real estate bubble is already busting is because the power of petrodollar is being dethroned, now for many of you guys that have been following me on YouTube, you know I’ve been talking about petrodollars but to some of you let me explain what petrodollar is in a short term.

The petrodollar is that our US money, US dollar is not by gold, is not backed by gold it is fiat therefore has no value, it’s the people that give it value, and so what we did is we went to OPEC which is basically the oil-producing countries in the Middle East and did some kind of bargaining, bribery or whatever you want to call it to get OPEC, especially Saudi Arabia (the gang leader) to accept only on US dollars to settle for oil. So what is that mean? Every country in the world, doesn’t matter if you’re in Asia, you’re in Iran, you’re in Pakistan; every country needs oil and majority of the countries use OPEC to buy their gas and oils, and if any country wants to buy any oil or gas, they have to use the US dollars. They can’t use gold or bit coins or their own currency. Therefore, it has allowed the US to have the world currency which allows us to have massive power by printing fake money through our federal reserve system. So what that means is, because we’re the world currency and all the other currencies are pegged by us, it has given us significant power and that is why we’re so powerful and we all live in comfort so much compared to other countries. Now the bad news is that China, Russia, Iran, because of sanctions are trying to out maneuver this petrodollar. And I want to show you some facts that big organizations are reporting all over the world that this is already happening. Why is this important? Because couple of things: one, if you look at one ounce of gold in America, it has exact value one ounce of gold in China or an ounce of gold in Iran. However, if you look at one dollar of America, let’s say versus one dollar of India which is rupees, the one dollar here will equal 50 dollars if not 52 dollars of their one dollar which is in rupees. So see the power difference that $1 here has so much conversion power to a different country purchasing power, because $1 here if you go to India they’ll convert to 50, 54 rupees it depends because it changes all the time but it’s 50 times more powerful which is a lot. But with gold it’s not like that, one ounce of gold is exactly the same price of ounce of gold in a different country.

China is trying to dethrone and Russia, this monopoly of money because our money is based by nothing, and the Federal Reserve prints it freely which causes a lot of problems like depressions and recessions and inflation which I’ll get in just a second, but I just want to show you some of the proof guys that you can take a look at, if you do a search yourself you can see all this different companies like NBC, different people around the world, talking about China move on the new world order will buy old with gold. Here is what China is doing that they’re trying to dethrone the petrodollars by creating their own let’s say metrics that people can buy oil from them using dirt currency which is Yuan if I’m pronouncing it right and at the end of the day they could change their Yuan and get gold for it, because every part of the world we all value gold, where America, we don’t have our money backed by gold. So China is creating their own infrastructure, let’s say metrics so other counties can bypass America to buy gas and oil and then they have to use the China money, but then they could exchange their China money for gold money which is universally known; because when you’re in Russia, you don’t want China money, if you’re in Iran you don’t want China money, you want your own money. But gold is universally known, any country in the world; if you’re in China, Europe, they all want gold, they all know what gold is, one ounce of gold in Iran is exactly the same in France, exactly the same in Europe, exactly the same in India, the whole world guys.

Let’s go read a couple of these articles; you can see that this is from the Asian newspaper says China aims for dollar free oil trade; you could read about that yourself. Let’s look at another one at CNBC; China has grand ambition to dethrone the dollar, it may make a power move this year; but it already has done that. But also I want you to notice that as we read these titles that you really have to understand that these big corporations like I get into Federal Reserve, these papers how they use word that they have big ambition, they want to dethrone. I think all these countries are just tired of getting into debt and you’ll see they just want a fair level of exchange where people are not getting more n debt. But just look at the different words because all these big companies are basically all the same, they’re giving it to you but real good. Let’s keep going, here’s another NBC, you can see that China is trying to convince the Saudi Arabia which is the king leader of OPEC to unite with them one way or another, and this can be a major impact.

Now if the petrodollar is dethroned what does that mean for you? The economy is going to be in big, big, big trouble; we’re not going to be able to have this luxury life where we have our car we don’t own, we have houses we don’t own, we have school education we don’t own, we have vacations that we haven’t paid for, if all this we’re still making payments. So those good old life will be over, as we know what it does is. But if you guys have been following me where I say f*ck the stinky bankers, it’s going to be a great shift for us because a lot of people that have money are going to lose their money and I’m going to show you what I’m going to do to make a lot of money when the crash comes because when the crash comes is a great opportunity, not for the majority of people but for some of us.

One of the major signs of the economy is already in heading towards the recession is that the petrodollar king being crashed, the other thing I want to talk about is the US debt, because debt is so high right now; not only consumer debt but also governmental country debt. Why is that important? I will explain that in a second. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve of New York; again, look at their headings and they all soften what’s really happening, “the total debt increase driven by mortgage, auto and credit card debt” this is 2017. The Federal Reserve they’re not going to say “everyone’s in debt blah, blah” because their idea is to paint a picture that benefits them printing fake money where me and you have to work but they pull out money on a paper machine, so they’re not going to say the economy is crashing guys, they didn’t say that in the last crash in 2007 fourth quarter. Let’s now look at another Federal Reserve says that “household debt modesty growing” basically what they need to say is the house debt is growing massively, but look at the word they use like “modestly” this is happening again. Now what I want to look at is some more, the market watch says “America having the highest credit card debt in the history” just recently published this year 2017, “household collected over one trillion dollars” so what does this mean that the consumer is heavily in debt. This is a very important chart I want to show you: let’s see what the consumer is saying, this is from the Federal Reserve of New York, there are the guys that print the money, these are the 1%, these are the slave masters but according to their statistics, let’s look at where everyone is in debt; the very first thing is mortgage loans, and this is why it’s a great opportunity for you and me or actually for me unless you’re watching my channel and you’re learning and taking action is that when the next crash comes, you see how many people are in debt here? They’re going to be very, very motivated because they have so much other debt here; you have other household debt, educational debt, car loan debt, credit card debt, revolving debt like people that own the house leaned clean but have a home equity loan or halo loan or etcetera. As you notice this is the big debt, this other debt when the crash comes has nothing to do with me but this is going to be the big chuck; many of these people are going to be motivated, I’ll talk about why they’re going to be motivated in the next point but they will be very, very motivated and they’re going to want to do creative financing, they’re willing to do owner financing, they’re willing to let’s just take over their payments, they’re willing to sell their home at a discount, whatever the situation is because they lost their jobs etc. and we’ll get to that in a second guys.  Now this is from the consumer.

What I want to do is, before I jump into the government, I want to talk about the student debt guys and I just want you to see this, the student debt is just steadily climbing, the only other thing that I see climbing straight like this is bit coins; but look at this, student loan is one of the most toxic debt out there you can’t even get it discharged in a bankruptcy, so just constantly growing. The central banking system is just enslaving people left and right before they get at college out there in debt, thousands and thousands of dollars, so that’s that.

What I want now to talk about is very important because we just talked about the consumer debt. Now I want to talk about the government debt, not only America but all these other countries that are pegged by the world currency which is the petrodollars which is us; we have these all other countries like Germany, like all the Europe’s; even though they have their own former currency is pegged, it’s like sitting on top of something, it’s like a domain name verse in an IP address, if one name is sitting on top of the other domain name is sitting on top of the IP but it’s still just the thing is the IP address, there’s some of you guys have no IT. So before I show you the nations, I want to show you where the US government owes this money, where’s all this money. The very first, the big chunk as you can see, individuals and institutions that the US government owes a lot of money to the people, like how do they owe the money to the people, to have unsecured liabilities like Social Security and Medicare and pensions for Congress and all that other crap, so you can see that this chart here that shows not only are we in debt but we’re in debt to a bunch of different countries like Brazil, blah, blah, blah, the military, so on and so. What gets really interesting is that, let’s take a look at this; this is all the countries that are massively in debt, I guess this thing chopped up; we have America to be at the very top, we have Great Britain being the very, very top, we have France, we have Germany, we have Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Canada. These countries are in a thing messed up here, but what I wanted to show you is, I’ll show you in this next chapter, but on here what I want to show you is that all these major countries these not third-world countries but more evolved countries like America, France, Germany, they’re all pegged by the US dollar; so that means that if any of these countries has any kind of financial problem, it can leap over and mess up the US economy because it’s all tied to one. So kind of imagine we have this thing that goes like this, this is the US special dollars and then from there we have all these different countries pegged to it like left and right, it’s just kind of like if you guys can see.

Let me go to the net icon because it is very important, this is very, very important guys and this is what i want to show you because you don’t really hear this stuff. Now what we’re looking at is the debt of percentage of the GDP, which means that America, our debt is this much compared to what we take in; so we’re basically giving in debt 92% of the time, so every producing 10 then we’re getting 97%, we have to borrow 97 to produce 7. Now look at China, their debt is 19% to what they’re producing; we’re consuming 93% and only producing 7%. Look at Japan, and Japan is in big trouble guys, but also look at Germany, Germany’s in big trouble, France is in big trouble, Great Britain is in big trouble, Italy guys’ big trouble, Brazil. What I want to talk about is like if you guys look at the Brazil’s economy, look they have 66 and they’re in chaos, so all these other countries are in chaos too and the sh*t is going to hit the fan very soon. Now it doesn’t matter that it may not hit the fan in America but if for example Germany hits the fan and France hits the fan and Great Britain, this is going to spill over because they’re all pegged by the US dollar, so it’s kind of like the foundation, so the whole thing is going to spill over. Now I want you to look at Russia, they’re only getting in debt 11% so they’re producing like 89%, look at China 19%, they’re producing 80% and getting in debt 20% in a sense, so like they produce more than they take in; and all the other ones, like you can see they’re just going into debt. So all these major economies are link together like a domino effect and if one falls and the other one falls, it’s going to tremble back to America and that is why I say that the real estate and the economy crash is already here and we’ll see it very soon and it has a great opportunity for us to make load of money guys, so stay tuned I’ll show you how to make load of money if you’d like to follow what I’m going to do.

The other thing I want to talk about which is very, very important, which is the point number three is that many Americans are underemployed which means they are getting underpaid, and now you can see here guys this section here is underpaid rate; so in the construction service, 36% of the people are getting underpaid, wow guys 36%, in the nutritional sciences almost 51% of the people are getting underpaid, that is such a lot because if you consider the unemployment rate, this is not the employment rate guys and I don’t believe this unemployment rates that they have here is way higher because they have funny math, the Federal reserve this is the Federal Reserve of New York, you look at it yourself it’s from their website. But let’s not even talk about the unemployment rate, let’s just talk about underemployed which means they’re getting paid a lot less, what is that mean? Somebody went to college for 5 years, racked up 30 to 50 grand and now they’re working at Starbucks or they’re waiting tables or they’re working at a job where they should be getting 50 and then they’re only getting 35. And that is why the consumer debt is so high on point, the last point guys. Let’s go down look at other stuff like if you work on a child education, you’re getting underpaid you have 23% chance of getting underpaid, secondary education. I you’re a nurse you have 12, 13% chance of getting underpaid like if the pay is a hundred, you have this much chance of not getting that; nursing, education, civil engineering guys almost 20%, family in consumer science almost 45%, if you’re in marketing almost 55% of the people that graduate are going to get paid way less than their work, if you’re in advertisement I mean can you think about why Facebook, Google site ads, they’re just kicking ass guys, the Yellow Pages is over; if you’re in business, if you’re an engineer, if you’re a mechanic you can just see that. The list is crazy, if you’re in the animal, plant, science, biologists, treatment, accountants, miscellaneous technologies, I mean there’s not one aspect that’s not being affected by this; if you’re a philosopher, medical technician, if you’re in business management guys, if you’re in business management you have 60% chance of getting underpaid, your worth let’s say 50 they give you only 30. So can you see why I say f*ck the job and f*ck the stinky banker. The crazy point is unemployment in crazy, so many people are getting underpaid in so many industries, and I just showed you from the Federal Reserve, I’m not pulling this out of my ass. That is why we have so much consumer debt, now why is all these signs of crash coming, and I’m going to explain to you.

So now let’s go to the next idea, the next idea is that let’s talk about inflation. Inflation is all time high, many people talk about it places 1%, 2% but I always like to talk about inflation according to a cost of a stamp because I do a lot of mail outs, I love direct mail marketing; if you just look at the cost of a stamp, and this is according to the United States Postal Service, look at it guys it just like gone like this and it just skyrocketed, skyrocketed just like now it’s 50 cents. To me a good indication, indicator of how much inflation is I just look at the stamp prices, you know it’s very easy to see that they’re jacking it up on a weekly basis, so what is this mean? Inflation means that there’s a hidden tax on the people, on you and you’re purchasing power is getting less and less. Let’s add this up, most of us that have job are getting paid under than what we’re worth, we’re getting paid if we are worth 50, they’re paying us 30; on top of that, they are robbing us through the inflation which is a hidden ta which means that today with 10 bucks you may be able to go to groceries and purchase three items, next year with the same exact 10 bucks you go to the grocery but you could only purchase two items.

So not only the American people are getting underpaid, not only they are getting raw by a second tax which decreases the buying power, they’re also getting to debt, left and right and then the majority of the debt is mortgage, which is why I love being a real estate investor. Everyone right now is doing deals right, the market is how everyone is doing deals, you see everybody on Facebook, and you see everybody on YouTube there’s so many popping up teaching classes, there’s so many people that just do one or two deals, now they’re trying to recruit other people and it’s really easy to do right now, it’s 2007 fourth quarter is easy to deal. Anyway it they’re not because they’re lazy and not taking action. But the crash is coming and when the crash comes, all these people that have borrowed all this money, they’re going to be in trouble.

We talked about the inflation, we talked about that people are getting underpaid, we talked about the power punch of the petrodollar, and we also talked about the debt. Now let’s talk about another sign why the bubble of real estate and economy crash is already here, let’s talk about some of the bubbles right now; we have stock all-time high bubble, real estate all-time high bubble, bonds all-time high bubble, bit coins all-time high bubble. Now guys I believe that bit coin is the future and cyber currency, might not be bit coin but the way it’s going block chain technology; however, you know it’s a bubble when everybody and their mama is talking about bit coins, you know it’s a bubble when everyone and their mama is on Facebook talking about you can invest with them or they’re trying to do training, you know when there’s too many people talking about how great it is then they already missed the boat, so of course there’s a bubble. Now debt is at all-time high, interest is at all-time low and not only the consumer debt but the government debt, not only America but all the major evolving countries are fully in debt and even third world countries – so there’s for sure a bubble and is busting right now, it is busting right now but it’s very slow it’s going to take a minute for it to germinate, I think that it’s already here, it’s not going to happen in the future, it’s already happening in the next few months. It’s just going to slowly but surely increase its germination process of getting the patient ill which is the economy, and more than likely it’s going to be a worldwide crash because it’s not going to be a local crash. It may be the American economy crashes and then spills over to the other countries like France and Germany, everyone that has their money pegged by us or it can be the other smaller companies like France, Germany, and Great Britain, they crash and they spill over and take America’s economy down because it’s all based on Fiat dollars.

The other thing I want to talk about guys is that with the hurricane which just happened, there are major amount of people defaulting and banks losing money and people losing their homes. Let’s take a look at this, “NBC – Harvey hit to mortgage could be four times worse than predicted” so what is that mean? It means that a lot of people are defaulting; majority of people didn’t have insurance. I read, I think I have it here; here we go “USA Today – 20% of Harvey victims have flood insurance” so what that does that mean? Well what’s going to happen to all these people that are going to default in their property, what’s going to happen is I mean if it just built bunch of amount but the banks have to take a hit, what’s going to happen? So those are some questions you have to ask yourself that. We have Florida, we have Texas all these people are going to default, thousands of thousands of millions of dollars, trillions of dollars with that damaged, majority of the people didn’t have insurance; who’s going to pay for that? And the National Flood Insurance Program was already billion dollars in debt before Harvey and the other hurricane hit; so they were already behind in debt guys. Let’s roll back this story again; the insurance company is in debt, thousands of people are defaulting on their mortgages in the south which means it’s going to cause a lot of auctions, a whole new flood of inventory coming in, people are tolling in debt, the government is in debt, we have bubbles everywhere, we have inflation going crazy, people are getting underpaid, underemployed and the petrodollar is in the brief of breaking.

Let’s also talk about the net point and the other sign why it’s very crazy out there because of the lending. I talked about two new laws that had passed that’s going to definitely guarantee the crash couple of months ago, and one of them I’m going to talk about briefly here is that because so many people have student debt all that masters, PhDs, so much debts they cannot qualify to get a loan; so the bankers, the Federal Reserve, all these people FHA would change their regulation or they change the laws to make the debt to income ratio; they change that to eliminate the student loans, because when you included the student debt into the borrower’s application, they wouldn’t qualify to get a loan and so many people couldn’t get a loan. Because the economy is in the crash the way it is that’s coming, they’re changing the borrowing structure to make it so much easier if any Schmoe to borrow money now. If you remember 2007 fourth quarter, they were giving money to anybody like a fog in a mirror and the same thing is starting to happen guys; not only with the FHA loans but if you listen right now, all the advertisements says “hey do you want to borrow money?” you’re business has been approved, they let people borrow money with business, they’re letting people borrow money with cars, doing higher levels of cash for titles, payday loans, you listen to the radio, you listen to everywhere like FHA is so easy. They are making it so easy to borrow money and if you guys remember, the last crash that is one of the major causes of the crash, so new regulations is one and loose lending guys.

Let’s talk about one of the other major reasons why the economy is crashing is that online businesses are just killing old businesses and they’re also killing the job pool and people are outsourcing. So again, online businesses are killing the old fortune 500 companies, let me give you some examples like blockbuster – gone, compact – gone, emerald – gone, MCI – gone, radio shack – gone, soon to be gone – Sears, Jc Penny’s, who’s taking over guys? Amazon, Amazon is taking over, who’s taking over? Uber is taking over, who’s taking over? Airbnb, so these guys are not only putting out the old businesses but they’re also killing the job pool. What do I mean? By Airbnb coming in they’re killing the hotel industry, so now all the people that were employed at the hotel industry; the clerks, the busboys this didn’t hurt. Same thing with Uber, Uber coming in is putting all the taxi business; people that would answer the call, people that route the calls, the people that wrap the taxi’s that they’re all getting effective because the Uber driver doesn’t get their car wrapped like a taxi driver etc. the insurance companies are not collecting as high as insurances, commercial policies versus somebody has my own card and I got to tell the Uber or whatever. So you can see that these businesses not only the new businesses are putting out the big kings, and if you can Google this yourself, 88% of all the fortune 500 companies that were alive in the 70’s are not here anymore. So these companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, are killing the old businesses, killing the job sites and remember the job positioning is what the consumers need, so the more job they kill, the less money people have to consume; and people are already getting underpaid, that’s why I showed you before the unemployment, how people are getting 50% less than they should be getting, or some of you are getting so much less money than they should be getting. Now when you cope it up with these new technologies, this is going to add into the crash that’s already here; the Amazon is putting so many businesses out and these are the ones I just mentioned, the fortune 500, I didn’t talk about the mom-and-pop businesses are going out of business. Now these infrastructures are also creating opportunities like I was able to write a book and put it on Amazon and get it on the top 20 list for a couple of days; I would never been able to do that without Amazon; A. write a book and B. get it out there without publisher. They also create opportunities, now you guys are sitting here thinking I’m just crying, you know it’s a great opportunity thanks to these technologies the big power is going to be eliminated and little guys like me and you can come in and win, the power shift is happening and that’s why I’m making this whole video is that the crash is coming and it’s great news for me and I hope it’s a great news for a lot of you guys, and I’m very sad some people are going to lose their money, people are thinking that the real estate is going up; real estate people are going up, for example I’ve been in Las Vegas I’ve been marketing the past week and I’ve talked to a lot of people and let me give you some examples; I met a guy that just bought a house like in May, I bought a one bedroom condo and I sell it for 51, he bought it for 30, he’s selling 51 and so there’s appreciation like that; I met another guy that bought a house, I see a mobile home in a nice part of town Boulder, Las Vegas and now property’s going up, the guy could get a lease 180 or 200 for it and he hasn’t even lived in it for more than a year, so there’s massive appreciation happening everywhere which is another reason why there’s signs of bubbles, you just can’t appreciate 20%, 15%, 30% in less than a year guys, it’s just too much appreciation and which is the cause of the bubble.

Let’s talk about the next sign that the depression the bubble is already busting and we’re heading towards a depression already is that most people in America don’t have $500 in their savings account so once people start losing their job because of automation like Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and since their audience are getting paid such a lesser underemployed and since they have so much debt, what do you think is going to happen when they get squeezed, what do you think is the first thing that they are not going to be able to make their payments anymore, and so since most people don’t have that much money in their saving, they don’t have much room for a comfort zone, so when they get punched in the face which is coming, it’s already happening, they have no other choice but to default. This is where it gets really, really great for me and you guys because all this time, I just talked about, most of us don’t have money on their bank account, the online business are putting out all these businesses because of their loose lending practices, anybody’s basically being able to borrow money or refinance or get apartment complexes, there’s major debts with the consumer, with the government, we’ve talked about those major bubbles, the stocks, real estate, interest all-time low, bonds all-time high etc., we talked about the new laws, we talked about the petrodollar, we talked about unemployment, we talked about inflation; all these was the climax for me to explain to you guys why real estate is going to be making me and hopefully you guys a lot of money when the crash finally explodes because it’s already here but it’s just taken a few minutes for it to incubate. So when the crash comes I don’t know if you guys remember the debt ratio or the debt that people had was majority mortgages, when this thing happens it’s going to make a great opportunity for you and me to buy real estate with no money down to take over payments, to buy home with a dollar down or 10 bucks or to buy home 60 cents on a dollar, or do short sells and go negotiate with the bank and get it for a lot less because the bank can’t have any more properties because they’re carved up on foreclosures, people are foreclosing so it’s going to be a great opportunity for you guys. What should you guys do? Right now the economy is so easy to do a deal, so if you’re new, you haven’t done deals, you should highly jump in here and start doing deals now to practice, and if you’re pro you have to start learning to do owner financing deals and doing term deals and doing creative financing deals and getting practice because it’s so easy to do it now but when the time comes, when the crash comes it’s going to subject to heaven, it’s going to be creative financing heaven, owner financing heaven, and if you don’t have the skills at that time to do this, then you’re not going to have success to get those kind of deals guys, and at that time there’s going to be so many people that have lost their home there’s not going to be much equity deals or you can buy 60 cents on a dollar, they’ll be out there but the market is falling, you have lost money in their stocks so they’re probably not going to want to sell it at that price because they don’t have it to get a short sell. However, you can just go in there and just pick up properties for nothing down or just a thousand dollars or just make back payments of give cash for keys and just take over these crazy low interest rates like people have 3%, 4% interest rates on 30-year mortgages and you could just take over and all these holes of people be are going to be losing their homes, which means they’re going to now need to have a place to rent and rents are going to go all the way up so I’m just going to buy these properties subject to and just take over their payments, and strategy is what I call in my mother course; so guys, if you’re new and you haven’t done deals, you need to download my mother course; not because you can do deals today, everyone and their mama can do deals today, it’s not that hard. Because what’s going to happen in the future, very soon coming and if you learn all this skills that I teach you in my mother course like sales, negotiations, how to talk to a seller, how to do subject to, how to do wraps, this course is a 171 chapters and I talked about all the stuff that you can imagine; we talked about how to fund them, how to fund the deals, how to do owner financing, subject to, how to do whole selling, fix and flips, master leases, we talked about how to invest with lien investing, we talked about who’s the target audience, land lording, it’s very important, transaction closing, we talked about prospecting, marketing, cold calling, door knocking, it goes on and on, how to give offers, how to negotiate, owner financing because in the next crash, it’s going to be subject to heaven guys and owner financing heaven.

In the last crash, 2007 fourth quarter I can’t tell you how many properties I bought by just giving a thousand bucks to the seller or just not giving them anything, just taking over their payments or having them pay me to take over their payments because they knew they were upside down and they’re willing to give me five grand just to take over their payments so it’s going to be a great opportunity guys and I highly recommend it if you’re new or if you’re pro, you haven’t done owner financing; if you’re pro you don’t have owner financing, you don’t have your wraps? Go ahead and download my mother course, it’s over 100 hours of training and I’ll show you exactly what to do. Not only can you get deals today but this is not the important thing, I’m not doing a whole lot of deals today because everyone in their mama is doing deals right so I’m just stacking my money, I invest a lot in gold and when the crash comes, I’m going to cash out my gold and I’m going to buy properties when everyone and their mama is going left because they’re running out of the fire, I’m going to go right just like I did in 2007 fourth quarter, there was all the properties that I ascertained; majority were subject to which is owner financing, I’ve only took over their payments and I put maybe one to three thousand dollars towards the seller, towards the closing all of it and then I ended up making each property a hundred thousand dollars plus, that included equity cash out and monthly payments ladies and gentlemen. So imagine just giving a seller two or three grand because they are two payments behind, you have to pay closing cost for another thousand and your three thousand dollars in and that property gives you cash flow of three hundred dollars a month and you cash it out three hundred dollars times let’s say 10, that’s three thousand dollars a month for five years that’s fifteen thousand dollars from passive cash flow, that didn’t include the two months for vacancies and then you ended up cashing it out and making sixty, seventy thousand or fifty thousand depends on where you are in the situation in the equity cash shop because in the meanwhile when you are renting out, the renters are paying off the debt. And the market came up so as you can see, after you’re a pro you need to learn to negotiate owner financing and if you’re new investor, you definitely have to get my mother course because it helps you to learn the whole aspect of the business, it will save you thousands and thousands of dollars. But more importantly, it allows you to do deals today which you can make good money but you’re going to get wealthy, the power change; the wealth change is going to happen in the next crash which is what I want everyone to participate, that’s where I’m going to get in and make a lot of money is on the crash side guys; when everybody and their mama is running out.

I have great news for you guys, with my mother course I am giving you guys free coaching, I am so confident this product is going to work for you that I am willing to give you waive my $25,000 coaching fee, waive it to you guys; you guys can see right here I charge $25,000, maybe you will have paid me right here guys if you read about it. I’ll waive that because I’m so confident that in my product for two reasons: one confident and two, I want to prep you guys I want to get you ready for the crash because when the crash comes, I want to buy your properties, I want you to know how to negotiate these deals that I like, I like to negotiate these deals with no money down or very low amount of money where we get non-recourse loans and we don’t have to go to a bank and we don’t have to put our credit up and I want to teach you guys and train you guys how to prep yourself up so when the next crash comes, you guys know how to get these deals; the once you want, you keep it for yourself the you don’t want, you bring it to me because I helped you guys so I can buy it from you. So again, I’m going to put my action where my mouth is that I am so confident in my mother course that it works, that I’m going to work for free for you guys. I’m going to waive my $25,000 coaching fee for anyone that buys my mother course, I will help you do your first check totally for free for coaching, all you got to do is three requirements if you want to get the coaching; one is you got to give me a shout out, that means when I helped your check you got to give my shout out say I helped you, if you’re not willing to do that, sorry I can’t help you out; number two is that you have to invest in my mother course which is the foundation of this business, I talked about everything of this business and I even get advanced with it, that way you know what to do, you know how to go find the sellers, you know how to talk to them in negotiating and structure it; and to activate the coaching is you have to have a fish on the line, what does that mean? You have to have a motivated seller that you’ve talked to, you have to have them live on the line and you have to fill out my seller phone script and send it to my office line (you can find that in my website) and send it to our office line so we can help you and coach you totally for free like you have paid us at $25,000, there’s no catches, I don’t want any of your profits when I help you do this deal you keep a hundred percent of your check, I don’t want any of it guys; I don’t want any of your assignment fee, this is all your money.

My goal is I want to help you get your first deal, and I want to help you and help me learn the business so when the crash comes, you guys can do this and bring me the deal I can buy the deals, and if you have deals right now, I’m happy to buy them too but as you know, the crash is going to be so creamy guys so creamy. So now, simply put anyone that that invested in my mother course, I’m willing to help you do your first deal waive my coaching fee because I’m very confident that my product works and I want to put my action behind my words; and two, I’m very confident that if I help you make money, if you’ll bring the deals to me especially today but more importantly when the crash comes guys. This sums up of what we talked about the 10, 11 signs of the real estate and the economy, a bubble is already busting and how you can profit from it, you can profit from downloading my mother course, earning the business, taking action, finding the seller, texting me and let me help you structure the deal, let me help you with anything you need to get your first check and for all the guys that are pros that don’t need their help at the first check, majority of you guys reach out to me and submit deals and you know you don’t how to negotiate owner financing, so get my mother course we teach you how to do that and be ready guys, pros, beginners, medium and champ; be ready for the crash guys, be ready for the crash, majority of you guys are going to lose money but majority of you guys are going to make money. Every one that has been buying or selling properties now, you’re probably going to be hurting when the crash comes, especially fi and flipper and the market change on you, but for the guys that have been patient like myself, that’s been doing their due diligence and then racking up your money, when the crash comes it’s going to be a party fest and I salute you guys for being patient. Go hustle and bustle, don’t forget to download the mother course, I will change your life and I won’t let you down. See you later gang.

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